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TOP-100 private boarding schools and colleges in England and Great Britain for international students

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In addition to the classical schools, offering primary education in England, foreign students are welcome in the private boarding schools in England and throughout the United Kingdom. Modern boarding schools and day schools are open for students from all over the world. Most often students come to study at 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 years old. They are provided with top-quality education that meets high international standards.

The best secondary private boarding schools in England are different from other educational institutions by the organization of their educational process and accommodation conditions. Here there are various programs, including study for a year or several years, for summer (summer education), winter courses, seasonal courses, etc.

Some elite private boarding schools adhere to the traditions of separate education. For a long time in Great Britain there were separate educational institutions for boys and for girls. Nowadays, both separate and joint types of education has its supporters and each has its own advantages and features.

Don't hesitate to address samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools in the United Kingdom, which you can complete in our office without visiting the school itself. SMAPSE services regarding admission are also free.

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Studying in TOP-100 UK schools and colleges: pros and cons

100 best rivate boarding schools in England are not just educational institutions. They comprise a system devoted to all-round development of children. Art, sport and compulsory education in the best private boarding schools in the UK are organically integrated. Some boarding schools, like secondary schools in the United Kingdom, have a centuries-old history, that has allowed to improve every aspect of educational process.

Who wish to give their children secondary education in England, private boarding schools is a rational choice. There students are in a comfortable and safe environment, receive top-quality knowledge and develop skills day after day. Closed private boarding schools are an excellent choice if you are concerned with security of your child as you are sending him abroad for the first time. All students go outside the campus (for example, on an excursion or a walk) only with the escort of a teacher or a tutor. The school staff also constantly look after children in educational buildings and residences. It is worth noting that in many private boarding schools the teachers live together with the students. The daily routine is regulated by supervisors and is strictly controlled.

England boarding schools

The material base of 100 best private boarding schools and private day schools in Great Britain

TOP-100 private boarding schools in England have modern technical infrastructure that allows to give high-quality education. All educational institutions of that kind are distinguished by a high level of infrastructure development: cozy campuses, rich libraries, advanced computer equipment, interactive teaching technologies. Nowadays, even primary education includes working with electronic and multimedia resources. It makes it easier for children to learn at high school and university in future.

It is worth noting that some elite private boarding schools adhere to the traditions of separate education. For a long time in Great Britain there were separate educational institutions for boys and for girls. Today both separate and joint types of education have its supporters, each has its own advantages and features.

UK Private Schools

Tuition fees at 100 best private boarding schools in England

The cost of studying at private boarding schools depends on the ranking of the educational institution, the results of graduate exams, prestige and school’s history. Actually, the prices for secondary education in Great Britain are the following: 14 000 – 25 000 GBP per academic year (full-time, without residency), 30 000 – 47 000 GBP per academic year for education on a full board basis (with accommodation in a residence on campus).

SMAPSE experts are ready to help you choose the best option. Moreover, among best schools in the United Kingdom you can find quite inexpensive variants: about 17 500 – 19 000 GBP per year with education, accommodation and meals.

Contact us and education in Britain for your children will be closer!

Elite British Schools

TOP-100 private schools in the UK

In order to help you choose the right programme and institution in the United Kingdom, SMAPSE have created a catalogue in a way that you can enter the age of your child in the search box at the top of the page and click the "find" button. Thus, the catalogue will filter only those educational institutions that offer a programme for definite age. Moreover, the desired programme will be displayed under the school photo automatically. More detailed information about courses and disciplines you can learn by clicking the "more" button to the right of the programme name.

What documents are required to apply to private schools in the UK?

The list of documents varies slightly between private boarding schools due to small differences in the operation of the admission offices of educational institutions around the world. However, the basic list of documents that are required by every independent boarding school includes the following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study;
  • A copy of the student's passport or ID card;
  • Several recommendation letters from maths teachers, English or other foreign language teacher, as well as from the representatives of school administration (directors, deputies, etc.), written in free form with translation into the English language;
  • A certificate of language proficiency (preferably as new as possible so that they are relevant) – any internationally acknowledged tests including IELTS, Cambridge tests (KET, PET, FCE, CAE), TOEFL, Pearson. However, for children at the age of above 17 years old only IELTS certificate is valid;
  • Several private boarding schools and day schools in Great Britain may require a unified test called Ukiset. It should be taken before the application documents are submitted to the school for consideration by the selection committee (this statement is only valid for the UK);
  • School registration forms (which SMAPSE experts will help fill in);
  • Skype interview with the applicant;
  • Motivation letter (not always required);
  • Special entrance test (in case of the UK there is an additional entry test if the Ukiset test is passed successfully).

In addition to the above list, students are also required to pass internal tests of the school in mathematics and English in order to determine whether the child is well prepared at the time of enrolling at a private boarding school or day school. A number of private schools in the United Kingdom also require UKISET test before entrance.

Please note that, as the official representatives of most private boarding schools in Great Britain, SMAPSE experts will help you with the selection and organization of admission to the desired schools free of charge.

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Good day! My girl is 11 years old (there will be 12 in June) we are looking for a boarding school with a creative slant (dancing, acting). The ideal school is a boarding school with traditions, located in a historic building (everyone wants to be at Hogwarts))), where there is a good level of knowledge and great opportunities for the development of dance skills. We live in Slovenia and it would be ideal to study in Europe or in England. Now she is studying in a British school, I will be happy with additional information and recommendations.
I've been looking for a site that can be trusted about English learning. I'm interested in summer schools where besides language training they offer math and sports (or just sports: water polo, swimming, chess ...) My oldest son 15 will be performed in November this year. Thank you in advance for your reply!
Mary, hello! We will be happy to assist you with the choice of school and full support in admission. Please enter your contact phone number and we will contact you.
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