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It is best to learn about our activities and the quality of the services provided by the company from the feedback of our customers and students. Sincerely, Smapse Team.
Vitalina P.

Vitalina P. (review about school Hurtwood House School)

My daughter studies second year here, finishes the program for high school students (A-level).

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Sergey G.

Sergey G. (ACS Cobham International School review)

We say thanks to our consultant (Sofia) for a good selection of school! We study here for only half a year, but have already managed to “exhale” and make sure of the right choice.

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Polina V.

Polina V. (review about the summer camp Les Elfes Summer camp)

A wonderful summer camp for any child and teenager - they have already traveled twice (daughters 10 and 14 years old).

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Michael Ch.

Michael Ch. (review about school HIM Hotel Institute Montreux)

Forge frames in the literal and figurative sense. Training is difficult, huge amounts of information, teachers ask to the fullest extent, indulgence is not given to anyone.

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Daria N.

Daria N. (review of school IHTTI School of Hotel Management)

Awesome level from and to: starting from equipment in classes and ending with internships - this quality cannot be found not only in Russia, but as it seems to me, in no other country at all.

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Benjamin (review about school SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School)

Absolutely all the expectations were confirmed, the loud respected name SHMS is absolutely not in vain.

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Daria Sh.

Daria Sh. (LAL Florida Boca Raton school review)

A great language school for children for the summer: strong teachers and a sunny climate - everything, as we were looking for.

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Svyatoslav N.

Svyatoslav N. (ILSC Toronto school review)

Strong school (he took a business English course here, all current knowledge, teachers are not old and always "in the subject line").

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Alexander Ch.

Alexander Ch. (Epsom College Malaysia School Review)

It is a good option to have both a good education and a child in a healthy sunny climate. The branch of the English school, so the quality is at the height, all the courses are foreign, the teachers also come by invitation from America, Europe and England. Accordingly, the price tag is much lower - there is no need to overpay for expensive Englishness: the school is completely normal European (up to feeding in the canteens), there is no mega-exotic or studying native Aboriginal languages, everything is like everywhere else.

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Maxim B.

Maxim B. (review about school Tasis the American school England)

Magnificent school: they chose it already three years ago and still have not regretted it a bit.

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