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City of London Freemen’s School

In 2019 - 28% of A Level students achieved A*
Address:  Ashtead Park, Ashtead KT21 1ET, United Kingdom
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Description City of London Freemen’s School

  • Established: in 1854
  • Location: Ested Park, Sarri, London, England
  • Students age: 7 to 18 years
  • Training programs: GCSE, A-level
  • Program dates: all year round
  • Accommodation type: boarding house
  • Type of study: joint (mixed)
  • Total number of students: 850 people.


The City of London School of Freemen's School opened its doors in 1854 and initially worked as a joint training institution. At its current location the school has been operating since 1926. Approximately 40% of students are brothers and sisters: this family atmosphere has a very positive effect on the internal school environment, making it very warm, hospitable and comfortable.

Philip MacDonald has been working as a director since 2007, he was educated at Oxford and before that he worked as the director of Mount St Mary`s college, taught classical disciplines of Rougemont, taught English in Milan and Venice.

The City of London School of Freemen's School is part of the prestigious HMC School of Directors Conference. The total number of students reaches 850 people: 806 of them are enrolled in full-time, 36 at the boarding school. The number of students on the Sixth Form is 103 people.

All children must wear uniforms, in the upper grades it becomes less strict. Each hostel has its own laws and regulations: various contests and competitions are held between the houses. Houses have their own elders - one boy and one girl, the School Council works, conversations and consultations with teachers and educators are constantly held.

The official religion of the school is Anglicanism, but the institution is not considered strictly religious: students of any confession and religion, as well as of any color, nationality, can study here. Every morning, general school meetings are held on fundamentally important issues.

Students' performance statistics are visually demonstrated by the results of examinations:

  • GCSE: 95 students receive grades from C to 10 subjects
  • A-level: 75% of students give more than 4 Subjects, 25% - 3 subjects on the average score of 428.

Almost all students (99%) go without problems to selected universities (10% prefer to take a year off). 10% of graduates choose Oxbridge, some immediately start working. Among the most popular university specialties are the following:

  • Music (2%)
  • Medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry (9%)
  • Arts and Design (5%)
  • Engineering And science (25%)
  • Social and human sciences (50%).

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in City of London Freemen’s School

Program name
from 10 928 £ / term

The total number of items reaches 21: among them there are both mandatory and optional disciplines. Students can practice: for example, to help visually impaired students of junior courses, students with dyslexia.

The courses of a foreign language are very popular: Spanish, German and French; There is an opportunity to take part in student exchanges with Germany and France.

As a separate subject is taught ICT (information and communication technologies); Its basis includes the composition of other disciplines - for example, geography, mathematics and other sciences.

The cost of studying at City of London Freemen's School is:

  • Year 7-8 = 8960 £ / trimester, 25350 £ / year
  • Year 9-13 = 10220 £ / term, 30660 £ / year.
from 10 995 £ / term

Students can choose the most priority disciplines from 24 possible options. Most students choose 4 subjects in the first year (AS) and 3 in the second (A-level); Also all students write a research project and develop a critical thinking skill.

According to statistics, approximately 45% of students take the A-level exams in exact and natural sciences, 24% in art or humanitarian subjects, and 31% combine both blocks.

It is possible to practice by helping younger students with dyslexia or visual impairment.

There are frequent student exchanges with Germany and France, foreign languages ​​occupy an important place in the educational program.

Separately taught and the direction of information and communication technologies (ICT) - in addition, it is part of mathematics, computer science and geography.

The cost of studying at City of London Freemen's School is:

  • Year 7-8 = 8960 £ / trimester, 25350 £ / year
  • Year 9-13 = 10220 £ / term, 30660 £ / year.

Accommodation and food

City of London Freemen's School is available to children from the age of 9 (from 13 years). About a third of the rooms are single rooms; Different hostels are designed for boys and girls, one house accommodates about 25 people. At dormitories, an experienced nurse, qualified educators are constantly on duty.

