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Best summer schools in San Francisco for foreign students

Best summer schools in San Francisco for foreign students

Published : 17.12.2019

Fascinating summer holidays in San Francisco for children and schoolchildren

San Francisco has the status of the most famous financial, business, tourist center in America, but in addition it is a great place for effective learning of the English language during the summer holidays. In addition, to obtaining language skills, foreign children and schoolchildren will be able to get acquainted with the main attractions of the United States and engage in outdoor activities.

San Francisco is located on the western Pacific coast of America and belongs to the state of California. In San Francisco are:

  • the famous twin peaks “Twin Peaks”;
  • Golden Gate Bridge;
  • Alcatraz Island
  • Chinatown;
  • cable cars
  • fishing harbor.

The target audience for education are foreign children and adolescents from 11 to 18 years old. Summer holidays in San Francisco will give foreign children and schoolchildren bright positive emotions, they will be filled with impressions.

How are vacations in San Francisco organized for children and students?

At the time of the child’s arrival at the language school, a test is provided, the results of which allow you to identify students by language groups. English language studying is conducted in small groups - the number of students does not exceed 15. In the classroom, a fun, dynamic and friendly atmosphere is created.

Classes are held in the morning, before lunch, after classes various classes of creativity, sports, and excursions are organized. Summer programs provide for an average of 15 academic hours of classes per week and passing the test, the purpose of which is to determine the level of English proficiency, various activities of an entertaining and informative nature. Prestigious language schools in San Francisco provide students with educational materials and manuals, a certificate of completion.

In addition to academic studies, various leisure activities are held. Foreign children and adolescents are guaranteed constant practice of language and communication skills as part of city walks, excursions, thematic events, and not just in the classroom.

Based on individual goals and preferences, each student will be able to choose his occupation - beach vacations, cable car skiing, visiting museums.

San Francisco Summer Vacation Accommodation

Foreign teenagers mostly live in the territory of a comfortable residence, where balanced meals are organized for them on a full board basis.

Within the walls of prestigious language schools in San Francisco, a unique international environment has been created that contributes to the effectiveness of instruction. Foreign teenagers:

  • quickly and imperceptibly overcome the language barrier
  • adapt to the new language environment
  • constantly practicing English language skills when communicating with peers
  • expanding vocabulary.

How much does a San Francisco vacation cost for children and schoolchildren?

1 week is the minimum period of study, but the maximum is 6 weeks. When choosing the longest course, you can not worry about the richness of the language program: daily new and interesting classes and events are organized.

The cost of education for 1 week starts at $ 2,293, the cost of a two-week stay is about $ 4,351. The cost of the summer course includes:

  • 20 lessons per week in English
  • Meals and accommodation for the student on a full board basis
  • Educational materials
  • Writing a test at the time of arrival and at the end of the language program
  • Issue of certificate of completion
  • Leisure program, including sports and leisure activities
  • 3 excursions.
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Best summer camps in New York for international students

Best summer camps in New York for international students

Published : 17.12.2019

New York summer holidays are the main benefits for children and schoolchildren

  • The prestige and widespread recognition of the American educational system lies in the emphasis on individual independence and freedom. Staying in a summer camp in New York will allow foreign teenagers to develop leadership skills, the ability to express their own opinions. Upon completion of education, the foreign child will be able to confidently communicate in English.
  • Summer vacation in New York is a close acquaintance with American culture and traditions, an expansion of the worldview. A variety of excursions are organized, allowing you to visit famous monuments, educational museums, art galleries.
  • New York is very developed in terms of infrastructure and transport.
  • In the summer camps of New York, a friendly and cozy atmosphere is created, allowing foreign teenagers to quickly go through adaptation.
  • Pupils spend most of their time in green park areas, comfortable accommodation conditions.
  • A wide selection of language and summer programs.

What is important to know about prestigious language camps in New York?

