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TOP-100 British schools and colleges in England and Great Britain with English language courses for foreign students

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Studying in England allows to highly improve your English proficiency. Travelling to Great Britain gives an opportunity to become immersed in the linguistic environment and develop communication skills. Due to it, expansion of the vocabulary is more effective and faster. In addition, a certificate of passing language courses in the United Kingdom also plays an important role in future career prospects.

Due to the list of TOP-100 schools and colleges in the UK, you will definitely find the most appropriate option.

TOP-100 British schools and colleges in England and Great Britain with English language courses for foreign students

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Language courses in the United Kingdom for teenagers and adults

Every language school in Great Britain offers several studying programs. To make a choice, it is important to clearly define the purpose of your studying trip. Actually, there are more than 1500 educational centers in the United Kingdom. Programs differ in duration, intensity and content. Foreign students are offered the following options:

  • General English (usually with an emphasis on the development of colloquial speech),
  • Profile English (programs for specialists in various fields: medicine, economics, pedagogy, jurisprudence, etc.);
  • Business English (courses for top managers, entrepreneurs, employees of international companies).

Combined programs "education + rest" are also offered. They allow to combine intensive studies with tours to museums, theaters, historical places, as well as study art or do sports.

Studying in 100 best language schools in England

The studying process is mainly determined by kind of the chosen school and English courses. It is worth noting that studies of the English language in British schools are practice-oriented. Full immersion in the linguistic environment allows to quickly achieve high results.

All language courses in Great Britain are comprehensive. During lessons students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Apart from the disciplines, there are leisure programs organized by school representatives.

Classes can be organized in groups and on one-on-one basis with the teacher. Actually, lessons are held in classrooms or outside academic buildings if the weather is well enough.

Language courses in TOP-100 UK schools: accommodation facilities

100 best British schools offer 4 accommodation options for foreign students:

  • on campus at the residence;
  • in the school-owned apartments;
  • in a hotel;
  • in a host family.

Living on campus and in a host family are the most popular kinds of accommodation. During living in a residence on campus students are offered rooms with private facilities. Practically, rooms are designed for 1-4 people.

Living in a host family implies complete immersion in the linguistic and cultural environment. Constant communication with British native speakers promotes the development of general language skills.

Nutrition at schools can be organized according to the scheme of a partial (semi-full) board (meals twice a day) or full-board (meals three times a day). Accommodation in the apartment could be organized on a self-service basis.

Make the right choice with SMAPSE experts

Education in England is organized by prepayment. All information about courses fees, methods of payment and guarantees you can check with SMAPSE experts. Our company also offers visa support, medical insurance registration, airline tickets booking, selection and organization of the transfer.

Due to SMAPSE team you will be able to study at one of TOP-100 prestigious language schools in England, accredited by the British Council. Programs of educational institutions are characterized by accessibility and high level of efficiency. Don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts and they will organize an educational trip to the United Kingdom at any time of the year and for any period.

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