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Guidance on how to study in England UK. Top 1182 schools and universities in England UK, study fees, rankings

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Education information

Studying in England UK is considered very respected, high-quality and investment-worthy. It is worth noting that getting education at british boarding schools can be a first solid step to a great career with ambitious perspectives. Education is available not only for the citizens of the United Kingdom, but also for foreign students from different countries. Graduates of TOP-100 British universities become high-quality specialists whose diplomas are recognised all over the world. Undoubtedly, education in England gives all necessary skills and knowledge essential for being in demand.

It goes without saying that studying in Great Britain demands big expenses. However, SMAPSE experts offer you favorable conditions and ways to save money. Consultations, as well as services for admission to secondary, senior schools in Great Britain are free of charge. SMAPSE experts also can tell you about the possible discounts and grants which may reduce the costs for education by half. So you will have the opportunity to deal with special prices that are lower than official prices. Check out samples of entrance tests to private boarding schools and day schools in England without visiting the school or the British Council.

Below you can find types of educational institutions and programs with detailed information from the official websites of private boarding schools and private day schools, descriptions, photos, videos, prices, reviews.

6 reasons to study in TOP-100 schools and colleges in England for international students

Why is studying in England so much in demand? Popularity of education in the UK every year increases despite the active development of educational systems and institutions of other countries. It goes without saying that for parents sending their child to study in the United Kingdom may become stressful. Therefore, SMAPSE experts have created a list of important benefits that your child can get while studying in the UK.

1. There is no easier way to study English, than to take courses in a country with native speakers as teachers

Indeed, what can be easier for a child, than studying language with full immersion in the linguistic and cultural environment? In addition, if your child is not the most diligent student or if his level of English proficiency is far from great, it is not the reason to refuse from education in England. Actually, studying English abroad is the most effective and fastest way to learn English. Moreover, high-quality teachers could easily catch the interest of your child and encourage him to studying achievements.

2. High prestigious level

High quality of education in Great Britain is recognized all over the world. A diploma obtained in a British educational institution is highly praised and rated among the majority of universities and employers. Higher education abroad, especially in the United Kingdom, is a great leap towards successful career.

3. High level of material base and technological infrastructure

At TOP-100 universities of Great Britain, much attention is paid to material equipment. Undoubtedly, it creates a comfortable microclimate for foreign students that get great motivation to excellent studies and are intersted in social activities in a residence on campus. That is why universities and colleges, as well as private boarding schools and private day schools, provide a full range of services for their students. In addition to their own territories, lakes and parks, students can spend their free time in fully-equipped playgrounds, football fields and swimming pools. There is a great deal of modern computers, telescopes, theaters, 3D printers and sound recording studios.

4. Harmonious development

While studying in England, much attention is paid to extracurricular activities. Depending on talents, skills, hobbies and devotions, students can comprehensively develop their fields of interests. For example, those who are keen on sport, could engage with coaches and learn to play rugby, squash, golf or any other sport. Also students can learn to ride a horse, swim, rowing or sailing. Besides, those who are far from sport hobbies, can study the secrets of "haute cuisine" or subtleties of etiquette.

5. The possibility of studying in England and in your home country simultaneously

For example, students from across the world sometimes can study in a foreign school and at the end of the studies take exams without attending classes as simultaneously they study full-time in a British private boarding or day school. This allows to obtain two certificates of graduation: British (Full-time) and certificate of your homeland.

Study in england

6. Centuries-old traditions

In 100 best private boarding schools and private day schools in the United Kingdom students can fully immerse into the world of unique traditions inherent by the particular educational institution. Outstanding atmosphere of the boarding schools, uniforms, ancient architecture and amazing landscape design allow nobody to stay indifferent.

Obtaining top-quality fundamental knowledge combining with excellent command of English and great motivation to further studying, undoubtedly, should be taken into account by parents deciding on whether to send their child to get education in England or not.

In order to dispel any doubts, it's important to mention high status of graduates. The highest quality of education is one of the reasons for high demand for graduates of British universities and colleges among international companies and corporations. Starting salaries of students with British diplomas are rather high that demonstrate best preparation for the occupation.