Usually elite children's language camps in New York successfully operate on the basis of children's boarding schools and universities. Duration of training starts from 1 week. In the classroom, teachers focus on the study of grammar, vocabulary, the correct construction of sentences. The practice of acquired knowledge and skills occurs through participation in school activities:

  • Discos
  • Trivia
  • Sport competitions
  • Tours.

Language programs for the summer holidays in New York can be different:

  • Linguistic

Target audience - teenagers who speak English at both zero and advanced levels. At the time of arrival at school, writing a test is provided to determine the level of knowledge. The formation of language groups is based on the results. Learning efficiency is achieved through complete immersion in the language environment, which ensures that students acquire the necessary communication skills. Classes are held in small classrooms - the number of students does not exceed 15 children. During the week, 18-25 classes are provided. The age of the student lies at the heart of the choice of the educational format: classes for children are organized in the form of interactive and game forms, for an older age a more academic environment is created - as part of the classes, students acquire skills in expressing their own point of view and defending their own position.

  • In addition to classes in English, various classes in sports, creativity, and science are organized. Preparatory programs aimed at the successful passing of international language exams are offered.

Spent summer vacations in New York allow you to get acquainted closely with the main city attractions:

  • Manhattan
  • Metropolitan Museum
  • Modern Art Museum
  • American Museum of Natural History.

Exciting and informative trips to national parks are organized, where young sports enthusiasts will be able to go climbing, kayaking, tennis, football. Most of the summer camps are located in the suburbs of New York, allowing international teens to explore the local scenic landscapes. On the territory of rating summer camps, parties, quizzes, and sports competitions are constantly held.

How is living in New York's language schools for summer holidays organized?

Foreigners are offered accommodation in a school residence or host family - regardless of the type, complete safety is ensured. Selected host families are carefully checked by school staff, 24-hour security is provided at the residence, a school representative is on duty.

The high level of security for foreign teenagers staying during the summer holidays in New York should reassure parents. Spent summer vacations in New York will positively affect the development of the student’s potential, his social, leadership, organizational skills, independence.

How much are holidays in New York for children and schoolchildren?

The cost of education for a week at a children's camp varies from $ 1,300 to $ 2,000. Price usually includes:

  • Training
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Leisure program.

In addition, payment for air tickets, medical insurance, visa fees are provided.

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Best summer schools in London for international students

Best summer schools in London for international students

Published : 17.12.2019

Fascinating summer holidays in London for children and schoolchildren

Holidays in London for children and schoolchildren are intensive language programs in the best British camps and active communication with peers from around the world. All this contributes to the effective and rapid improvement of the level of knowledge of the English language. In addition to language classes, various sports classes are provided:

  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Yachting, etc.

Creative people will be able to attend art classes - music, theater, cinema, dancing, photography and much more. Regardless of age, everyone will be able to find activities and hobbies that meet his interests and preferences.

In the UK there are a large number of prestigious summer schools , which are located not only in the center of the British capital, but also in the suburbs of London.

How is summer vacation training in London organized for international children and adolescents?

English classes are held daily for 5 business days. The duration of classes during the day is on average 3 hours, and per week - 15 hours. As a rule, the format of the lessons is gaming, which contributes to a fascinating, effective learning. In addition to learning English, the following disciplines are provided:

  • Maths
  • Computer science
  • Geography
  • Literature.

The list of subjects studied and the volume of training hours is determined by the age of the student and his individual interests - usually adolescents aged 16 to 19 years are taught for 6-7 hours during the day.

London Leading Summer Language Schools Leisure Program

Holidays in London allow foreign children and teenagers to get acquainted with the main British sights and landscapes. Especially for children, visits to museums, theaters, amusement parks, trips are organized, sports competitions, picnics, barbecues, discos are held on the territory, and theater performances are being prepared.

Accommodation of foreign teenagers during training at summer camps in London

Regardless of the type of residence, safety and constant supervision of all students is guaranteed - from the moment of arrival at the airport until the moment of departure home, the child is under constant supervision.

Usually foreign teenagers live in a school residence, in rooms for 2-4 students, there is the opportunity to live in a host family.

