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The SMAPSE portal is developed by the British company Smart Products and Services Ltd and operates on the international education market since 2009. The key to the success of the project is close cooperation with well-proven foreign partners (private schools, universities, language training centers, pre-university training), direct cooperation agreements (so our enrolment services are free), the professionalism of the staff. The company cooperates with the educational institutions of the following countries: England, United States, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Malta, the full list of countries.

Together with each student, we go through the way of receiving a foreign education, from language training and enrolment in a course to having a specialist certificate. Such an approach allows you to learn the subtleties of the learning process in each country, to avoid possible mistakes in work and provide its customers with exceptionally high-quality service.

SMAPSE Mission

We are trying:

  • To increase the awareness of applicants about studying abroad, including the possibility of receiving an inexpensive education by e-learning tools;
  • Provide students with the resources to achieve the goal: to find the desired course, school, university in the chosen country;
  • Provide an opportunity for everyone who wants to improve their language level with minimal costs, time;
  • To make education abroad accessible.

Company Profile

We offer:

  • Selection of an educational institution abroad for studying the language, academic disciplines;
  • Visa support, assistance in registration of documents for study;
  • Organization of residence in the country of destination, transfers;
  • E-learning programs;
  • Guardianship organization;
  • Students supervising.

For more information about the company's services follow the link services and prices, prices are available at PRICE.

Education was and remains that social elevator, which allows to improve the quality of life (to provide a certain level of income, the opportunity to take a worthy place in society). Only high-quality academic training will allow to achieve career goals, and teaching English abroad plays an important role in it.

We offer you only the best programs of authoritative educational institutions of Great Britain, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Malta, France and other countries. Invest in your future profitably and effectively with SMAPSE!

If you value the quality of education and understand that the foreign experience and diploma - the opportunity to get not only a highly paid job, but also a legal way to migrate to the desired country - contact us and make your goals a reality.

Getting an education abroad is absolutely real and affordable. Proved by SMAPSE.

Company certification

  • certificate 2
  • certificate 3
  • certificate 4
  • certificate 5
  • certificate 6
  • certificate 7
  • certificate 8
  • certificate 9
  • certificate 10
  • certificate 11
  • certificate 12
  • certificate 13
  • certificate 14
  • certificate 15
  • certificate 16
  • certificate 17
  • certificate 18
  • certificate 19
  • certificate 20
  • certificate 21
  • certificate 22
  • certificate 23
  • certificate 24
  • certificate 25
  • certificate 26
  • certificate 27

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Good day! Interested in long Italian language courses Rome Milan .Visa type D
Hello, do you have an office in Belarus?
I would like to become your agent (partner) in Barnaul, but did not find contacts for agencies. Tell me who you can contact on this issue?
Elena, good afternoon. For cooperation, you can write to us at corporate mail - Thank you very much!
Good afternoon. Tell me, pzhl, what programs, institutions and formats of education for the summer (for a month, two) can offer in England for a child of 5 years. A trip accompanied by an adult. Thank you. Tatyana
Manager of the CMPA
Good afternoon, Irina! Thank you for your positive feedback about the school, hope to hear about your success again!
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