So, for parents it's time to think about child's decent start in the life. It is worth noting that the sooner you make the right decision, the easier it will be for the young student to learn a language and adapt to an English-speaking environment. Some educational institutions from TOP-100 list in the UK open their doors to children of only 5 years old.

The opportunities that could be opened to foreign students are usually available only to the citizens of the United Kingdom. For example, the subsequent admission to the legendary Eton College. In this case, the student will later be able to enter the elite of the scientific, political or business community.

But what to do when you simply afraid to send your child to study in another country for so long? The right decision in this case will be to choose summer language courses. What can be better for studying English in Great Britain in summer, when the process of learning the language will be combined with the entertainment and recreation in summer camps?

In addition, summer courses have a number of very significant advantages:

  • High intensity of language classes allows to learn the language in a short period of time;
  • In Great Britain during summer the weather is always good. This is the best reason to go in for sports and outdoor activities;
  • All appropriate conditions are created for students to help them show their creative abilities in a familiar or completely new sphere for them. For example, in music, dancing, film production, photography or participating in theatre plays;
  • It is a chance to learn more about the peculiarities of local history and culture on regular excursions;
  • Participating in social activities, students can learn English with full immersion into the authentic linguistic environment.

Private Schools in Britain

Anyone who has received secondary or higher education in the United Kingdom will be able to build a successful career. Now a great deal of foreign students from more than 140 countries of the worldare studying in such prestigious educational institutions as:

In order to give students only positive emotions, deepen knowledge and effective skills, secondary schools create really comfortable conditions. Students from different countries get the opportunity to undergo a program specially designed for them. Such programs are designed to help the child adapt to a new life in a new country and study in a new environment. Practically, very soon after the beginning of classes, when children come into contact with native speakers and other children from other countries, they go to classes just like their British peers.

Academic programs in the private boarding schools and day schools of the United Kingdom always include in-depth study of the compulsory disciplines and a number of electives. In addition, students can participate in practice classes, laboratory projects and experiments, workshops, research projects. This approach makes education highly effective in the contemporary society that, first of all, highly appreciates the practical skills.

Educational system in the United Kingdom

Educational system in England has various levels and is very clearly structured. It is represented by groups of institutions working on the basis of their own hierarchy. Colleges, public and private boarding schools and day schools, educational institutes of all kinds have evolved over the centuries. Nowadays, each center can offer their students high-quality education with all necessary certificates .

Studying abroad – including, of course, the United Kingdom – as well as in your home country, is regulated by the State. This allows to monitor the quality of the knowledge, living conditions and welfare of students in both year-round institutions and at summer schools. 100 best British institutions accept applicants from all over the world. For foreign students, it is possible to take summer courses on special vacation programs.

The structure is represented by:

  • nursery schools (for children up to 5 - 7 years);
  • primary schools (for children at the age of 5, 6, 7 - 11 years);
  • secondary schools (for children of 12-13 years old, including incomplete secondary education: 14-15 years);
  • pre-university training (adolescents at the age of 16-18 years);
  • universities (for teenagers at the age of 18 years and older).

Advantages of studying in TOP-100 schools and colleges in England for foreign students

The diploma obtained at TOP-100 British educational institutions gives special status that is supported not only by prestige, but also by high quality of knowledge.

There are following advantages of studying in Britain:

  • High level of culture in the educational sector;
  • Best educational conditions and developed infrastructure;
  • Tuition has reasonable prices;
  • Opportunity to find employment abroad in future;
  • Shorter studying periods due to specially optimized programs;
  • Opportunities for professional development;

So, if you are interested in studying in the United Kingdom, SMAPSE offers an impressive selection of programs in 100 best private boarding schools and private day schools in Great Britain. We will help you choose the best option personally for you, calculate the costs of the chosen programme, as well as take on organizational issues because SMAPSE is the expert in this sphere. All you need is a desire to study abroad and the means to pay for the programme.

Don't hesitate to contact us and find out the cost of the programme you are interested in.

Private pensions in England

Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson
Russia, the CIS and Europe Students Admission Regional Director at the National Mathematics and Science College

What is important to consider when choosing a school, in addition to rankings and professionalism of teachers?

