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TOP-50 schools, colleges and universities in Oxford that offer advanced and prestigious courses, studying programs for international students

Education information

Nowadays, studying in Oxford has become a synonym for quality and prestigious education. A great deal of prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Oxford accept many foreign students every year. They differ in content, specifics, intensity and duration, and also in price. In the city there are well-known centers of international educational networks (for example, EC Oxford) and a large number of prestigious universities, known throughout the world:

  • Bloxham School
  • St.Clare's Oxford
  • Oxford University

In addition, education in Oxford can be obtained in one of the many language camps: some organize seasonal programs for vacations, some receive students all year round for longer courses. As a rule, instruction in such schools and camps is combined: in addition to effective, intensive academic English classes, a large number of leisure and sightseeing activities are organized for students, there are all opportunities for sports. Annually, thousands of students from all over the world choose studying in Oxford schools, colleges and universities: this multicultural atmosphere positively affects the educational progress, helps to constantly improve language and communication skills, develops interest and tolerance to other nationalities.

Due to the list of TOP-50 schools, colleges and universities in Oxford, you can find the most appropriate option. SMAPSE specialists are always ready to choose for you the most optimal school or college. In the list you can see descriptions of institutions and their programs, get acquainted with the cost, read the feedback of students and make the right choice.

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Studying in Oxford for foreign students: programs and ranking

Education in Oxford for foreign students is open in prestigious educational institutions of the city: private schools, boarding schools, universities, international colleges, language schools.

Oxford Secondary Education for foreign students

Oxford has a wide range of educational institutions of secondary education. All middle-level institutions work according to modern methods, combine high-quality software education, a variety of additional types of studying.

Middle classes for foreign students in Oxford

There are 2 types of secondary schools available for foreign students:

  • schools for girls / boys (separate);
  • joint educational institutions.

Oxford's private schools accept international students aged 11-14 (middle classes). The educational system in private schools meets the standards of the British educational system. Curricula include a list of academic subjects:

  • languages (English + second language)
  • mathematics
  • science
  • history
  • geography
  • technology
  • religious studies
  • art history

Students determine priority areas of study to prepare for the next step.

Usually, there are 10-15 people in the class, that allows you to apply various methods and forms of studying, focusing on the individual characteristics of students.

Cost - from 7185 £ / term.

High Schools at Oxford: GCSE and A-Level programs

Oxford private schools and colleges accept foreign students to study courses GCSE, A-Level.

GCSE system

The GCSE program (incomplete secondary education) prepares schoolchildren for university courses. It includes 6 required subjects:

  • English;
  • English literature;
  • maths;
  • foreign language;
  • religious studies;
  • natural Sciences.

Students at this stage choose from 3 to 6 disciplines, based on the proposed educational direction and personal characteristics:

  • art;
  • design;
  • business;
  • computer techologies;
  • dancing, choreography;
  • dramatic art, theater;
  • geography;
  • politics;
  • story;
  • music;
  • physical education, sport;
  • psychology.

Students of 14-16 / 16-18 years (depending on the chosen educational institution) study the program. Students are offered comfortable campuses, meals (full board), various leisure options (weekends, holidays).

Cost - from 7185 £ / term.

A-Level program

A-Level - two-year pre-university course, considered one of the best and most prestigious in the world. The learning process is built around 4-5 disciplines selected by students. An individually built system takes into account the needs of each student. Students are taught by experienced teachers, top experts in specialized disciplines. Thanks to this, a certificate with high scores is accepted in many elite universities as an entrance test.

International students are provided with comfortable residences with full household equipment.

Cost - from 9.995 £.

Vacational language pograms for foreign students

Oxford vacation programs are open to foreign students (9-21 years old) in summer and spring. The cost of language program in best language schools in England starts from 799 £ / week.

Summer / spring English courses for foreign students

Summer language courses in Oxford are very popular: the educational institutions of the world university center offer those who wish to improve their skills abroad. Oxford's private schools, colleges, and language schools invite international students from 7 to 21 years old. Students of standard language courses learn general English: improve grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, engage in reading, listening. The training system is aimed at developing oral, written speech, expanding vocabulary, mastering orthoepic norms. The age of students determines the use of techniques such as instruction in the game, interactive practices.

Living together with international students offers great opportunities for daily language practice. Students' free time is full of extracurricular activities, excursions, trips.

  • Cost - from 799 £ / week.

Spring courses allow foreign students to combine intensive language practice (12-15 hours / week) and relaxation with visits to popular cultural, historical centers. Leading Language Teachers (ELFs) practice best English teaching approaches. Accommodation for students - residence, full board.

  • Price - from 835 £ / week.