Pupils are provided with a balanced diet three times a day. In the case of a full day / half day excursion, children receive a packaged lunch with drinks and sandwiches.

The benefits of London summer schooling for children and schoolchildren

  • The combination of learning and relaxation - there is a significant improvement in language skills and complete immersion in a new cultural and linguistic environment.
  • Following British traditions in the field of education - the prestige of the educational system that combines modern European teaching methods and English pedantry in the educational process is universally recognized.
  • A high level of security stay in London's rated summer language camps and schools.
  • Active leisure program, including sports, cultural events, organization of excursions and trips.

What is necessary to organize a trip during the summer holidays in London?

A foreign teenager will be required to provide a standard package of documents:

  • Copy of passport
  • Health Insurance
  • Notarized power of attorney from parents
  • Buying air tickets.

How much does it cost to study at London's leading summer camps for children and schoolchildren?

As a rule, the cost of training in the framework of the developed language programs includes:

  • accommodation
  • meals
  • transfer organization
  • training materials.

The cost of training varies from 400 to 1100 pounds per week of stay.

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Summer Holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

Summer Holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

Published : 17.12.2019

Key Benefits - Summer Holidays in Canada for Children and Schoolchildren

  • A variety of summer language programs that vary in degree of study intensity and duration of the course.
  • In addition to English lessons, sports and creative classes are organized.
  • During the summer holidays in Canada there is an active study of the English language, skills are practiced on an ongoing basis while communicating with peers.
  • Teaching involves the use of modern techniques. Only experienced and professional teachers conduct classes for foreign children and adolescents.
  • Holidays in Canada is an intensive leisure program (visiting museums, various events, attractions, etc.).
  • The international environment has been created in the leading summer language schools - at the same time, representatives from all over the world are studying, there are all conditions for making new friends.

The attractiveness of Canada as a summer vacation destination for foreign teenagers is due to the excellent environmental situation, reasonable tuition fees and a high level of safety.

What is important to know about holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren?

When developing summer language programs in Canada, schools take into account the age, level of knowledge of the English language and the individual qualities of the child.

Sports and the physical development of students do not remain without attention. The landscapes and natural conditions of Canada create amazing opportunities for exploring various sports - such as kayaking, rafting, windsurfing. Schoolchildren also take part in team sports: rugby, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Often, Canada's summer camps offer special preparatory programs, the purpose of which is effective language studying and increasing student interest in education abroad, improving knowledge in the disciplines to successfully pass the entrance exams.

The predominant number of Canada's summer schools are located in picturesque places where Russian children and adolescents can enjoy the natural landscapes and stay in the fresh air.

Teaching is conducted in both French and English. Variations in language programs are determined by the age of the student: for young children, courses with a game form of teaching are offered, while high school students undergo studying as part of preparatory programs with a high degree of intensity, which does not affect the fascination of the course.

How to organize accommodation during the summer holidays in Canada for children and schoolchildren

As a rule, foreign teenagers live in the territory of comfortable school residences, where 1-2 students are accommodated in one room, laundry services, an Internet cafe, and relaxation rooms are offered. Three meals a day, balanced and varied.

What is important to know about studying at prestigious summer camps in Canada?

Especially for foreign children and adolescents, programs have been developed that, in addition to an exciting holiday, significantly improve language and communication skills. The following are the main areas of Canada’s summer language school programs:

  • The academic part is focused on the acquisition of new knowledge by schoolchildren, who will positively affect adaptation to the new linguistic and cultural environment.
  • The language part - conducting summer vacations in Canada is focused on the successful and quick overcoming of the language barrier, the substantial development of the level of knowledge of a foreign language, the expansion of the lexical dictionary, the formulation of the correct pronunciation.
  • The cultural part is a close acquaintance with the main Canadian attractions, a visit to which reflects the identity and beauty of the country.
  • Leisure program - parties, contests, competitions, exciting trips.

