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TOP-100 private boarding schools, day schools and colleges abroad that offer a wide range of studying programs and courses for international students: Europe, the USA, Canada, France, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, etc.

Education information

Nowadays, send children to study at private boarding school abroad is really prestigious and investment-worthy. It's a great chance for them to get important experience in communication with other cultures. However, many children are not very independent. Moreover, for the first time going to study abroad seems to be really difficult and scary. In this case, the optimal choice would be studying in a day school. For students at the age of 14-19, the most popular and suitable option is the accommodation on the campus. So, they both study and live under the 24-hour supervision of the staff and are in complete safety.

SMAPSE presents you leading private boarding schools and private day schools abroad that offer secondary school education. All private boarding schools and day schools were carefully selected by high-quality SMAPSE experts. The catalogue also includes national educational institutions of certain countries as well as international colleges. All educational institutions have their own rules for studying and living.

However, there are 2 main viable options to choose from:

  • live in host families
  • live in residences

The majority of private boarding schools and day schools abroad cooperate with local families that have appropriate conditions for accommodating international students. Therefore, host family would be a great choice for those who would like to get balance between price and quality.

Most popular private boarding schools abroad are located in the countries presented in the table below:

United Kingdom

United States










Czech Republic

You can at any time address to samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools abroad, which you can complete in SMAPSE office without visiting the school itself. Our services involving admission are also free.

The best private schools abroad

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Tuition fees for studying at 100 best private boarding schools and day schools abroad

The cost of studying at private boarding schools and colleges in Europe and the rest of the world depends on rankings, the students' exam results, prestige and history of school.

Average cost of studying at private boarding schools abroad (including accommodation and meals) is presented in the table below:


Price for secondary education during 1 year


25 000 – 40 000 GBP

United States

30 000 – 60 000 USD


40 000 – 90 000 CHF


20 000 – 60 000 CAD


20 000 – 35 000 EUR


24 000 – 45 000 EUR


25 000 – 40 000 EUR


24 000 – 50 000 EUR


25 000 – 45 000 EUR


30 000 – 67 000 EUR


25 000 – 45 000 EUR


25 000 – 45 000 AUD


5 000 – 20 000 USD

What documents are required to apply for private boarding schools abroad?

The list of documents varies between private boarding schools due to small differences in the admission process. However, the basic list of documents that are required by every independent boarding school includes the following documents:

  • Annual school reports containing grades for academic years for the last 2 or 3 years of study;
  • A copy of the student's ID card;
  • Several letters of recommendation from teachers of mathematics, English or other foreign language, as well as from the representatives of school administration (directors, deputies, etc.), written in free form with translation into the English language (or any other language of instruction in the country);
  • A certificate of language proficiency (an optional requirement for foreign private boarding schools and day schools as there is a school entry test of their own);
  • Several private boarding schools and day schools in Great Britain may require a unified test called Ukiset that is to be taken before the application documents are submitted to the school for consideration by the selection committee (this statement is only valid for the UK);
  • School registration forms (which our specialists will help you fill in);
  • Skype interview with the applicant;
  • Special entrance test (in case of the UK there is an additional entry test if the Ukiset test is passed successfully).

Due to SMAPSE experts, you can choose from 100 best boarding schools, private schools and colleges where foreign students can get high-quality courses in Europe.

Studying programs offered by 100 best private boarding schools and day schools for foreign students

The UK, the USA, and Switzerland practice consecutive education at boarding schools. While studying abroad after 9th grade at the age of 14, 15 or 16 years, students choose a certain number of subjects according to interests.This will be a personal programme that will help develop in the desired direction. Before entering university students take a number of exams on 3 or 4 disciplines which depends on the particular programme:

  • A-level – a British programme for high school students at the age of 16-18 years old, it is traditionally accepted by all universities in the United Kingdom and a number of Western countries;
  • IB (International Baccalaureate)·- is an international programme for senior students at the age of 17-18 years old, also universally recognized around the world;
  • BTEC is an analogue of the A-level programme. A high school course for student at the age of 16, 17, 18 years old aimed at more deep, narrow and comprehensive study of subjects with an emphasis on the practical part;
  • High School Diploma Programme is available in senior classes of American educational system for students at the age of 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old. In general, it is similar to the A-Level programme and allows to enter universities of the USA and Canada, as well as a number of countries of the world;
  • GCSE – a certificate of secondary school completion. A programme is focused on children at the age of 14, 15, 16 years old.