English and sports programs

The Oxford English football camp offers a spring language course in a balanced teaching methodology, effective sports classes, and entertainment events. The program is developed by the top football coach and is appropriate for students who have come for individual courses, and for the formed football teams. Language studies, work with trainers - native speakers - guarantee an improvement in oral speech, expansion of the lexical stock. Students are 9-17 years old. Accommodation - residence, full board.

  • Price - from 1028 £ / week.

Oxford schools offer English courses + tennis classes. The course accepts beginner / advanced players from 8 to 16 years old. Leading teachers deal with students daily, basic English is taught in group classes (classes up to 15 people). TOP tennis instructors will teach the main types of kicks, innings, individual / team / pair games. Classes takes place 4 times / week. Students devote their free time to leisure and recreational activities.

  • Cost - from 1796 £ / 2 weeks.

English + horse riding, equestrian camp at Oxford (16 years old). There are 3 academic hours of language studies, two-hour horse training daily. A popular sport - horseback riding, has a long tradition. Leading instructors, members of the British Horse Society, use the best proven teaching methods for basic steps and types of riding. Adolescents with a higher level of training will be offered to improve basic riding skills, learn to ride rough terrain. An important part of the activity is animal care.

  • Price - 2170 £ / 2 week.

Prestigious sports language program for foreign students - English + golf. Like other multisports courses, the linguistic golf camp offers children three language classes daily (except weekends) + two-hour sports classes 4 times / week. The joint residence of foreign schoolchildren and the British, rich leisure contribute to good rest, language progress, the formation of international communication skills. The age of the participants is 8-16 years, the level of language proficiency, game experience - from beginner to advanced.

  • Price - 2670 £ / 2 week.

Oxford Language Schools also offer English + Rugby Program. Leading teachers provide effective language teaching methods, familiarity with the history and culture of Great Britain. Players of 8-17 years of different skill levels develop ball skills, passes, various positions, combinations.

  • Cost - 837 £ / 1 week.

The best educational institutions of Oxford offer foreign students vacational programs in specialized disciplines:

  • medicine;
  • information technology;
  • engineering;
  • right;
  • physics;
  • chemistry;
  • design
  • architecture
  • international relations.

The cost of courses, accommodation conditions, dates of arrivals depend on the chosen discipline.

University preparation for international students on Oxford

Foundation program

Foundation preparatory program offers international students / students a familiarity with the educational system adopted by universities in the UK. The main objectives of the course:

  • improving knowledge in relevant disciplines (applicants choose subjects from an extensive list);
  • linguistic preparation, improving basic language skills.

The system of studying priority disciplines is built according to requirements of TOP British universities and prestigious companies - future employers. 

Cost - from 357 £ / week.

University Pathway program

Special course for foreign students entering universities in the UK. Students will study 5 specialized disciplines:

  • spoken English;
  • Academic English
  • information Technology;
  • applied mathematics for business;
  • introduction to business;
  • preparation for IELTS.

Students can also study 2 subjects from the list of electives:

  • marketing;
  • retail;
  • right;
  • business;
  • accounting;
  • management.

Upon completion of the course, students receive a specialized British qualification with the ability to transfer UCAS points that help enter foreign universities.

Duration - 2-3 trimesters. Age of students - 16+. Cost - from £ 20,500 / year.

Studying English for Academic Purposes

Studying Academic English in Oxford is considered one of the best in the world ranking of similar courses. Prestigious colleges, Oxford language schools, camps for children and adolescents offer various courses in terms of content and cost.

The program includes intensive language studies - 24-27 hours / week. Priority areas: the development of general language skills, the implementation of tests, the training of oral interview skills in the exam. All of them are aimed at the formation of academic skills for the successful passage of entrance tests in educational institutions in Britain.

Cost - from 695 £ / week.

Preparation for language tests for international students in Oxford

IELTS Courses

IELTS courses (International English Language Testing System) - an effective course for preparing for the language exam. The main task is to increase the level of English to 5.5 points - the level required for admission to the A-level. The methodology of the courses includes group classes, individual training. The courses accept students 15-19 years old.

Price - from 199 £ / 1 week.

SAT courses

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) courses for international students in Oxford - language intensive program to prepare for the successful completion of test assignments. SAT certificate allows to enter undergraduate studies in the best educational institutions in the world. Courses accept students 16-18 years old.

Cost - from 4495 £ / 2 weeks.

FCE, CAE, CPE Courses

Language schools, Oxford colleges offer preparation courses for prestigious Cambridge exam. The certificate is accepted by TOP universities, international companies. The Cambridge exam is divided into three types according to difficulty level:

According to the results of each issued its own type of certificate.

