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TOP-30 schools, colleges and universities in Scotland where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education

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Studying in Scotland, as in other countries of the United Kingdom, is considered one of the most prestigious and quality choices for students from all over the world. Schools in Scotland, like all other educational institutions of the country, carefully preserve historical traditions and combine them with modern techniques and innovative technology. It is known that the first university in the country was opened in 1411, and in general, 4 of the first six universities of the island started work on the Scottish territory - education in Scotland has roots deep in the past. Studying in Scotland is qualitatively and prestigiously, it is a great investment in the future.

Due to the list of TOP-30 schools, colleges and universities in Scotland, you can find the best option.

TOP-30 schools, colleges and universities in Scotland where international students can get high-quality primary, secondary and higher education

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Main advantages of studying in TOP-30 schools in Scotland

In addition to the carefully designed and effective academic education system in Scotland, there are many advantages for those who choose to study in Scotland.

  • Firstly, it is a unique nature - somewhere harsh, faint, but incredibly beautiful, fascinating: forest thickets, cliffs over sea open spaces, endless fields and valleys. The climate here is quite mild, not hot, without strong and sharp climatic differences.
  • Secondly, the equipment and infrastructure perfection of schools in Scotland: many of them are similar to medieval castles, are monuments of history and architecture - while all the buildings inside are fully equipped for modern living and teaching, equipped with the necessary equipment and furniture. Studying in Scotland on the territory of this campus is not only comfortable (you feel yourself part of a large student fraternity, you join a single history), but it is also convenient: as a rule, the territory has everything you need for a student, studying in Scotland takes place in the most comfortable conditions.

TOP-30 schools in Scotland pay great attention to the sports component: physical education lessons are mandatory in most institutions and are included in the school schedule. There are a lot of opportunities: students can practice classical sports, are familiar and accessible, and try themselves in more unusual options for employment (for example, learn to sail). In most Scottish schools already on campus there are all the necessary fields, playgrounds and equipment for sports and games. Children receive a quality and comprehensive education in Scotland, not only in classes for textbooks, but also improving physically, spiritually, doing arts and sports.

Students pay much attention to various excursions. Scotland is a country with a rich and distinct culture and history. Foreign students enjoy visiting castles and ancient cities, walking along interesting streets of Edinburgh, visiting traditional pubs and trying out national cuisine, a large number of local dishes and drinks, enjoying national dances and music. Located on a fairly small area of the island territory, the state managed to preserve a unique national flavor and identity.

Educational system in Scotland, preparation courses for entering universities in Scotland

The educational system in Scotland is represented by schools (primary, secondary, senior), colleges, universities (including Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral programs), language centers and summer language camps with a variety of courses. Studying in Scotland is available for students of almost any age.

30 best primary schools in Scotland accept children from 5 to 12 years, you can enter college in 15 years. Instead of entering college, the student can choose to study in Scotland on the Higher Grade programme (16-18 years) or the Scottish Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (almost analogous to the famous British A-level, now often replaced by Advanced Higher). With the latter the student can apply for a place in the top university of the country or choose any other rating university in the UK.

Actually, studying in Scotland means getting a lot of varied information - the breadth and depth of acquired knowledge has long been the hallmark of graduates of local institutions. Thanks to the comprehensive education system in Scotland, it is possible to get almost any specialty and profession - some of them are available already in colleges, there will be no need for higher education (there are about 43 colleges in the country). It is also worth noting the flexibility of education in Scotland: in universities students can study a variety of disciplines of their own choice, even if they are taught at different faculties, you can get a double degree when you release it, you can go through so-called "sandwich courses" that provide practical internships during studying.

Admission requirements in the country's educational institutions are quite high and may vary depending on the particular institution. Studying everywhere in Scotland will require an excellent knowledge of English - at least 550 points in TOEFL or 5.5 points in IELTS. If your level of knowledge is a little lower, we can recommend you effective language courses in the country to significantly improve the level of English, adapt to the national educational environment.

It goes without sying that preparation for admission to the university should start in advance, for 1.5-2 years: this will not only improve the required knowledge and language level, but also get acquainted with the specifics of different universities and their requirements. An excellent preparatory programme is the Foundation Course: studying takes 2 years and ends with state examinations, which are counted when enrolling in the chosen institution.

Tuition fees for studying in TOP-30 schools in Scotland

The cost of various studying programs and courses in 30 best schools in Scotland:

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