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TOP-100 prestigious schools, colleges, holiday camps and universities in France where international students can get high-quality education

Education information

The education system in France is well organized: it is controlled and financed by the state, in addition, there are private primary, secondary, and higher schools in the country. Education in France is popular among students from all over the world: education in France is deservedly considered high-quality and prestigious, allows in the future to build a successful career and take a high position in the chosen field.

Compulsory in the country is the so-called base stage (6-16 years), which gives an excellent opportunity to later enter the state university on equal terms with residents - this will open for the student great prospects in a career, as the national diploma is quoted In the EU countries and the world. Study in France is characterized by a sufficient level of academic freedom and high quality.

Prestigious private schools in France provide excellent and quality academic training for foreign students. Among Russian and foreign students the most popular schools are boarding schools . Boarding schools allow you to get a guardian at the school, which greatly facilitates the process of obtaining a student visa type D, necessary for study in France.

TOP-100 prestigious schools, colleges,  holiday camps and universities in France where international students can get high-quality education

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Educational system in France

Education in France begins at the pre-school stage: from the age of 2-3 years, children attend kindergartens in which senior groups are trained for school, starting from the age of 6, the basic cycle begins. Elementary school as an obligatory stage of the education system in France lasts 5 years (grades 1-5), after the students move to college - the secondary school assumes the passage of a four-year academic programme.

A distinctive feature of the stage is the countdown of classes, that is, classes 6-3. The course includes 3 cycles: Adaptive (6th grade) allows the child to adapt to the subjects, new methods of teaching, requirements, in the 5-4th grade the central cycle is devoted to the study of the basic school curriculum, in the 3rd grade the pupil is defined with specialization (general direction: technical, humanitarian).

For high school students, studying in France begins in the age of 15-16 with the transition to lycee. According to the French educational system, students study French Baccalaureate. Those who want to get an international passport prefer the programme IB in English. At this stage, studies in France can already be completed - students who do not plan to study at the university can get courses in professional lyceums. The stage on the way to universities are technical and general education lyceums, where students prepare for admission to universities for 3 years.

Foreign students can get secondary education in French private institutions, at higher level - in public and private schools and colleges. French boarding schools annually receive hundreds of students from all over the world, many come also to enter universities: for such entrants there are specialized courses and programs that combine language courses and studying of various subjects.

5 advantages of studying in 100 best French schools and colleges

  • French schools are considered to be one of the most prestigious in Europe. You can choose programs like basic, special, university and course preparation, the latter usually has a language focus. Vacations with language learning are an excellent choice for those who want to communicate with native speakers.
  • Studying in French schools is relatively inexpensive, this is a significant advantage of the country's institutions to their European counterparts.
  • Education has a practical focus, especially in technical and agricultural specialties. Students of specialized lyceums and universities are guaranteed to work after graduation, during studying practical skills are acquired by future specialists.
  • Holders of other specialties are also in demand on French labor market. The state and a number of non-governmental organizations (the most famous is AFIJ) are supporting students in employment.
  • After receiving a diploma in France, a young specialist opens up a European labor market.

Studying in Europe , Studying in Switzerland , France, Germany or Austria - long-term investment in a successful future.

Tuition fees for studying in TOP-100 schools and colleges in France

Tuition fees for studying in French educational institutions depend on its rating, the quality of teaching, location and other factors:

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