To achieve the greatest learning efficiency, the formation of language groups is based on the age of the student and the level of language knowledge. Constant stay and communication with peers, who are representatives of various countries of the world, also contributes to active language practice in English.

Classes are held in the morning for five days a week. Children who can speak English, as well as with a zero level of knowledge, can enter the studying. For teaching, only experienced and professional teachers are involved, who practice an individual approach to teaching in relation to each.

In which cities of Canada do the best summer language schools and camps operate?

Top and rated summer schools are located in major cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal.

  • Vancouver - popularity is due to stunning landscape landscapes: spacious parks, beautiful bridges, embankments, mountain peaks. According to The Economist, Vancouver is given the status of the best city on Earth.
  • Toronto has the status of the largest metropolis in Canada. According to the publication, The Economist occupies high positions in the list of TOP 5 best cities in the world for life.
  • Montreal - the second largest Canadian city has the status of the largest French-speaking city among all countries of the world. It is here that numerous festivals and cultural events are organized.

In the summer camps of Canada, foreign children and adolescents from 13 to 18 years old are being admitted. Language programs include 20-30 language classes. In addition to the usual language programs, courses have been developed aimed at successfully preparing for the Cambridge exams and IELTS, TOEFL tests.

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Best schools in San Francisco for foreigh students 11-18 years old

Best schools in San Francisco for foreigh students 11-18 years old

Published : 17.12.2019

Leading schools in San Francisco for foreign students 11-15 years old

Studying in San Francisco provides foreign teenagers with high quality educational services and prestigious secondary education. In the famous American city, a unique atmosphere reigns for learning and exciting pastime. Throughout the year, sunny weather prevails in San Francisco, with representatives from all over the world living and organizing events.

Elite schools in San Francisco accept foreign teenagers aged 11-18 to study, providing an individual approach and the comfort of a stay.

A large number of rating universities are concentrated in San Francisco, which can be entered after receiving American secondary education:

  • University of California
  • Institute of Arts and the Academy of Arts
  • San Francisco Conservatory
  • Lowell High School
  • College of St. Ignatius.

In addition, a short distance from San Francisco is the famous computer center - Silicon Valley, where the headquarters of large IT companies are located. Getting secondary and higher education at top schools in San Francisco, the graduate will have excellent opportunities for a successful career.

Reasons for studying at San Francisco schools for international students 14-16 years old

  • The widespread popularity of the American educational system is associated with a high level of educational quality and the flexibility of the educational process. Based on the academic results and other achievements of each student, the educational process is formed.
  • The leading schools in San Francisco are characterized by a high level of infrastructural equipment of the school territory and the use of innovative methods in teaching - scientific laboratories work, powerful computers are used.
  • A guarantee of the comprehensive development of all students - various interest clubs, circles, and numerous sports sections have been created.
  • The organization of additional language courses aimed at foreign teenagers is provided for - they have a positive effect on adaptation to the linguistic and cultural environment.
  • In studying, emphasis is placed on effective pre-university education, the passage of which allows you to enter the top universities in America (University of California, Stanford, Berkeley).
  • In the schools of San Francisco, all the necessary conditions for comfortable learning and living are created - educational materials, sports equipment, school uniforms are provided.

What is important to know about San Francisco schools for international students 11-15 years old?

The main characteristic of American school education is the widest choice of elective subjects in addition to the main education program. Natural sciences, mathematics, history, literature, physical education are studied on a mandatory basis. The student can choose the following additional disciplines:

  • Ecology
  • Finance, Economics
  • Programming
  • Engineering
  • Foreign languages
  • World religions
  • Architecture
  • Art history
  • Robotics.

The physical development of each student does not remain without attention - various competitions are organized at the state and country levels:

  • football
  • basketball
  • baseball.

In the case of achieving high results, young sports enthusiasts get an advantage and, passing exams, can become applicants for university scholarships.

If a foreign teenager is a creative person, then he can attend various theater and music circles, run a school newspaper, participate in creative contests, etc.

