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TOP-100 schools, colleges and universities in Spain to get advanced primary, secondary and higher education for foreign students

Education information

Each year more and more foreign students choose Spanish schools and universities as they provide high-quality educational services that meet the highest international standards. The country actively develops programs of international cooperation concerning studying language, secondary, higher cycle, magistracy (in English or in Spanish ). The country today is the third largest educational center in Europe after the UK and Germany - every year thousands of foreign students of different ages enter Spain's educational institutions.

Education in Spain is attractive as it gives a great opportunity to receive quality fundamental academic education, to study two languages ​​perfectly (English and Spanish) - the national diploma is quoted in the EU and the world. Specialists who have received professional education in Spain are in demand on the world labor market: knowledge of the local language is highly valued by European, Latin American employers (today this language is the second most used in the international economy, politics, culture). Studying in Spain allows to open wide career opportunities. Due to SMAPSE experts, you can choose from 100 best schools, colleges and universities in Spain and find the most appropriate option. 


TOP-100 schools, colleges and universities in Spain to get advanced primary, secondary and higher education for foreign students

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Educational system in Spain

Students can study in Spain at any age. Foreign students can visit pre-school, primary school, secondary, special and higher education. For children, private institutions with the necessary accreditation are open (study in Spain is clearly regulated by the Ministry and other regulatory bodies).

Pre-school education in Spain - Preescolar - children receive up to 6 years old, basic (EGB) - 6-12 years, and 12,16-year-olds have a high school level . After 16 years, the programme Spanish Bachillerato in Spanish or IB in English. Also in some British schools there is A-level programme.

Preescolar performs an educational and preparatory function. Education in Spain for students under 6 years is directed to their intellectual, physical, social, affective development. Study in Spain for preschoolers involves learning the language, learning the basics of reading, writing, basic mathematical operations, it can include the development of musical and visual skills, and in some private schools it is proposed to study the basics of information technology.

Primary schools accept children 6-12 years old. The training here is divided into 6 academic courses. Primary school is an obligatory first stage of academic education. Studying programs and courses in Spain for this level have a block structure, this ensures optimal learning of the necessary material.

A distinctive feature of primary education in Spain is the constant evaluation of educational activities. Also, the child, in order to ensure continuity after each stage, is given a report on his goals, academic success, acquired skills.

The next level of education in Spain is ESO. Secondary education in Spain at this stage involves the passage of 4 academic courses for students, their ESO goal is to enable students to acquire new skills and prepare for other stages of studying.

At the last academic year, students choose subjects of further professional orientation. To complete the ESO study, the student must pass the examinations: unsatisfactory grades in 3 subjects or more exclude the possibility of further admission, but the students are not expelled, they are given the opportunity to re-pass the ESO academic courses.

Schools in the country provide not only standard programs of the middle school - preparatory language courses are organized for students. In the process of studying, students can also increase the level of language proficiency, for this purpose special additional programs are provided.

A separate educational programme is language studying. To study and work in the country, you must pass the DELE exam, the diploma obtained by its results, confirms the command of Spanish at a certain level. There are several ways to prepare for DELE. One of the most common are language vacations: it is offered to study the language in private schools, summer children's camps, organized adult groups during tour trips.

5 advantages of studying in Spain

Study in Spain is attractive for foreign students for several reasons:

  • Low cost, especially compared to England and America.
  • Ancient academic traditions in the country are combined with innovative teaching methods .
  • Studying in Spain is considered prestigious: education in Europe is a step towards a successful international career.
  • Education received in schools, universities, meets the highest international standards.
  • Language courses allows improve command of foreign languages

General educational statistics in Spain

Statistics - Universities

Universities in top 200 3
Universities in top 500 12
Universities in top 1000 25
Universities in top 5000 81

Spain - General information

Region Southern Europe
Capital Madrid
Language Spanish, Basque
Currency Euro
Population 46,704,314
Students 1,800,000
Foreigner students 3.1%

Statistics - Rankings

Arts and Humanities 9
Engineering and Technology 10
Life Sciences and Medicine 14
Natural Science 12
Social Sciences and Management 11
Mathematics 7
Physics 16
Chemistry 9
Computer Science 11
Economics & Business 15

Statistics - Education

Popularity rating in the world 15
Ranking of universities in the world 20
Academic Reputation 9
Employer Reputation 11
Quality of teaching 19
International Faculty 25
International Students 20
Citations per Faculty 21

Cost of living in Spain

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 186 256
Food 152 310
Transportation 40 124
Communications and utilities 77 94
Clothing 23 86
Sports and leisure 23 82
Total 502 953
Accommodation in Spain USD/Month.  
Shared room outside of centre 188  
Shared room in city centre 259  
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 355  
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 474  
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