Duration - from 2 to 10 weeks. One group inclides 12 people, the intensity of classes is 25 lessons / week. Leading teachers consider test subjects, grammar, lexical aspects of assignments with students.

Cost - from 437 £ / week.

Higher education in Oxford: ranking, tuition fees

Prestigious higher education is a business card of Oxford. University center is known for its high quality educational services. Here you will get the best education in Britain!

Undergraduate Oxford

The Oxford Bachelor's program is a fundamental program for preparing specialists in social, humanitarian, social, applied, natural, and exact sciences. The first courses offer students theoretical foundation; from the third trimester of the second year, specialization and practice start. 

Admission requirements:

  • A-Level (AAA +)
  • IB (38)
  • SAT / ACT (2100+)
  • internal subject test (corresponding to the chosen specialization)
  • recommendations
  • motivation letter
  • IELTS 7.0
  • interview.

The program provides an opportunity to continue higher education in TOP universities of the world, career prospects in the best international companies.

Students are offered two types of accommodation - residence, apartment.

Cost - from 3000 £ / term.

Master's program in Oxford for international students

Oxford Master's programs take 1-2 years. These are narrow specialization courses aimed at gaining practical experience in the chosen profile. The training system provides theoretical and practical university studies, internships in organizations according to the chosen profile.

Students age - 21+.

Requirements for applicants:

  • bachelor's degree/ specialist diploma (average score - 4.0+)
  • IELTS - 6.5+
  • recommendations.

At the end of the course, students gain experience in research / teaching work, top-level professional knowledge, a Master's degree, employment advantages in prestigious companies.

Cost - from 3000 £ / term.

Language courses in Oxford for international students

Adult language education is represented mainly by four rich programs. Highly-qualified teachers offer topics and forms of studying that meet educational needs of foreign students. You can choose the optimal duration, cost of the course.

  • Year-round English

Oxford Language Centers and Colleges offer year-round language courses. It includes 15-30 hours / week. The techniques are aimed at improving basic language skills. Duration varies from 1 to 50 weeks.

Students age - 16+.

Price - from 199 £ / week.

  • Professional English

Oxford educational institutions offer foreign students language courses for work. The system is based on existing linguistic knowledge of students who begin to improve and update language skills, form the skills of business communication, professional correspondence, negotiation. The main task is to develop students' communication skills expected by international companies. Business English courses are targeted at 18+ students.

Cost - from 360 £ / week.

  • English during summer holidays 

Language schools offer general English courses, combined with cultural and recreational activities. Language classes are held in the morning, and in the evenings / weekends, students visit popular tourist routes, get acquainted with British university centers, London, natural, cultural monuments. Age - 16+. Accommodation: residence, hotel, apartment, family.

The cost of the programs starts from 420 £ / week.

  • "English + culture" program

In Oxford, there is a summer linguistic course for advanced students who are fluent in language and want to study English literature and culture. It includes three parts:

  • literary analysis;
  • writing of literary texts;
  • art, culture.

The duration of the program is 2 weeks. Students are over 16 years old.

Price - from 990 £ / 2 week.

Activities and cultural program in Oxford

Schools, colleges, universities in Oxford have long sports traditions. They offer students a variety of sports activities:

  • horseback riding;
  • golf / minigolf;
  • football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, rugby, handball;
  • tennis (+ table);
  • water sports - swimming (open water / pool), rowing (classic, canoeing, kayaking), water polo, sailing;
  • traditional British sports - squash, croquet;
  • classes in fencing, archery, rifle.
  • rock climbing, trampolining;
  • fitness, pilates, yoga;
  • track and field athletics;
  • cycling.

In addition to sports classes, students in Oxford can enjoy extracurricular activities: music, theater, dance, art, culinary studios conduct interesting types of classes and unusual practical courses.

On campuses, discos, karaoke contests, talent shows, barbecue, parties, excursions are organized. There are vsits to museums, exhibitions, trips to historical places, river cruises, and shopping trips.

General statistics on education in Oxford

General information about Oxford

Country United Kingdom
Region England 
Region 2 Oxfordshire 
Region 3 Oxford 
Population 154,566


Cost of living in Oxford

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 470 669
Food 197 406
Transportation 52 258
Communications and utilities 71 95
Clothing 24 92
Sports and leisure 31 92
Total 845 1,613


Accommodation options in Oxford

Shared room outside of centre 474
Shared room in city centre 676
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 888
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 1,080


Coordinates of Oxford

Time Zone Europe/London
DST +1
Latitude 51.752220000
Longitude -1.255960000
Elevation (STRM3) 72 m.


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