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5 best schools, colleges and universities in Liverpool, England where international students can get high-quality education

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Today, Great Britain attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and interesting culture. Many international students choose studying in Liverpool as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-5 prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Liverpool where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education.

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Education in Liverpool for foreign students: facts and prospects

1. This is the 5th largest British city, which provides developed infrastructure and a high standard of living. There is a calm, safe environment, the local citzens is polite and friendly.

2. Due to the fact that the prices for studies in Liverpool are slightly lower than the capital, local programs are in demand among foreign students - there are a lot of students making the city truly youthful and creative

3. A wide range of leisure activities for every taste will not leave you indifferent: sports fans can enjoy real English football and visit the Great National Horse Race, nature lovers will fall in love with national parks, and adventure seekers will appreciate the vibrant nightlife, exotic attractions, sporting events and shopping

4. Climate conditions of the city are quite suitable for a comfortable life - thanks to the Gulf Stream, warm winters and cool summers are here

5. The city is famous as an advanced educational and research center, and the educational centers and schools of Liverpool are famous for innovative approach.

Secondary education for foreign students: Private Boarding Schools

As part of educational tourism, Liverpool offers great opportunities for students:

  • Studying English here will help you learn British accent and classic English
  • High-quality programs for foreign students - Liverpool private boarding schools have developed the strongest areas that provide relevant knowledge and a good base in school subjects
  • Liverpool - a large city in England with a developed infrastructure, which gives promising prospects in terms of leisure activities
  • Prices are lower than in the capital 
  • Excellent living conditions - students from other countries are usually placed on campuses, in comfortable rooms for 2-4 people with all amenities; boarding type meals - a varied and balanced diet of fresh, quality products awaits children
  • Great conditions for effective study - UK private boarding schools are technically well equipped with modern interactive facilities
  • An opportunity to study the most prestigious programs - GCSE, A-Level, IB.

Language courses for adults in Liverpool - summer vacations for foreign students



Course description

Estimated value in pounds sterling (GBP)

Classic courses

Learning the basic language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening, in an interactive way. The teaching method is based on a communicative approach.



At intensive courses, the number of classes increases several times, the basic rules are presented in a concise form - everything is aimed at achieving language progress in the shortest possible time. This option is suitable for motivated and motivated.


Lessons + Hobbies

Learning a language + mastering any activity, and the list can be unusually wide: cooking, art, fashion, design, fitness, dancing, football and much more.


For work

Foreigners who plan to work in Britain can tighten up spoken English in relevant areas.

For the profession

Specialists from various fields - teaching, engineering, medicine, etc. - which need not only to improve the language, but also to master the modern terminological base.

Language + outdoor activities

The direction will combine business with pleasure: effective classes and an interesting leisure part.


Academic style

To study at the University of Great Britain was effective, many children undergo special training, where they learn to write essays (the most frequent written assignment in European universities), express their thoughts reasonably and think critically


Exam preparation

A specific area where students analyze the structure of upcoming tests and try to complete studying options.


Many children begin with short-term programs - they do not bear a huge academic burden, children get into the atmosphere of holidays and fun. In such cicumstances, students quickly remove the language barrier, make new friends and enjoy outdoor activities.

Combined programs include:

  • Curriculum - 15-25 lessons per week in the morning
  • Sporting events
  • Entertainment program
  • Excursion part.

Higher Education in Liverpool: Bachelor and Master

In Liverpool there are the oldest universities in Britain, which are famous for the high level of teaching and research. The strongest areas are:

  • the medicine
  • dentistry
  • jurisprudence
  • architecture
  • business
  • engineering.

In addition, the universities of Liverpool are famous for their innovative approaches: for example, there are the largest number of academic degrees online. Another advantage of local universities is the strong teaching staff: more than 50% of research workers have the highest ranking. Universities are very proud of developed leisure infrastructure for foreign students.

General statistics on education in Liverpool

Accommodation options in Liverpool

Shared room outside of centre 213
Shared room in city centre 274
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 428
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 536


Cost of living in Liverpool

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 211 271
Food 175 355
Transportation 49 175
Communications and utilities 81 119
Clothing 18 68
Sports and leisure 18 77
Total 553 1,067


General information about Liverpool

Country United Kingdom
Region England 
Region 2 Liverpool 
Population 468,945
Visitors 671,000/year


Coordinates of Liverpool

Time Zone Europe/London
DST +1
Latitude 53.410580000
Longitude -2.977940000
Elevation (STRM3) 30 m.


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