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TOP-60 prestigious schools, colleges, camps and universities in Ireland that provide high-quality and advanced primary, secondary and higher education for international students

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Ireland is one of the most hospitable and beautiful countries in the world! Traditionally, this amazing country is associated with magic Celtic music, pristine nature and dance culture - tourists from all over the world come here to get acquainted with the unique customs and traditions that the people carried through the ages. But now many people are interested in studying in Ireland too, because the rating of education received in the country is growing rapidly. Education in Ireland combines fidelity to age-old British traditions and attention to modernity, innovation, the latest technological achievements, which makes the process of studying in Ireland as comfortable and effective as possible.

Due to the list of 60 best Irish schools, colleges and universities, you will definitely find the most appropriate option. 

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Educational system in Ireland

Educational traditions in Ireland are rooted in the Middle Ages. In those days, monks played the role of the main educators, and their customs in some way survived to the present day - as already mentioned, education in Ireland is largely built on the maintenance of age-old traditions.

The modern state is dynamically developing - it concerns all spheres, including the education system in Ireland. Most schools in the country are private, they accept students over 12 years old. Schools are administered by the boards of trustees, individuals or religious communities, with most of the funds allocated to their existence being allocated by the state. It determines the allocation of budget and contract places in schools. Citizens of the country study for free. Foreign students usually study in boarding schools and education is conducted in a contract basis. In total there are more than 800 secondary schools in the country, 10% of them are private.

The school year in Ireland lasts from September to May. Studying in Ireland is conducted in accordance with the programme approved by the Ministry of Education. In addition, some boarding schools offer the IB direction, it is also possible to get education on the national Irish system with the receipt of the Leaving Cetrificate certificate.

In addition to classical secondary schools, there are institutions of vocational and community categories in the country. In the first students can get professional preparation, in public - academic, technical. Relatively new type of educational institutions are "graduating" schools: they are aimed at students who need to prepare for the entrance examinations to the university.

The system of higher education in Ireland is represented by 6 universities. The most prestigious and ranking is Trinity College in Dublin. It, along with Toronto University, Oxbridge and Harvard, is one of the TOP-5 universities in the world. The second most rated and popular is National University of Ireland, which consists of 3 colleges: in Dublin, Cork, Galway. C NUI cooperates with several prestigious institutions of the country, in particular St Angela's College, St Patrick's College and The Royal College of Surgeons.

Studying in TOP-60 schools, colleges and universities in Ireland for foreign students

Foreign applicants who have chosen education in Ireland are advised to prepare for admission in advance, it will take about one year to resolve all organizational and administrative issues. The first stage in preparing for admission will be the choice of educational institutions, if necessary, clarification of the necessary information in Electronic or telephone mode, collection of documents for enrollment to the course.

The second stage will require confirmation of the level of education (possibly, the completion of the preparatory program), the receipt of a certificate in English. After the applicant has to submit documents to the university, wait for the offer of the place, confirm his acceptance. Have all the stages been completed successfully? Welcome to the Irish University!

Language courses in Ireland for foreign students

Irish English is somewhat different from British, and it is considered one of the best in the colloquial aspect. Many foreign students go to study in Ireland today, wishing to improve their English, correct their pronunciation, and develop communication skills.

Language schools of the country offer a variety of programs of varying levels and intensity of instruction. For young foreign students more than one and a half hundred year-round and summer camps are working, special programs for corporate clients are also offered - study in Ireland is flexible: for each student there is an optimal course.

In general, studying in Ireland is an excellent opportunity not only to improve English and get a high-quality education, but also to open career prospects to a young specialist. In a country with a unique culture and parable history, every foreign students can get bright, unforgettable impressions of communicating with the descendants of the Celts, communicating with nature and staying in a multinational environment.

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