The procedure for entering a rating school in San Francisco for foreign students  from 11 to 18 years old

As a rule, the cost of obtaining American secondary education during the semester varies from 20 to 50 thousand dollars. A foreign teenager needs to go through a difficult competitive selection process when enrolling in a prestigious San Francisco school.

The standard package of documents upon receipt includes the following:

  • Completed school application
  • Scorecard for the last 2-3 years
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers.

All documents are provided in English. After submitting documents, an interview follows, which Russian teenagers pass on Skype: the interview determines the student’s motivation, his preferences for the educational program, communication skills, and the ability to quickly overcome the language barrier.

After this, a test is provided to determine the level of knowledge in the main disciplines (mathematics and English). To prove a good level of English proficiency, it will be enough to provide an international language certificate TOEFL .

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Best schools in Manchester for foreign students 11-18 years old

Best schools in Manchester for foreign students 11-18 years old

Published : 17.12.2019

Leading schools in Manchester for foreigh students from 11 to 18 years old

Manchester is very popular among foreign and Russian teenagers 12, 13, 14 and 16 years old to receive prestigious British secondary education . This popularity is only increasing annually, and one of the reasons for this situation is due to the acquired status of the homeland of the two largest English football clubs - Manchester United and Manchester City. Young sports fans will be delighted to receive education in the elite schools in Manchester and at the same time acquire the skills of the game of football.

On the territory of Manchester is the top-name university of the same name, which annually occupies high positions in the ranking of the best universities in Europe. Studying in Manchester High School, a graduate will be able to enter the best universities in the UK and other countries of the world.

Reasons for studying at schools in Manchester for foreign students 14 - 17 years old

  • British education is characterized by the highest level of quality of educational services and prestige - after graduation, graduates freely become students of rating universities in the UK and other countries of the world.
  • Over the centuries, the British tradition of boarding houses has been formed - for foreign teenagers the necessary conditions have been created for comfortable learning and living.
  • When developing educational programs, the needs, goals and interests of foreign children and adolescents are taken into account.
  • The passage of language programs allows foreign students 13, 14 and 15 years old to quickly adapt to the new language and cultural environment, there are no problems with the development of educational material in English.
  • In addition to the acquisition by students of knowledge in academic subjects, attention is paid to the education of schoolchildren, the necessary skills in etiquette are acquired. Professional teachers provide their assistance in adapting to the new language environment of foreign teenagers, while simultaneously monitoring their emotional state and health.
  • If you compare with other European countries, then the cost of training in Manchester is lower.
  • Within the walls of elite schools in Manchester, an international friendly atmosphere has been created.

What is important to know about the educational programs of schools in Manchester?

Mandatory for passing is the basic education program GCSE , which is an analogue of others matriculation certificates. Upon reaching the age of 16, a student who successfully passes the exams is issued a certificate. To complete Manchester High School and obtain a certificate, passing tests in 8-12 disciplines is required.

The presence of a GCSE certificate does not give students the right to become a student at a British university - in order to enter a university, they need to pass the A - level educational program , which lasts 2 years. Within the framework of this program, specialized disciplines are taught, the knowledge of which is necessary for successful admission to a leading university in the UK and other countries of the world. In the framework of the competition, the selection committee takes into account the certificate A - level .

The procedure for choosing a school in Manchester for foreign teenagers 14 - 16 years old

Foreign teenagers are offered the widest list of schools that successfully operate in Manchester. It is recommended to engage in the selection of an educational institution at least 2 years before the planned start of the education - this time will be sufficient for a high-quality, informed choice of school and passing effective academic preparation.

The following are factors to consider when choosing a school in Manchester:

  • Places in international and national rankings
  • Geographic location
  • Studying format - separate or joint education
  • Religion - some schools provide for compulsory religious education
  • Possibility of taking a course on language adaptation for foreign teenagers
  • Educational program specialization
  • Intensity and variety of leisure options
  • School discipline - in some schools, a strict approach is practiced, in other educational institutions a more relaxed environment
  • Tuition - taking into account accommodation per year, the price ranges from 20 to 40 thousand pounds.

