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Educational experts on our portal

- Review: Anna Chebotar
Anna Chebotar
(Regional Manager CIS)
MPW College London (Mander Portman Woodward)
How long have you been working in secondary education? — 10 years already. What does make British schools so special for families around the world? — British Secondary Scho...
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- Review: Paul McLean
Paul McLean
(Director of AIS-Salzburg since 1995)
The American International School in Salzburg
How long have you been working in secondary education? Since 1983, when I started my teaching career in Colorado, USA. I was a sports coach for about 6 years and then moved to Austria, where I was...
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- Review: Sarah Hicklin
Sarah Hicklin
(Director of International Admissions at Oswestry School)
Oswestry School private boarding school
How long have you been working in secondary education? For 12 years already. What does make British schools special? Why are they chosen by parents from all over the world for their children?...
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- Review: Anna Parkhomenko
Anna Parkhomenko
(Ridley College Admission Manager)
Ridley College
What does make Canadian schools special? Why do parents from all over the world choose Canada primary and secondary schools for their children? First of all, it is a high level of education, w...
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- Review: Mrs Patricia Woodhouse
Mrs Patricia Woodhouse
(Director of Surval School Montreux)
Surval School Montreux Summer Camp
How long have you been working in secondary education? For 35 years in 9 schools - 7 boarding schools and 2 daytime. I worked with students 4-18 years old: the music director, the head of the...
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- Review: Henrietta Lightwod
Henrietta Lightwod
(Marketing and Admission Director at Dukes Education)
How long have you been working in secondary education? 15 years. What does make British schools so special? Great Britain has been a world leader in education for hundreds of y...
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- Review: Sam Jones
Sam Jones
(Recruiting Director for Partnership with INTO Universities (Europe and Central Asia))
What are the criteria for evaluating American universities? How accurate is it? The rankings are different, and therefore the criteria are different. Subtleties are covered such as the academi...
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- Review: Joel Venson
Joel Venson
(Russian and the CIS Students Admission Specialist at Myddelton College and Adcot School)
Adcote School for Girls Myddelton College boarding school
How long have you been working in secondary education? In this sector - about 4 months. Before that, I worked for over two years in Moscow in the primary education. I have a degree in Russian and F...
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- Review: Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson
(Russia, the CIS and Europe Students Admission Regional Director at the National Mathematics and Science College)
Full Qualified Teacher Status Bachelor of Development Economics and Management (Hons) MBA with honors. Instagram: ukstudyadvice. How long have you been working in the secondary educati...
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- Review: Simon Kizhner
Simon Kizhner
Leman Manhattan Preparatory School
What does make US boarding schools so popular with parents around the world? Why do families value US elementary and high schools so much? An elite, competitive US boarding school is a truly...
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- Review: Nadya Shupta
Nadya Shupta
(Regional Marketing & Recruiting Manager at London International Academy)
London International Academy private school
How long have you been working in secondary education? In the field of education - since 2000, in the field of secondary education - since 2009. Why are Canadian schools so popular with famili...
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- Review: Eva Flagg Díaz & Angelines Garoz Galán
Eva Flagg Díaz & Angelines Garoz Galán
(Eva Flagg Díaz, Director of Academic Affairs and Scheduling, Manager of Inglabest & Sage College Boarding House. Angelines Garoz Galán - Director of Marketing and Business at Inglabest & Sage College, Boarding House Manager.)
Sage College - Private School in Spain
How long have you been working in secondary education? Our experience begins in 1989. Our specialists now include secondary school teachers, program specialists abroad, and school administrators....
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- Review: Remco Weeda
Remco Weeda
(Specialist in international admission of students in Russia and the CIS at Scarborough College)
Scarborough College
How long have you been working in secondary education? In language tourism, my experience has been more than 15 years, and in the field of secondary education - a little more than 10 years: teacher...
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- Review: Taleen Chaalan
Taleen Chaalan
(Amadeus School Vienna Admissions Officer)
Amadeus International School Vienna
How long have you been working in secondary education?1.5 years.What makes Austrian schools special?Many factors. Students get a chance to live and study in a country that borders 8 states, is located...
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- Review: Ulrike Weil
Ulrike Weil
(PA to Head of School St Gilgen International School)
St. Gilgen International School
How long have you been working in secondary education? Since 2008, since the opening of St Gilgen International School. What makes Austrian schools so special? Why are primary and secondary scho...
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- Review: Valentina Nikitina
Valentina Nikitina
(Senior Marketing and Recruitment Manager at Kaplan Pathways with a focus on students from Russia and the CIS.)
What criteria are used to evaluate U.S. universities? How accurate are the current rankings? Interesting question. The criteria are different from the rankiing. If we consider the general by countr...
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- Review: Mr Allen
Mr Allen
(Fyling Hall School Principal)
Fyling Hall School Private Boarding School
How long have you been working in secondary education?More than 25 years. I'm proud to have been a student at Fyling Hall School,and in my last grade, I was a warden. After receiving my diploma, I ret...
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- Review: Esther Diaz
Esther Diaz
(Education specialist, career coach and consultant. He works for Inspired Education Group and directs the admissions department at the International School san Patricio Toledo. )
San Patricio Toledo International School
What makes Spanish schools special among all schools in the world? Why do parents choose primary and secondary schools in Spain? There are many reasons. This is a complete immersion in the Spanish...
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- Review: Kevin McDonnell
Kevin McDonnell
(Specialist in International Students of the University of Suffolk)
University of Suffolk, UK
What criteria are guided by applicants when choosing a university in the UK? How accurate are the top rankings? What is more important to consider: subjects, student satisfaction, percentage of employ...
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- Review: Victoria Eastman
Victoria Eastman
(Director of International Reception at Moreton Hall)
Moreton Hall Private School
How long have you been working in secondary education? More than 25 years. At first I worked as a teacher of German and EAL, recently I have been engaged in the reception of foreign students. I&#39...
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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