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100 best universities and colleges abroad for getting Higher education as an international student: Europe, the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

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Nowadays, higher education abroad for many international students is the key to a successful career, a high position in society and a decent salary. SMAPSE offers more than 100 best universities and colleges abroad where foreign students can get Higher education: Europe, the USA, Canada, etc. 

The most prestigious and demanded directions of higher education abroad are:

Foreign students can get inexpensive higher education abroad is possible to obtain in Europe, including Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Holland, Sweden, etc.

Higher education abroad is most popular in English because of its global nature. But students also choose to study in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese.

Higher education abroad

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6 tips to choose one of 100 best universities abroad for getting higher education

Practically, students who have graduated from TOP-100 prestigious universities in the United Kingdom or the United States, find more prestigious jobs and move along the career ladder. In order to make the right choice, it's important to choose the university with responsibility. In addition, you should focus not only on reviews on the Internet, but on the opinion of experts in the field of studying. For example, the authoritative rating of the world's best universities QS-THES-200 when calculating the prestige of the university takes into account many different factors.

To get higher education abroad, it is recommended to take into account the following factors:

  1. The total reputation in the academic environment (conditional weight 40%).
  2. The number of students per teacher (relative weight 20%).
  3. The success of graduates among respectable employers (Conditional weight 10%).
  4. Popularity among foreign students (conditional weight 5%).
  5. The index of citations (a measure of the significance of the work of a graduate of a university that became a scientist, a conditional weight of 40%).
  6. The share of foreign teachers (conditional weight 5%).

Foreign students can choose from a wide range of Master's programs.

At the same time, the TOP-3 leading universities are :

  • 1st place. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
  • 2nd place. Cambridge.
  • 3rd place. Imperial College of London.

7 main types of studying programs provided by 100 best universities for international students

Pros and cons of getting higher education abroad


  • the highest scientific support
  • the highest pedagogical level of teachers
  • full immersion in the learning process
  • wide range of courses that include all fields of knowledge


  • high financial expences

At the same time, SMAPSE can offer inexpensive options to get higher education abroad: Germany , Austria, Spain and others.

Tuition fees for getting higher education in TOP-100 universities abroad

Actually, if you want to get higher education abroad in one of the most prestigious universities, for example, in the TOP-100 by rating QS-THES-200, it is worthwhile to prepare for a fairly large expenditure. If you are looking for the university "simpler", tuition fees can be quite low. Tuition fees vary from 15,000 USD to 50,000 USD per year.

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Vera Borisovna
My granddaughter is now in the 10th grade. We would like to receive higher education in Europe. Where do we start?
Smapse LTD
Good afternoon, Vera Borisovna. First of all, it is necessary to determine the language in which the granddaughter plans to study and, starting from this, decide on the country. The second task will be to determine the specialty, based on the preferences and abilities of the child. After that we will be able to offer you specific universities and training programs, if such is required. Best regards, SMAPS
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