Location, student and extracurricular activities - clubs, communities. The type of education is joint or separate (only for boys or only for girls), of course. Religious affiliation (if or not, how clearly expressed), a unified policy, the presence of a curfew and a uniform.


Tuition fees for studying at 100 best private boarding schools in Great Britain

Prices for studying programs in England are presented below (tuition fees for the citizens of European Union can be lower):

  • Adult courses - 150 GBP to 1 000 GBP a week;
  • camps for children – from 500 GBP to 1 500 GBP a week with accommodation and meals;
  • secondary education and high schools – from 17 000 GBP to 48 000 GBP for an academic year with accommodation and meals;
  • higher education institutions – from 11 000 GBP to 30 000 GBP per year.

You can choose from TOP-100 boarding schools and colleges where foreign students can get high-quality education.


What makes British schools so special?
Our education is respected all over the world for its highest quality. The UK's links to its former colonies - such as Hong Kong - still generate high interest from families from there who are looking for schools with an international outlook. Parents want to see good results in school, but they also want to provide their child with an international network of friends and acquaintances, the opportunity to work in a global, multilingual world. It is believed that British schools provide easy admission to universities not only in the UK, but also in the USA, and this, of course, is an additional plus.

What documents are required to apply for TOP-100 British boarding schools?

It is worth noting that the list of documents varies slightly between private boarding schools due to small differences in the operation of the admission offices of educational institutions in the United Kingdom.

However, the basic list of documents that are required for every independent boarding school from TOP-100 list includes the following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study;
  • A copy of the student's passport or ID card;
  • Several recommendation letters from maths teachers and English or other foreign language teachers, as well as from the representatives of school administration (directors, deputies, etc.), written in free form with translation into the English language;
  • A certificate of language proficiency in English (an optional requirement for British private boarding schools and day schools as there is a school entry test of their own);
  • Several private boarding schools and day schools in Great Britain may require a unified test called Ukiset. It should be taken before the application documents are submitted to the school for consideration by the selection committee (this statement is only valid for the UK);
  • School registration forms (which SMAPSE experts will help you fill in);
  • Skype interview with the applicant;
  • Special entrance test (in case of the United Kingdom, there is an additional entry test if the Ukiset test is passed successfully).

What is education in the UK and why is it in such demand?

How much does it cost to study in the UK?

What are the admission requirements for international students?

What subjects are most popular among international students?

Can I get a scholarship to study in the UK?

What education financing options are available to international students?

How can I find accommodation during my studies?

What cultural activities and social life are available to students?

What visa is required to study in the UK?

What language courses are offered to prepare you to study in English?

General educational statistics in UK

United Kingdom - General information

Region British Islands
Capital London
Language English, Welsh
Currency Pound Sterling
Population 63,181,775
Students 2,600,000
Foreigner students 16.4%

Statistics - Education UK

Popularity rating in the world 2
Ranking of universities in the world 2
Academic Reputation 2
Employer Reputation 2
Quality of teaching 2
International Faculty 1
International Students 2
Citations per Faculty 2

Statistics - Universities

Universities in top 100 16
Universities in top 200 26
Universities in top 500 49
Universities in top 1000 76
Universities in top 5000 139

Cost of living in United Kingdom

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 306 398
Food 177 391
Transportation 59 180
Communications and utilities 74 104
Clothing 20 77
Sports and leisure 25 88
Total 662 1,239
Accommodation in United Kingdom USD/Month.
Shared room outside of centre 309
Shared room in city centre 402
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 596
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 723

IB — Facts

Duration 2 years
Min. TOEFL 70
Min. IELTS 5.5
Age 16–19 y.o.
Exam language English
Year of foundation 1968
Organizer International Baccalaureate (IB)
Official website
Alternative exam A-Level
Min. score 1
Max. score 7

A-Levels and IB scores comparison

IB A-Level
38 A*AA
36 AAA
34 AAB
32 ABB
30 BBB

A-levels — Facts

Length 2 years
Min. TOEFL 70
Min. IELTS 5.5
Age 16–18
Language English
Founded 1951
Organizers AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC, CCEA
Alternative Course IB
Min. score F
Max. score A*

