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TOP-100 British language camps and courses in England and Great Britain for international students during holidays

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Studying in one of TOP-100 English language camps is a great opportunity for children to spend interesting time learning English especially during summer holidays. Foreign students often choose seasonal educational centers and schools in the United Kingdom to improve language skills. Actually, language courses and camps in England always successfully combine studies, entertainment, sports and sightseeing programs. Every British camp offers effective and rich academic and entertainment programs, a lot of opportunities for creative development. Classes allow students to develop language, communication skills, to find new friends, to adapt to academic, cultural and linguistic environment of the United Kingdom.

SMAPSE team offers a wide range of children's language schools and numerous language courses in England depending on the season and additional activities:

  • Summer (vacations in summer camps: June, July and August);
  • Winter (camps for winter months: December, January and February);
  • Spring (spring camps: March, April and May);
  • Autumn (camps in autumn: September, October and November).

You can purchase a language camp tour you are interested in on our portal or pay directly to the school, having previously requested the availability of seats with SMAPSE expert.

There is a great deal of language camps for foreign students in Britain. Language courses in England are located both in megacities and in cozy small remote places. Some language courses in England are aimed at children who are fond of sports (tennis, football, golf, horse riding, rugby, etc.), others – on creative personalities interested in theater, music, fine arts, design, photography, cinema, etc. SMAPSE experts highly recommend you to choose studying programme in accordance with the preferences of your child, as it is crucial to make his time in the United Kingdom wonderful and unforgettable.

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What age is appropriate for taking language courses in 100 best summer camps in the United Kingdom?

Age categories of 1000 best language camps in England:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years - mostly day camps, when a child is assisted by a parent or caretaker, who accompanies the child to school and then at the end of the classes and activities accompanies back home. Such category of language schools also provide special programs designed for both parents and their child. During such programs parents and children attend the same school at different courses. A number of schools provide accommodation on the campus for both child and parent;
  • 8, 9, 10, 11 years comprise the second age category, which offers both daytime courses and children's camps with boarding schools on the territory of schools. Children have an opportunity to live together in rooms, communicating with peers from different countries. In this category, most foreign students receive their first experience of traveling abroad to a language camp;
  • 12, 13, 14 years old is the age when children are in more mature age and have good language skills. They are likely to go to a language camp for the second time or more. Some schools take on more complex programs with subjects. There is both boarding and daytime education. It is popular to live on campus of a school in a residence;
  • 15, 16, 17, 18 years old students can independently go to a language camp. Often children go to such camps with friends, who, by the way, are often made in camps at an earlier age. Usually, more complex programs are offered, including preparation for GCSE, A-level programs, International Baccalaureate.

Studying in 100 best language camps in England

Many parents are worried about sending their children to seasonal language camps and schools because of academic workload. Vacations exist for recreation from school studies. Parents may be rest assured that in the summer camps the same rule applies. Actually, language camps courses provide no more than 3 hours of studying English a day. There is a five-day study week. However, it doesn’t imply high level of academic load. It is worth noting that students improve English not in academic, but in a leisure environment during excursions, walks, recreational activities.

From Monday to Friday students attend classes - but not the traditional ones. Communicative classes are held in irregular format such as role plays, quizzes and discussions. Such form of studying allows students to feel freedom and break free from boring school classes. It makes a great contribution into high level of knowledge acquisition and effective development of language skills.

In addition, during language courses various electives are also offered. Total load for senior students is no more than 4-6 academic hours a day, so there is a plenty of time for leisure activities.

UK language camp

Tuition fees for stuyding in TOP-100 British summer camps

Tuition fees for studying in children's camps abroad in most cases includes a full range of services such as curriculum, school materials, accommodation, meals, regular excursions and activities, sport games, transfers and insurance. In Great Britain the price for education varies on average from 400 GBP to 1 700 GBP per week depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the summer camp.

TOP-100 UK summer schools for international students

To spend interesting holidays is a dream of each child. TOP-100 summer schools in Great Britain can easily make this dream come true. Bright emotions and impressions are the main thing that distinguishes high-quality summer school. Therefore, specialists of educational institutions carefully think out leisure programs for foreign students.

The cost of language courses in England also includes various excursions. Children can get acquainted with outstanding sights of the United Kingdom:

  • Stonehenge
  • University cities of Cambridge and Oxford
  • Medieval castles
  • Natural parks
  • Amusement parks
  • Horseriding.

There are also various activities in the camp:

  • Barbecue parties
  • Theme parties
  • Dancing parties
  • Sport events and etc.

Accommodation facilities for students: host families, campus, residences

Seasonal vacation programs usually assume full boarding. On campus students are under the supervision of adults 24/7. Specialists of language schools abroad take care of children from the moment of meeting at the airport and until the return flight. Children have really cozy accommodation in residences in one-, two- or four-bed rooms.

Some educational institutions in England may offer accommodation in family. It is usually provided for senior students. Such accommodation facilities are recommended for more independent children who have some experience of traveling abroad.

Meals are provided 3 to 5 times a day. During excursion days students receive packed lunches.

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