TOP 4 best schools in Manchester

  • Abbey College Manchester - Teens aged 14 and older are targeted
  • Football Academy Edukick Manchester - welcome teenagers from 14 years
  • Manchester High School for Girls
  • St Bede's College .

The procedure for entering the rating schools of Manchester for foreign students 11 - 15 years old

The package of required documents includes:

  • School report card for the last 2-3 years of study
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers
  • Diplomas for high results in sports and creative and other fields.

Entrance examinations in academic subjects are envisaged upon admission to elite schools in Manchester. To confirm a good level of English proficiency it will be enough to provide an international language certificate - if there is not enough knowledge, it is possible to undergo a specialized language course. In addition, an interview is being conducted with a foreign teenager as part of a personal meeting or on Skype.

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Best schools in Birmingham for foreign students 11-18 years old

Best schools in Birmingham for foreign students 11-18 years old

Published : 17.12.2019

Leading schools in Birmingham for foreign students 11-18 years old

Great Britain is assigned the status of a center in terms of the prestige and elitism of secondary education and schools. When choosing a British educational institution, you should pay attention to the schools in Birmingham , which guarantee the highest quality educational services.

On the territory of Birmingham there are a large number of museums, cultural centers, theaters, which provides interesting leisure for foreign teenagers. Within the walls of the best schools in Birmingham, a unique international environment has been created in which foreign  teenagers 12, 14, 16 and 17 years old feel comfortable. In their free hours from classes, students can easily get to the British capital.

Every year, the popularity of Birmingham schools among foreign and Russian schoolchildren 13-17 years old who are looking for effective pre-university education: after graduation, graduates here freely become students of top universities in the UK and other countries of the world. It is worth noting such universities as:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Aston University
  • Oxford
  • Cambridge.

Reasons for studying at a prestigious school in Birmingham

  • You can choose schools that are located both in the city itself and in the countryside. Each child will be able to choose an educational institution taking into account individual preferences, goals and interests. If the school is located outside the city, a transfer will be organized for students and their parents.
  • Especially for foreign adolescents, language courses are being developed that allow overcoming a language and communication barrier within a short period of time.
  • Following centuries-old traditions - each school has its own unique atmosphere. In some educational institutions, students are allowed to wear loose clothing, somewhere in the official school uniform. Some schools practice strict discipline, while others create a creative environment.
  • In addition to classes in subjects, classes are provided in various creative areas - in music, design, acting.
  • The physical development of foreign adolescents does not go unnoticed - regular classes are held in football, gymnastics, golf, tennis, hockey, rowing, cricket.
  • Experienced school tutors and teachers constantly monitor the emotional and physical condition of each student, providing a high level of comfort.
  • Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which does not exceed 12 children: an individual approach to teaching is guaranteed.

What is important to consider when choosing a school in Birmingham for a 16-year-old foreign teenager?

  • The cost of training - ranges from 15 to 50 thousand pounds per year on a full board basis;
  • Adolescent age - some schools have developed primary education programs (children from 7–8 years old are being admitted), while other schools offer secondary education programs, accepting teenagers for 14 years;
  • The training format is joint and separate;
  • Saturation of the leisure program.

TOP 4 best schools in Birmingham for Russian teenagers

  • King Edward VI High - only girls are accepted for education
  • King Edward 's School - separate education (boys)
  • Abbey College Birmingham
  • The Royal Wolverhampton School .

Admission Procedure for Rating Birmingham Schools

From the age of 9, children have been offered primary education programs in full-board format - it is important to know English at a basic level. A foreign teenager aged 14-16 can enroll in GCSE High School programs (the duration of study is 4 years). High school programs include the choice of a student course A - level , IB , BTEC .

For a successful admission, a foreign teenager must have a good command of English. In addition, in some cases, a requirement is to pass a specialized language program for the successful passing of entrance tests.