UCAS scores unification

A-Level IB-Higher IB-Standart UCAS
A* 7 - 56
А 6 - 48
B - - 40
C 5 - 32
- - 7 28
D 4 6 24
E - 5 16
- 3 4 12
- - 3 6
F 1,2 1,2 0

Higher education in UK-statistics

Name Bachelor
Deadline March
The probability of admission 63%
Duration 3-4 years
Average cost £15,000
Expulsion statistics 21%
Language of tuition English
Minimum level of English IELTS 6.5
Job opportunity 30%
Percentage of students enrolled in the master's program 47%

Statistics of English courses in England

Programs Intensity Group Language requirements The minimum cost of the week
General English 15-20 8-10 Starter £240+
Intensive English Course 28-30 6-12 Beginner £310+
Super Intensive English Course 35-40 6-10 Beginner £350+
Exam Preparation Courses 20-25 6-12 Intermediate £355+
Business English 20-25 7-10 Intermediate £355+
Intensive Business English 25-30 7-10 Intermediate £380+
Academic English 20-25 6-12 Beginner £280+
English plus 10-15 5-10 Intermediate £355+
English for Work 25-30 10-14 Beginner £355+
Vacation English 10-15 5-10 Beginner £270+
One-to-One lessons individual 1 Starter £50+ - 1 lesson

Students Accommodation Options in UK

Accomondation Meals Number of people per room Cost per week/min Cost per week/max
Homestay full Board or half Board 1-3 £190 £500
School residence full Board 1-3 £220 £650
Appartment without meals 1-3 £250 £5,000+
Hotel with/out meals 1-2 £35/day £500+/day

Language-General statistics

Official language English
English Speaker Percentage 92%
Average course cost per week £350
Visa Application Deadline 3-4 weeks

Secondary education in the UK

World Ranking 1
Foreign students 20%
Minimum age 4 years+ (age 11-14)
Tuition language English
Minimum English level beginner&higher (depends on the school)
Tuition cost £17,000-50,000
Cost of living (year) £10,000-25,000
Mandatory subjects English, Mathematics, Science

Learning programs-summary information

Name Meaning Equivalent Min. age Duration,
Next stage Cost
GCSE General certificate of secondary education secondary education (non-accomplished) 14 1–2 A-Levels 15,000 USD+
A-Levels Advanced level secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 15,000 USD+
BTEC Business and Technology Education Board secondary special education 14 2–3 University/ work 15,000 USD+
Oxbridge Preparation Preparing for Oxford and Cambridge secondary education (accomplished) 17 1 University 15,000 USD+
International Baccalaureate International baccalaureate secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 18,000 USD+
Foundation/ Pathway Year Preparatory year admission to the 1st year of university 17 1 University 14,000 USD+
NCUK The Northern consortium 2 year university 17,5 1 2 year University of NCUK 13,000 USD+
Special Preparation (Medics/Math/Business) Specialized training - 14 optional optional 4,000 USD+
Academic English Academic English Language school 8 + 6–12 months School or University 8,000 USD+

Advantages and disadvantages of English schools

Advantages Disadvantages
The opportunity to enter the best universities in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, the world Expensive
High quality of education and academic standards Strong workload
Perfect English after graduation The need to change the social environment; it takes time to adapt
Useful contacts The difficulty of choosing the most suitable school for the child, requires a qualified specialist

Foundation - General statistics

Country Min cost Max cost Accommodation per year
UK 15,000 USD 35,000 USD ~ 14,750 USD
Ireland 12,000 USD 30,000 USD ~ 12,000 USD
USA 25,000 USD 45,000 USD ~ 14,500 USD
Canada 15,000 USD 35,000 USD ~ 12,000 USD
Australia 15,000 USD 25,000 USD ~ 13,500 USD
Germany 2000 USD 25,000 USD ~ 10,400 USD
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Kevin McDonnell
Kevin McDonnell
Specialist in International Students of the University of Sussex

Kevin is a Specialist in International Students at University of Sussex. Earlier, he worked at University of Suffolk. He is a Bangor University graduate and has been working in higher education for more than 14 years. Kevin realizes the usual challenges of adapting to a new country, culture, and teaching style, so he recognizes the importance of supporting international students by organizing an orientation week and numerous events and societies to help them settle in and make friends.

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