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TOP-100 English language schools, camps, centers and colleges abroad that provide advanced English courses for international students in Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.

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Today, many foreign students dream about studying English abroad. SMAPSE offers more than 100 best language schools, centers, camps and colleges abroad where international students can get advanced English courses. Studying English abroad becomes more and more popular year after year, English language courses abroad are offered in almost all countries of the world. 

English language schools and colleges provide a wide range of programs and courses of different duration and cost: you can study English abroad on any continent!

The question of where it is better to study English abroad, is relevant for everyone who is going to get acquainted with the direction of educational tourism. SMAPSE experts recommend making a choice based on academic goals - your further educational plans should correspond to future studies. In addition, if you want to get Higher education in Europe , you can also choose courses in Australia, New Zealand, Britain. If studies or work are planned in the United States, the rational choice will be a language programme in the American version, such courses are offered in the States, Mexico, Canada.

TOP-100 English language schools, camps, centers and colleges abroad that provide advanced English courses for international students in Europe, the USA, Canada, etc.

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The best countries for studying English abroad

Actually, studying English abroad is a great opportunity to become fully immersed into the language environment. Besides, the question of price is often decisive for future students, as the cost of English courses abroad varies from country to country - but suitable English programs abroad can almost always be found.

British programs are considered to be the most expensive. Practically, today it's possible to find available options even in London, in Oxford, etc. British English is available for foreign students throughout the Foggy Albion, each region is spoken in its own dialect. Proper pronunciation can be worked out in Edinburgh, an aristocratic variant can be mastered in London, in Scotland the language is strongly accentuated.

Studying English abroad, in particular in the USA and Canada - an excellent option for independent students. These countries are often chosen by senior students, young professionals. Canadian and American centers occupy a leading position.

Adult students also choose studying English abroad primarily because of tourism opportunities. English for adults in its American-Canadian version is not only lessons, but also an opportunity to relax on the Malibu beaches get acquainted with the business capital of the world by New York, go on a surf in Florida, go on a safari to one of the reserves in the Rocky Mountains, get acquainted with the unique Canadian tundra. English abroad can be interesting!

Similar English courses are also offered at 100 best language schools in:

Leisure programs in any of them will not disappoint the discerning traveler.

Types of English courses in TOP-100 language schools abroad

Today, students, who have chosen one of TOP-100 language schools abroad, confirm the effectiveness of the methods presented in schools and educational centers. Each student for a short study time have increased the level of English proficiency.

Specific results depend on academic goals, the student's ambitions and the specifics of the selected English language courses abroad, as well as the selected language school abroad .

Today, you can take a different approach to the process of studying English. Reviews of students of short and long-term language courses abroad will help the beginner to assess the advantages and characteristics of both.

In each country, several types of English programs are offered:

  • summer language camps - they allow to quickly learn or improve the language, In addition, they offer very attractive tuition fees. This variant of studying English is not only effective and profitable, but also very interesting - students are always offered an interesting and diverse extra-curricular programme.
  • Academic immersion courses are suitable for those wishing to study in an English-speaking country. They are designed specifically for adult students and university entrants.
  • Standard and intensive English language courses abroad allow foreign students to choose the intensity of their classes. Each student can learn the language at a comfortable individual pace.

Also in English-speaking countries, many other programs are offered. You can select the most suitable option with the help of SMAPSE expert.

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