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TOP-100 private boarding schools in England, prestigious colleges in the United Kingdom for international students : tuition fees and rankings

Education information

The section private schools in England and the United Kingdom, colleges of Great Britain provides a detailed description of the educational specifics, as well as a list of advanced and elite private schools, their education programs, prices, benefits and reviews.

100 best British private schools and colleges for girls, for boys and providing joint education are also brought to your attention. For talented students with good academic performance, leading private boarding schools and day schools in England are happy to offer lower prices! The amount of scholarships and discounts in elite United Kingdom schools can be as high as 50% of the cost of education, which will save you up to 30 000 GBP for two-year studies.

Most popular cities in the United Kingdom for education are:

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • London
  • York
  • Brighton

SMAPSE will also tell how to enter inexpensive public schools and colleges in the United Kingdom, which offers educational services at a price between 17 000 and 19 000 GBP per academic year with accommodation and meals (or just education for 9 000 – 10 000 GBP) after 16 years old.

Don't hesitate to address the samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools in the United Kingdom, which you can complete in our office without visiting the school itself. Our services regarding admission are also free.

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How to enter one of TOP-100 prestigious private boarding schools and day schools in England

Firstly, most often, parents who are planning to give their child a higher education in the United Kingdom are wondering at what age it is better to send the child to school? Actually, everything depends on the individual characteristics of the student. It's essential to make a real brainstorm considering the education at schools and colleges in England as a pre-university stage.

It is believed that the optimal age for starting studies abroad is 11, 12 and 13 years old. According to psychologists, it is much easier for teenagers to part with their parents than for younger children. On the other hand, children who began to study abroad at the age of 7, 8, 9, 10 years old, adapt more quickly to the new linguistic, cultural and academic environment. Concerning statistics, in the final year of the school they also speak English as good as the native speakers.

It is worth noting that for full adaptation of the foreign students, it is also recommended to go through an additional vacation course. For example, to study in England in summer, enroll in a summer camp or spend winter vacations in the United Kingdom: this will help a child quickly adapt to the linguistic and learning environment.

Secondly, an important issue for parents is the choice of a good institution. A great deal of parents are focused on the ratings of private boarding schools or private day schools of Great Britain. Naturally, parents often stick to the options from the TOP-10 list. However, parents need to know that it could become rather difficult to enter one of these institutions. The problems don't touches only the education fees, but also strict competitive basis. There is a waiting list for enrollment, which may take several years. Before choosing the school or college from the TOP-10 list, it's significant to analyse particular chances of entering such kind of educational institutions. Perhaps this is the only disadvantage of the private boarding schools and day schools of England in addition to their price.

Private schools in England

British private elite schools and boarding schools of joint education listed in the TOP-100 ratings have numerous advantages. Therefore, they attract a great deal of international students from the whole world. Among such educational institutions there are old colleges that differ from elite ones. They aren't a part of the promoted brands and their graduates still successfully enter prestigious universities and show high results on the entrance exams.

Thirdly, it's important to be focused on the time of documents submission, as well as the preparation for entrance examinations in educational institutions. For your attention there are samples of entrance exams for foreign students in various subjects. It is recommended to submit your documents at least a year before enrollment. In addition, it is worth submitting documents to several places. This will ensure that the child enters a private boarding school or private day school and receives a top-quality secondary education in the United Kingdom.

Specifics of studying at 100 best boarding schools, private day schools and colleges in Great Britain

Private boarding and day schools, as well as colleges in England, generally accept students of 14, 15 years old. They are given 1-2 years to receive a certificate of incomplete secondary education (General Certificate of Secondary Education). After that they follow the so-called 6th Form - senior classes (16, 17 years) with A-level programme, Foundation programme or International Baccalaureate programme.

British private boarding schools and day schools can have different priority areas of study: with an art focus, with an emphasis on business and economics, technical, medical, engineering, music focus and others.

In the United Kingdom, the academic year lasts from September to July and consists of 3 terms, called trimesters. The first and the second are separated by the Christmas holidays, the second and the third – by the Easter.

Private schools in England

Education at 100 best private boarding schools in England and the United Kingdom is conducted by use of intensive programs. It is worth noting that students life is formed by a certain schedule. It includes academic lessons, sports and creative coteries, time for self-training and education, leisure time and entertainment. The schedule should be obeyed by all students.

The special feature of the programs at the private boarding schools is the increased attention to the physical training of students. Actually, the sport is no less important than the general disciplines. Each student chooses 1-2 priority sport activities for themselves. The list of sport sections is usually not limited to ten. Students can take football, tennis, swimming, golf, cricket, rugby, horse riding and much more.

In addition, there are also coteries for a balanced and thoughtful development of personality. Practically, every institution has its own choir, an orchestra, a jazz band and a dance group. Creative children can be engaged in design, drawing, modeling, etc.

After dinner children can enjoy their free time and complete their homework. Bed time may vary depending on the age group between 22:00 – 23:00.

Accommodation at private boarding schools and private day schools in the United Kingdom

Private boarding schools in England mostly accept students on a boarding basis: children are offered rooms in the residence on campus. Students of the primary education live in rooms for 4-10 people.

All dormitories are spacious, all rooms are separated by partitions. In residences each student has his own corner with a bed, a desk, a small closet for storing personal belongings, shoes, clothes. Senior students are accommodated in double and single rooms.

Nutrition for children of all ages is provided three times a day. The menu, as a rule, includes meat dishes, vegetarian dishes, and fish. Each meal implies several dishes.

It goes without saying that the territory of the private boarding school is under protection at all times. It is forbidden for children to leave the campus without permission and escort.

Private schools in England

Tuition fees at TOP-100 private boarding schools and day schools and colleges in the United Kingdom

Tuition fees at private boarding schools and day schools, colleges may vary depending on the rating of the institution, the results of the graduates' exams, the prestige level of the school, its history. The average cost of studying in England is: at schools and colleges 14 000 GBP – 25 000 BGP per year (full-time - without residency), living in the residence (full-board) – from 30 000 GBP to 50 000 GBP per academic year in the most expensive educational institutions.

What documents are required to apply for British private boarding schools?

The list of documents varies slightly between private boarding schools and day schools due to small differences in the work of the admission committees of educational institutions in the United Kingdom. However, the basic list of documents that are required by every independent boarding school includes the following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study;
  • A copy of the student's passport or ID card;
  • Several recommendation letters from maths teachers and English teachers, as well as from the representatives of school administration (directors, deputies, etc.), written in free form with translation into the English language;
  • A certificate of language proficiency in English (an optional requirement for British private boarding schools and day schools as there is a school entry test of their own);
  • Several private boarding schools and day schools in Great Britain may require a unified test called Ukiset that is to be taken before the application documents are submitted to the school for consideration by the selection committee;
  • School registration forms (which SMAPSE experts will help fill in);
  • Skype interview with the applicant.
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