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TOP-500 European schools, colleges, kids holidays camps and universities abroad, tuition fees for studying abroad for international students: Europe, the USA, Canada, France, Switzerland, China, Malta, etc.

Education information

Today, many international students dream about studying abroad. SMAPSE offers more than 500 best schools, colleges, holiday camps, universities where foreign students can get high-quality and advanced education. SMAPSE provides you with information on tuition fees for studying abroad, description of foreign schools, colleges and universities, etc., available programs and courses, rankings, final exams and the list of necessary exams for admission.

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Tuition fees for studying at 500 best schools abroad: Europe, USA, Canada, Malta, etc.

The cost for studying at TOP-500 schools and colleges abroad depends on many factors:

  • the prestige and reputation of the educational institution
  • the percentage of graduates who have achieved great success and enter the most prestigious and elite universities all over the world
  • the location of both educational institution and accommodation
  • whether food and insurance are included in the price of education

In the table below you can see approximate prices for studying in a particular country. Please, note that prices are only for reference and may differ from year to year.


Primary and secondary education, price per year (full board)

Adult courses, price per week

Camps for children and pupils, price per week (full board)

Higher education, price per year


120 – 1000 GBP

500 – 1500 GBP

25000 – 40000 GBP

11000 – 30000 GBP

United States

120 – 1000 USD

700 – 2000 USD

30000 – 60000 USD

11000 – 30000 USD


120 – 1000 CHF

1600 – 4000 CHF

40000 – 90000 CHF

15000 – 50000 CHF


120 – 1000 CAD

700 – 1500 CAD

20000 – 60000 CAD

20000 – 40000 CAD


120 – 1000 EUR

250 – 800 EUR

20000 – 35000 EUR

10000 – 40000 EUR


120 – 1000 EUR

500 – 1200 EUR

10000 – 40000EUR

24000 – 50000 EUR


100 – 1000 EUR

500 – 1200 EUR

25000 – 40000 EUR

24000 – 50000 EUR


120 – 1000 EUR

500 – 1200 EUR

25000 – 45000 EUR

5000 – 40000 EUR


120 – 1000 EUR

600 – 1200 EUR

2000 – 30000 EUR

25000 – 40000 EUR


120 – 1000 EUR

600 – 1400 EUR

25000 – 45000 EUR

25000 – 40000 EUR


120 – 1000 EUR

600 – 1200 EUR

25000 – 45000 EUR

25000 – 40000 EUR


120 – 1000 AUD

500 – 1200 AUD

25000 – 45000 AUD

25000 – 45000 AUD


120 – 1000 USD

600 – 1200 USD

5000 – 20000 USD

4000 – 15000 USD

Education abroad

Use SMAPSE directory to make the right choice from TOP-500 schools

SMAPSE catalogue of TOP-500 schools offers you the list of educational institutions that are sorted by name. Also for your convenience there is a quick search ability available in this section: you can mark a priority on the left panel of the website, the language of education or the desired programme.

The catalogue also allows you to sort educational centers thematically. At the top left panel of this webpage you can select a country, a curriculum (this may be either school education, language courses for certain categories of students, bachelor's degree, master's degree, vacation courses in summer camps, or preparation for the university, etc.), and type of educational institution.

Each search leads to a list of educational institutions abroad that match the parameters specified by the user. In order to get acquainted with the description of a particular university, private boarding school or day school, summer camp for children, just click on the name of the institution.

Main types and features of 500 best schools, colleges, camps and universities abroad

SMAPSE catalogue offers a large number of educational institutions available to choose from:

You can see all available options of private educational institutions of various types in a list made by SMAPSE experts. As far as the category of "private boarding schools" is concerned, there we have combined classical schools and international colleges. However, there are several similarities between represented institutions.

First of all, quality of education and the main focus of courses. The latter implies that teachers pay a lot of attention not only to academic development of their students, but also to the personal growth of each of them. At any of the schools represented in the catalogue, students not only receive fundamental knowledge in scientific disciplines and subjects, they also learn to analyze information, conceive their judgments, express their opinions, and develop decision-making skills.

Please, note that SMAPSE recommends only those educational institutions abroad that meet all the academic needs of modern students.

educational institutions abroad

Language programs and courses for international students at TOP-500 schools, colleges and universities abroad

SMAPSE catalogue of over 500 best schools and universities provides a large number of language schools. SMAPSE experts recommend studying mainly in Europe’s large educational centers with a developed branch network – education in such institutions allows international students not only to improve the knowledge of a foreign language, but also to travel in the chosen country without interrupting studying process.

On the page of every particular school or educational center you can get acquainted with the specifics of their work, programs that are available for booking, the core material and technological infrastructure of the campus, the terms of studying and many other pieces of information.

SMAPSE experts will help you to make the right decision

High-quality education is the foundation of a successful future. SMAPSE catalogue allows you to select the best educational institution that will meet all your requirements.

SMAPSE catalogue will be useful for those who wish to examine a wide range of offers from schools, universities or language centers. It is convenient and easy to use, and there is plenty of information.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions and give advice online or via telephone consultation. In order to communicate with SMAPSE specialists you can use: telephone (multi-channel toll-free number with callback), Internet (e-mail, Skype, online request forms on the website).

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Alla Ivanovna, hello! SAT is an American exam that determines the overall academic level of students when enrolling in the US higher education institutions. GCSE is an analogue of our 9 classes, an incomplete secondary British education. Schoolchildren in English schools receive the GCSE certificate upon successful completion of the program at the age of 16 years.
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