4 tips to choose best private boarding school, day school from TOP-100 list

  • It's important to pay attention to the educational institution’s approach to education

Descriptions of educational institutions provide priority educational methods. Practically, vast majority of educational centers practice an individual approach to students. It greatly contributes to the high level of achievements of children.

  • The quality of education

The catalogue provides information on the best educational institutions in more than 30 countries around the world. Please, note that teachers at private boarding schools and private day schools have academic degrees. Exceptional level of qualification of the pedagogical staff is the pride of many educational institutions.

The best private schools abroad

  • The level of technological infrastructure development

It's important to analyze information about the material base and tuition fees. There are a lot of educational centers which offer state-of-the-art education facilities, advanced technological infrastructure, and developed internal infrastructure.

  • Possibility of comprehensive development of students

100 best schools and colleges offe interesting electives, breathtaking additional courses, sport sections and art coteries that serve students' interests.

7 advantages of studying at TOP-100 private boarding schools and colleges abroad

Specific features of studying at foreign schools and colleges:

  • Large competition for admission
  • Certain age restrictions for the applicants
  • Entry requirements
  • Interviews with students and entrance examinations

7 advantages of getting education at private boarding schools and day schools abroad for foreign students

  • High-quality education

Many private boarding schools and day schools abroad have been educating generations of students from all over the world for decades. Nowadays, they have developed traditions which allow to offer effective methods of education. At the same time, foreign private boarding schools actively introduce modern educational methods. For example, wide use of interactive education, innovative technologies, online platforms and electronic resources.

  • Prestige of studying abroad

The certificate obtained after graduating from foreign private boarding school is in incredibly high demand with universities all over the world. It increases chances to enter best universities and get prospective job in the future. Education abroad is an excellent start for successful career.

  • International relations and world culture

Best private boarding schools and day schools provide wide racial and cultural diversity. Multicultural atmosphere allows to get acquainted with students of different cultures and religions, learn to respect other people’s opinions, and find friends from all over the world.

  • Discipline and autonomy

The earlier a student enters a foreign private boarding school the faster he will become more independent. Despite the fact that at private boarding schools children are constantly under supervision, they quickly begin to manage their time independently, determine priority areas of study, allocate hours for study and electives.

At many private boarding schools and day schools strict discipline is established. It goes without saying that smoking, drug or alcohol is forbidden and severely punished. Moreover, attendance, academic performance and behavior is also monitored.

Having defined priorities and interests, students can pay maximum attention to the most important disciplines.

  • Excellent technological infrastructure

It is worth noting that foreign private boarding schools offer great technological opportunities. Students can use modern classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, linguaphone equipment, libraries with electronic resources, modern computers and multimedia centers, developed sports infrastructure.

  • Studying foreign languages

Studying at schools and colleges abroad allows to get excellent command of English. Full immersion into linguistic environment gives an opportunity to get fluent English from native speakers as teachers. Moreover, in many cases students can master another 2 or 3 foreign languages! Switzerland is especially famous for its linguistic education: it is a multilingual and multicultural country. Therefore, students can demonstrate good command of not only English, but also German and French languages. As electives, students can learn either Spanish or Chinese.

  • Individual approach to each student

The teachers tend to apply an individual approach to each student, respect each person as a unique personality. Lessons take place in small and cozy classrooms, so that every student has the opportunity to get maximum personal attention from the teacher. The main target at foreign private boarding schools and day schools is not just give students knowledge, but to teach them think, reason and analyze, formulate and express their opinions.

How foreign students can enter one of TOP-100 private boarding schools after grade 8, 9, 10, 11

Each school has its own individual requirements for admission as well as its own educational specifics. The most popular among foreign students are colleges with British and American educational system, located in the United Kingdom and the USA, and also in Canada, European countries, including Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and France.

After finishing grade 8, 9, 10, 11 students can easily study the IB (International Baccalaureate) programme in English.

The best private schools abroad

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