The following are the main documents that must be provided to a foreign teenager upon admission:

  • School grades in the last 2-3 years
  • Copy of your passport
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers in English
  • International language certificate
  • School application form (in English)
  • Interviewing on Skype or as part of a personal meeting.
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Best summer camps in Vancouver for international students in the summer holidays

Best summer camps in Vancouver for international students in the summer holidays

Published : 17.12.2019

Prestigious summer camps in Vancouver for teens and foreign students

Vancouver is recognized as the largest city on the west coast of Canada. It is popular due to the following reasons:

  • High quality of life
  • Social guarantees
  • Low crime rate
  • High educational standards
  • High level of infrastructure and equipment
  • Good environment
  • Rich cultural programs.

Locals show their goodwill and hospitality in relation to foreign teenagers. The main reason for the attractiveness of Vancouver is due to the effective studying English language, which is achieved through the diversity of cultures and languages in this country. Learning a foreign language in Vancouver, a foreign student not only attends classes on the campus of the children's camp, but also takes an active part in practical exercises, sports, creative and adventure events.

In summer camps in Vancouver ranking, teachers with extensive experience work with foreign students. Staying at a language school will give the student constant language practice - in the classroom and in non-class hours, children constantly communicate in English with peers and native speakers.

When deciding to study English and French in children's camps in Vancouver, students will be able to significantly improve their language skills and have a great rest, completely immersed in the new language environment.

Usually foreign teenagers study at the leading summer camps in Vancouver, while living in comfortable residences.

The prestige of Vancouver holiday camps is confirmed by international accreditations and awards:

  • Language Canada
  • ALTO
  • British Columbia EQA
  • Excellence Award 2016
  • Top Language Scool 2016
  • Canada's Best Managed Companies.


How is education organized in elite children's camps for international students?


Language courses in Vancouver summer camps provide an average of 20-25 English classes per week. At 14 o'clock - the end of classes in English, and free time is devoted to excursions, sports and creative activities.

A leisure program is also being developed, including various recreational and cultural events. A variety of field trips are organized, within which you can immerse in the urban atmosphere and get acquainted with the main Canadian attractions:

  • Art Gallery
  • Vancouver Saltwater Aquarium
  • Sporting events
  • Queen Elizabeth Park, Playland Amusement Park
  • Anthropological Museum
  • Bicycling in Stanley Park
  • Chinatown
  • Wakeboarding, Inflatable Tubing
  • Drive to Cargo Mountain, visit Capilano Suspension Bridge.


Tuition fees at Elite Summer Camps in Vancouver for foreign students

The cost of studying, taking into account accommodation, meals, educational materials, medical insurance, transfer and leisure programs, is average about $ 2,700 for 2 weeks, but there are longer courses of 3-4 weeks.

At the time of admission to the summer camp in Vancouver, students take a test, based on the results language groups are formed. In addition, individual goals, interests and preferences are taken into account.


Accommodation in language camps in Vancouver

2 accommodation options are available:

  • School residences
  • Host family.

The main advantage of living with peers is acquaintance with cultures and traditions of different countries of the world, broadening horizons. If you choose a host family, then an excellent opportunity appears for a complete immersion in the language and cultural environment of the country, the study of local traditions.

TOP-4 best children's camps in Vancouver for teens and schoolchildren

In the summer, a language camp operates on the basis of this school, inviting foreign teenagers aged 10 to 17 to study. The goal of the language courses is to improve the level of English proficiency. Within the framework of the educational program, not only language skills are developed, but also the cultural and physical abilities of the student. There are various optional classes on Saturday. The price of a week course starts from $ 2150 CAD.

This school operates on the campus of the University of British Columbia. Accommodation is provided in a student dormitory: 1-2 students live in one room, there are necessary conditions and amenities. Breakfast and dinner for schoolchildren are provided in the university cafeteria, and on the departures there is a packed lunch that will be convenient to eat during the tour. The age of the student and the level of English proficiency are the basis to form study groups:

  • 10-13 years old
  • 14-18 years old.

