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TOP-30 prestigious boarding schools for girls in England and Great Britain that provide high-quality education

Education information

Separate education is one of the oldest and most respected educational traditions in the UK. For several centuries in England, both co-educational schools and individual institutions for boys and girls' schools have been working in England: the latter were created not only to strengthen order and discipline, but also to Maintaining the standards of etiquette and upbringing, which young gentlemen and ladies instilled from an early age. Elite schools for girls are not only intensive training and high standards, but also education in the spirit of classical British traditions, the formation of girls as independent, professional, caring, housewives and sports women (for example, netball, squash, swimming or horse riding for girls in England), in demand specialists and keeper of home comfort.

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Advantages of TOP-30 girls' schools in England

Advantages of individual studying for young girls are quite obvious:

  • They are not distracted by focusing attention on young gentlemen and don't assert themselves at the expense of male attention - this stimulates academic, sporting and creative achievements.
  • According to psychology, it is proved that girls grow up earlier than boys. At girls' schools, students have higher demands for responsibility, discipline, education, perseverance. It makes it easier for them to cope with complex, multifaceted tasks more quickly.
  • At school for girls, students are more successful in subjects traditionally considered "male": mathematics, physics, computer literacy, chemistry. They are also happy to engage in such activities as football, carpentry and woodwork, sailing.
  • Actually, at girls' schools all leading positions are also occupied by women - this gives the students an opportunity to visually see examples of success and relevance as a specialist, stimulates them to high-quality studies, they set themselves higher goals.
  • Girls are more diligent, attentive, hardworking, capable of painstaking work - these features are also taken into account when drawing up curricula and programs.

Types of TOP-30 schools for girls

30 best schools for girls in the UK can be represented as day schools or boarding schools. A great deal of such schools are included in the national rating of the best schools. It demonstrates high performance of students, their activity in social, sporting, creative life. Boarding schools are also available for foreign students: statistics show that parents from all over the world prefer sending their daughters to private and elite girls' boarding schools, as they can get most qualitative and comprehensive education.

How to make the right choice?

SMAPSE offers an extensive list of 30 best schools for girls located in England and in the UK. For each institution there is a detailed description of its functionality, features of programs and courses, photos taken on campus and in residences.

For the convenience of your choice SMAPSE team has indicated tuition fee for each school. The price of studying in a boarding school can be quite high, especially if it is a private educational institution. But the cost will fully justify itself: you will clearly see that all investments will pay off excellent conditions for living, recreation, sports and creative development, an excellent level of education and a prestigious diploma or certificate of education. Elite girls' schools are highly regarded among universities all over the world. Graduates of separate boarding schools usually enter the chosen university, demonstrating the high level and depth of acquired knowledge.

Best UK girls private school rankings 2018

A/A* % Name Day/Board Boy/Girl Day GBP Board GBP
1 84.30 Wycombe Abbey School Boarding Girls 29,205 38,940
2 71.79 St Mary's School - Ascot Both Girls 27,630 38,790
3 66.78 Downe House School Both Girls 27,495 37,530
4 66.55 St Catherine's School - Guildford Both Girls 18,375 30,285
5 62.00 Benenden School Boarding Girls   37,950
6 61.15 Woldingham School Both Girls 23,190 38,040
7 59.68 Mayfield School Both Girls 21,000 33,900
8 57.69 Malvern St James Girls' School Both Girls 19,380 40,755
9 56.39 Badminton School Both Girls 16,425 37,575
10 55.38 Burgess Hill Girls Both Girls (Co-ed 2 - 4) 18,900 32,400
11 54.65 Headington School Both Girls 19,905 40,185
12 54.44 Roedean School Both Girls 21,495 38,565
13 53.38 The Godolphin School Both Girls 21,090 36,225
14 51.03 Moreton Hall School Both Girls 28,725 34,875
15 50.00 Talbot Heath School Both Girls 14,403 25,515
16      48.02 Haberdashers' Monmouth School for Girls Both Girls 15,816 32,061
17 46.62 Royal High School Both Girls 14,595 32,286
18 42.42 Farlington School Both Girls 17,670 29,850
19 39.90 Queen Anne's School Both Girls 24,135 35,580
20 36.09 Sherborne Girls Both Girls 21,975 37,050
21 35.83 Queenswood School Both Girls 26,325 35,350
22 35.71 Harrogate Ladies College Both Girls 16,035 36,510
23 34.44 Heathfield School - Ascot Both Girls 22,800 36,630
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