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TOP-100 prestigious Co-educational schools in Great Britain that provide high-quality education for international students

Education information

Modern schools in the UK provide joint and separate education. Schools for boys and for girls are a part of ancient traditions of British education, when different conditions were required for education of young ladies and gentlemen. Modern schools provide high-quality education: graduates of both types of institutions demonstrate success, high performance and excellent results in exams and tests. Due to the TOP-100 list of co-educational schools in the UK, you will definitely make the right choice. 

TOP-100 prestigious Co-educational schools in Great Britain that provide high-quality education for international students

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Advantages of 100 best co-educational schools in England

TOP-100 co-educational schools in the UK are really popular among foreign students, due to the fact that many countries have a joint form of education, and schools for boys and girls are not divided. According to psychology, foreign students quickly adapt to new conditions of studying and a new country.

Moreover, in general boarding schools children from early childhood learn to interact with the opposite sex, build relationships, show flexibility in communication and respect others' point of view. Students get used to natural competition: they learn to be more focused, attentive, study more diligently, as they realize that in the future they will need to work in a mixed team. Girls become more independent, more solid in their point of view, boys acquire useful flexibility and patience.

In addition, in co-educational institutions the sports infrastructure is well developed. Children go in for sports together, in mixed groups, not divided into women's and men's. There is a strong motivation to keep up with peers. Instructors and coaches are equally impartial towards boys and girls, so each student can fully demonstrate their qualities and abilities.

Types of TOP-100 co-educational schools in the UK

TOP-100 co-educational schools in England are represented by both private and public institutions. Many of them work as boarding houses. It means that they provide not only opportunities for students to study, but also residences for living, infrastructure for sports and creativity. Elite educational institutions are most often closed. They have isolated large campuses with a permanently guarded territory, where students have all the opportunities for studying, leisure and living. Closed schools are especially suitable if you send a child of elementary school age to school: elite boarding schools will provide him with full security and constant control.

How to choose the best option?

The list of 100 best schools is presented below: you can get acquainted with their description, view the photos of the campus and residences, read the feedback of students. For your convenience, SMAPSE has indicated the cost of each studying programme. Actually, the type of studying (joint or separate) does not affect prices - it often depends on the rating of the institution, its prestige and international reputation, level of equipment and comfort of the campus.

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