Education is conducted in small groups - the number of students in one class does not exceed 15 children. Tuition fees per week will average about 1850 Canadian dollars. The language program provides 25 classes in English, educational excursions and sports and recreational activities.

This school is a part of a large international network in Canada, that provides summer and winter programs in English for foreign students aged 13-17. One language group includes no more than 12 children. The cost of studying per week is about 1050 Canadian dollars. During the week, 16-20 language classes, lessons on the chosen specialization and educational excursions are held. Upon completion of a course, a certificate is issued. Accommodation is possible at the school residence or in the host family.

Accommodation for foreign teenagers is organized in host families - with this option of living, full immersion in the new language and cultural environment is guaranteed. Host families undergo a rigorous selection process, on an ongoing basis, control is organized by school staff. Language courses are aimed at foreign children aged 14-17 years. Subjects are taught in English. Accreditation has been received by an elite language school - ILAC is the TOEFL exam center.

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Best summer schools in Miami for international students

Best summer schools in Miami for international students

Published : 17.12.2019

Fascinating summer holidays in Miami for children and schoolchildren

Miami is extremely popular among foreign teenagers who want to get studying and relax during the summer holidays. Foreigners can enjoy a stay at sea, immerse himself in American and Latin culture, get acquainted with the main attractions and architecture of the United States.

In summer, the overwhelming majority of leading and rating universities and schools in the USA create language camps that invite foreign teenagers to study. The list of educational and language programs that vary in degree of studying and cost is extremely wide. In addition, family English courses have been developed that allow you to study with your child. Upon admission, there are no requirements for entry-level English proficiency. Children and schoolchildren who have reached the age of 5 years and who do not speak English can take part in the summer programs of leading Miami children's schools.

In addition to academic studies, an active and diverse leisure program is organized. In Miami, excellent recreational opportunities have been created -

  • sandy beaches
  • canoeing
  • rafting
  • snorkeling are organized.

How are Miami summer holidays organized for children and schoolchildren?

The following are the main components of the educational process in the best language schools in Miami :

  • Lessons

The number of academic hours is determined by the chosen educational program. Duration of education starts from 1 week. Foreign adolescents are offered specialized preparatory programs, the purpose of which is the successful passing of the international language exam TOEFL and other tests.

  • Accommodation

Schoolchildren live in comfortable rooms for 2-3 children in the school residence. It is also possible accommodation in the host family.

  • Leisure program

Various sports competitions and games are organized, schoolchildren visit the Miami Marine Aquarium and take part in educational excursions. Leisure activities allow foreign teenagers to get to know the city, its culture and traditions closely.

For the summer, leading language schools in Miami are developing effective specialized English language programs. So, you can take a course for future leaders - teachers will give students useful skills in conducting presentations and negotiations in the international arena. Foreigners interested in the marine world will be able to study reptiles, turtles, mammals that live in the sea. For creative individuals courses in the field of architecture, art, fashion have been developed.

In the case of a good level of English and interest in the film industry, a foreign teenager should study at the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts in Miami. Who can be educated? Foreign children and schoolchildren 10-17 years old. The courses are focused on the study of acting, filmmaking. Teaching is conducted by experienced teachers who help adolescents to immerse themselves in the educational process, realizing their potential.

Children with zero English proficiency can study at Rennert International Miami, a leading language school located in Miami Beach, a few steps from the famous Ocean Drive school. The prestigious summer camp has developed not only children's, but also adult language programs. Education is conducted in a modern computer room, constant access to the Internet is provided, a large honey library is open for them to prepare students for themselves.

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The specifics of admission to prestigious schools, universities for international students

The specifics of admission to prestigious schools, universities for international students

Published : 13.12.2019

If you decide to submit documents to educational institutions abroad , preparing for admission is a responsible task, for which you need to prepare in advance. It is optimal to begin to deal with the issue of cooking one year before the expected date of admission to high school, college, university abroad . We propose to consider the main aspects that students will have to face during this process, the subtleties of applying for a study visa and the particularities of preparing for a foreign education.

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