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It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Larisa, student's mom

Larisa, student's mom (Studio Cambridge Sir Edward camp review)

A good camp for young children, age-balanced groups.

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Igor, father of a student

Igor, father of a student (review of Accord language school Paris)

This summer they sent a child to this camp for a French course, were satisfied.

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Alexandra, mother of a student

Alexandra, mother of a student (Studio Cambridge Sir Michael School Review)

Very pleased with the trip to Sir Michael, thank you for organizing!

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Eugene, student's father

Eugene, student's father (Studio Cambridge Sir Richard School Review)

A good camp for teenagers, the son is very pleased with the trip.

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Marina (review of Accord language school Paris)

A very beautiful school, and Paris itself is just a fairy tale!

I had a great group: one girl from Belarus, a couple from Germany (sisters), most of them are still Europeans, although there was a “classmate” from Argentina with the most typical name Jose. :)

We were driven to the textbooks to a minimum - basically everyone was talking, discussing the latest news (by the way, the school has very good Internet, anywhere and very fast. Given the price of traffic in Europe, this is very convenient), we learned a lot "on the go" "on excursions and walks. Since the school is in the central part of the city (not the Champs Elysees, it is understandable, but not on the outskirts), we walked a lot and with pleasure! Do not be afraid that you will be confused if you do not know French well - they are not at all as snobs as they are thought to be, although they do wrinkle your nose a little when you speak English with them.) But you say that you are a student and you learn their beautiful, beautiful language - that's all , everyone rushes to your aid, so you will not be lost!

I really liked the trip and the camp, I would like to once again go here or to Switzerland.

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Margarita, student mom

Margarita, student mom (review of York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School)

Good afternoon!

We want to say thanks for the summer trip, only my hands reached write a review.

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Herman, father of a student

Herman, father of a student (Review of OISE Boston Summer School)

In Boston, I was on a business trip, because of the American cities where to send my son, he was chosen.

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Jeanne, student mom

Jeanne, student mom (Review of OISE Sherbourne Priors School)

A cozy school-camp specifically for young children over 12 years old, in my opinion, there was no one. Our son was 9, in Moscow they gathered a mini-impromptu group (classmates and parallel) and chose this camp on the recommendation of our manager Nikolai.

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Daria J., mother of a student

Daria J., mother of a student (OISE Folkestone Summer School review)

A very good autumn course - they didn’t have time for the summer with registration, but the autumn course didn’t make them feel sorry at all, my daughter is happy.

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Maxim, student dad

Maxim, student dad (OISE Heidelberg School Review)

They took a winter course for the child (son 15 years old). The level of German was beginner, so they were afraid how he would get used to it - but two weeks was quite enough: in English one could ask a teacher about something, and German himself quickly got into the atmosphere.

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