As a rule, only senior students can independently visit the nearest city outside the campus with the permission of the teacher. The school adopted a strict enough discipline: categorically banned the use of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and marijuana, possession of drugs - students who are convicted of these incidents will be immediately expelled. For non-fulfillment of homework, the punishment is established, but, of course, the softer - the students remain after the lessons.

There is a large school cafeteria: it provides boarding three meals a day on a self-service basis.

Subjects and sport

Subjects list: art, Business research, Classical civilization, computer literacy, design and technology, Dramatic art, economics, electronics, English, ethics, Food technology, geography, history, maths, modern languages, music, Natural science, philosophy, physical Culture, politics, psychology, Religious studies, sociology
Events list: Arts and crafts, Athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, Dramatic circle, field hockey, football, hockey, music studio, netball, rugby, Squash, swimming, tennis

Events City of London Freemen’s School

Music classes are very popular among City of London Freemen's School students: according to statistics, every third pupil plays one or several musical instruments, and in this direction one can even take an official exam. On the basis of the school there are more than 20 musical collectives: groups and choruses, jazz bands, quartets and orchestras of chamber and wind music. Approximately 10 students study at the junior conservatory, they are constantly winning the Chamber Music for Schools competition.

No less popular and dramatic direction: theatrical art can even be studied and passed the exam at the level of GCSE and A-level. Often there are interesting productions, shows, performances and performances both within the school and outside the campus, the students even appear in national television series!

In the direction of "Art and Design" many students also take exams: approximately 42 people choose this subject on the GCSE and 18 - on the A-level. Within the framework of this direction, students can study graphics in information technology, photography, work with textiles, ceramics, printing.

Much attention is paid to sports activities: for boys are mandatory swimming, cricket, rugby and track and field athletics, and for girls - athletics, hockey, swimming and tennis. Senior students are additionally available in golf, netball, squash, badminton and basketball. Constantly held various competitions, friendly games and matches. Senior students can compete for the Duke of Edinburgh Prize, combining expeditions, public works and sports.

In their free time for the City of London Freemen's School children more than 30 clubs, sections and communities of interest are open:

  • Local church parish (community service)
  • Chess
  • Drama and theater
  • Fencing
  • Computer literacy
  • Research
  • The Christian Union
  • [ 999.25] Debate
  • Karate and much, much more.

Frequent trips abroad are organized for students: educational exchanges, excursions, musical tours and sports . Senior students can bring their motorcycle or car to school, use their bicycle.

Equipment City of London Freemen’s School

The main building of City of London Freemen's School is a majestic, historic, beautiful 18th century mansion: it is surrounded by a huge picturesque 57 acre park with cozy walks for groves, lawns and lawns, numerous sports fields and grounds for team games.

In a separate large building, significantly updated in recent times, there are audiences for high school students, a spacious library, a large sports hall, a separate sports field with professional lighting and an artificial lawn. Also in the same building is a theater studio and a large, superbly equipped multimedia center.

Term dates and fees

The cost of studying at City of London Freemen's School is:

  • Year 7-8 = 8960 £ / term, 25350 £ / year
  • Year 9-13 = 10220 £ / Trimester, 30660 £ / year.

Additional registration fee (£ 100), as well as a tuition fee (one trimester cost). The price is not included and is also paid extra:

  • Round trip airfare
  • Round trip
  • Medical insurance
  • School uniforms
  • Custodianship Agency + guardian services)
  • Personal pocket expenses
  • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
  • Consular fee (payable at the embassy).

The indicated price already includes:

  • Tuition on the selected program
  • Accommodation and Food (residence, full board)
  • 24-hour child care and guarantee of its safety
  • Medical care
  • Progress control, complete regular reports for parents
  • Educational trips and exchanges (if possible).

Extra fees:

  • Registration fee (for a programme/course) 100 GBP

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

More often new students come from public schools at the age of 7, 11, 13, 16 years. Applicants take the entrance exam of the school and a special Common entrance.


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

City of London Freemen’s School reviews

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