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TOP-40 British language schools and colleges to study Business English in England and Great Britain, Business English courses in the UK for international students

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Trade. Policy. Social sphere. Business. Undoubtedly, the English language is the main means of international communication. Nowadays, it's difficult to overestimate the importance of good English proficiency. Every high-quality specialist should know English at the professional level in order to be in demand and run business successfully. It goes without saying that English can be learned in different countries, but a large number of students of all ages choose the United Kingdom.

SMAPSE experts draws your attention to a catalogue of effective business schools in Great Britain. There you will find classical and specialized linguistic programs for any student. The catalogue of schools in England includes educational centers in London, as well as in college towns and in various counties. Due to it, you can choose the most convenient place to learn English in just few minutes.

Due to the list of TOP-40 schools and colleges located in England, where foreign students can take advanced Business English courses, you can find the most appropriate option. 

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40 best business schools in England: language courses and programs

Our catalogue of TOP-40 schoolsallows to select educational institutions in the United Kingdom basing on the priority educational programme. You can also get recommendations from SMAPSE experts by phone or online on the website.

Contemporary educational centers offer a wide range of educational areas. The following presents most popular programs conducted in English:

  • General or basic language courses (introduction to Business English);
  • Specialized language courses for experts in various fields (office administration, human resources, resource management, automotive engineering, energy, insurance, banking, politics, logistics, medicine, tourism, jurisprudence, etc.);
  • Language courses for top managers;
  • Courses of English for young businessmen;
  • Courses of diplomatic English (for conducting international negotiations).

It is worth noting that this catalogue of educational centers will be useful to anyone planning to improve command of Business English in the United Kingdom with the help of native speakers.

The structure of Business English courses in 40 best British schools

The catalogue of TOP-40 schools includes most famous and top-rated educational institutions that offer well-tried effective courses. The structure of standard Business English courses often provides an academic workload of 30 hours a week. It is worth noting that 20 hours of which are devoted to the development of general language skills and 10 hours are dedicated to Business English in accordance with interests and priorities of the students.

Besides, some educational centers offer everyday high-intensity courses focused on using professional subject content. Generally, such courses are available to students with a proficiency level of at least B2 (Upper-intermediate). All programs concentrate on the advanced study of certain aspects of the language. It allows students to gain essential experience in communicative practice in the framework of business and professional environment.

Quick selection of 40 best business schools in the United Kingdom

Experts of SMAPSE are no stranger to price of time for business people. Therefore they have created a catalogue which is really convenient and easy to use. Now you can find an educational institution and programme using filters on the left panel of this webpage. The catalogue allows to sort language centers by location, type (school or university, etc.), the specifics of educational services.

Besides, SMAPSE also offers an online individual selection of courses and schools. You can send us an application through a special form on the website, by e-mail, or via online chat. Experts of SMAPSE are always ready to advise you online. In order to get immediate answers concerning studying Business English in Great Britain at TOP-40 British schools and colleges, simply give us a call by phone or Skype.

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