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TOP-70 schools and colleges in the UK and Great Britain where foreign students can take preparation language courses to pass language exams

Education information

In this section, you will find the preparation programs and courses for language exams in England. In the catalog, SMAPSE experts collected the most effective courses, interesting fields of study and a great deal of available destinations. The information is sorted by the name of educational service's providers. Moreover, studying programs can be selected by specific criteria. Due to the list of ​TOP-70 schools and colleges in the UK, you can find the most appropriate option. 

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SMAPSE directory of TOP-100 British schools and colleges

The convenient selection system has several filters that allows you to choose various kinds of courses by different options. First of all, you can get preparation programme for language exams in the UK by type of courses. In this case, you will find some samples of educational centers that could help you imrove language skills necessary for passing exams and tests successfully.

Moreover, studying programs can be selected according to the type of educational institution. SMAPSE experts have created a TOP-100 list of thematic courses offered by British boarding schools, day and language schools, universities.

It is worth noting that if you want to study in a particular city, you can choose studying programs based on the location of the educational institution. One of the filters makes it convenient to sort schools, universities, centers by city.

Furthemore, the selection system provides you with an advanced search for courses. You can choose exam preparation programs in Britain according to priority criteria. There is very convenient form of quick search on the left side of the page. Finally, all you need to get examples is to determin the language of study, the country and the educational programme.

Main tips on preparation for language tests in 100 best UK schools for foreign students

Everyone who has a good coommand of English can pass the language tests in the UK. Prepare for exams and tests for foreign students is not difficult, if you are taking special studying programs.

Exams include several types of programs and tests. The most popular are:

Each course has its own specific features concerning the educational programme and the way of passing exams. In addition, at any time you can address SMAPS experts and they will recommend you most appropriate courses at universities and schools. Specialists also will help you make the right choice of the educational institution among the automatically generated search results.

Peculiarities of language exams

It is very essential for foreigners to know about peculiarities of passing the language exam. Examinations in England are tests that allow to determine your command of English. Anyone who wants to get education in the UK should pass such language exams. Successful results depend on the level of language proficiency. For example, the Cambridge EFL includes 5 tests, and the Business English test (BEC) allows you to collect a certificate from one of three levels.

All language exams are held in accordance with the rules of law. Naturally, they are presented to students by experienced instructors.

In conclusion, do you want to pass language exams in Britain, but do not know where to start? Our SMAPSE team is always ready to advise you on the choice of an educational center, appropriate studying programme from long-term and short-term courses, organization of the trip. Specialists of SMAPSE are always in touch by:

  • E-mail
  • Skype;
  • Online chat;
  • Hotline phone.

Definitely, you may rest assured that we will do our best to help you pass examinations successfully and, undoubtedly, get necessary certificates in Britain. You can set your mind at ease as our project experts are in charge of the learning process from A to Z.

Due to SMAPSE experts, you can choose from 70 best schools and colleges in England, where international students can get advanced preparation courses for language tests.

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