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Samples of entrance examinations to private boarding schools in England, USA, Switzerland

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Samples of entrance examinations to private boarding schools in England, USA, Switzerland

It's no surprise that high-grade and rating British schools are popular not only among British subjects, but also among students all over the world. But to get into a prestigious educational institution, only desires and opportunities to pay for training are not enough: you need to prove your level of knowledge, abilities and skills above the average, have a good preparation for further training.

This section also provides examples of tests in schools in England, the United States, Switzerland, Canada and several other countries.

Testing in the British Council, as well as in private schools abroad is conducted in our company completely free of charge With the aim of helping students in convenient and timely admission from school. (Some British schools require special test UKISET, specially designed for entering a number of prestigious schools. This test can be written with our help)

The entrance exams for the school are taken by foreign students on equal terms with the British. A specific list of entrance tests may differ depending on the school and the student's age, but certain patterns can be identified.

  • 1. Test of English

The requirements for older students who apply for a place in the A-level or IB program (pre-university courses designed for full-fledged preparation for admission to higher education) are especially high. Most often you will need to pass an international language test - TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Remaining in Russia, it is rather difficult to learn a language to this level: we recommend applicants to pass summer (or seasonal) language courses in the UK, the best way is to start studying in Britain in primary or secondary school. In addition to effectively improving the level of knowledge in English, the student will be able to adapt to the British education system, learn more about her intricacies and peculiarities.

  • 2. The block of natural science disciplines.

The complexity lies in the difference between the educational systems of Britain and Russia: in contrast to the Russian Federation, British schoolchildren begin to study physics, chemistry and biology since 8 years. This is a vast laboratory practice: special attention is paid to practical knowledge and their application, rather than knowledge of formulas and laws. In elementary classes, subjects are studied at an elementary level, but it is sufficient for continuing education and deeper study in the upper grades. It is also necessary to know the special vocabulary and term - of course, in English.

  • 3. Mathematics

There should not be any special difficulties: it is a universal exact language throughout the world, and as a rule, Russian children tend to do mathematics very, very well.

  • 4. Foreign language

The requirement is optional, but often found when entering prestigious advanced schools. Most often it's French or German - to successfully pass the entrance test, it is necessary to devote 2-3 years of lessons with an average intensity of lessons.

  • 5. Intellectual tests.

Some schools also test children not only for the level of knowledge in specific disciplines, but also for general development, the ability to concentrate and assimilate material, check the level of logical and analytical thinking. For this, special tests such as Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, UKiset can be used.

Samples of the entrance examinations for the schools of England, USA, Switzerland, Canada:

subjects 10-11 Years 12+ years 13+ years 14-15 years 16+ years
English Sidcot School

Kent College Canterbury

Queenswood school 11+
English test 1

Cheltenham College
Magdalene College
13+ Mill Hill School
13+ English St Albans
St Edwards School 

English test 13+ 

Princethorpe College
y-7-Dulwich Coll part 1
y-7- Dulwich College - 2
y-7-Dulwich College - 3
English 14-15 years old Tonbridge School English 14-15 years old Tonbridge School p2
Dulwich College-p-1
Dulwich College-p-2
Dulwich College-p-3
14+ Buckswood
Felstead School 14+
Myddleton College

16+ English Downe House

wellington college 16+ English

16+ Cheltenham College

16+ St Christophers School

16+ Alexanders College

Mathematics Oundle School
Kent College Canterbury
Sidcot School 13+ Cheltenham
13+ Magdalene College School
13 + Mill Hill School
13+ Maths paper
St Edwards School
Maths test 13+
Maths Test years 7-9 Sidcot School
Maths Bedford school
St Edwards School
Wycliffe College 14+
Y9 Sevenoaks School
Felstead School 14+
Myddleton College
16+ Maths Shrewsbury school
16+ Maths Tonbridge School
Downe School Maths 16+
wellington college 16 + maths
entrance test for the IB program in mathematics
16+ Maths test Oswestry school
16+ Maths Cheltenham
16+ St Christopher School
16+ Alexanders College
Science     Science Ent 13+ Cheltenham College    
Logic Logic test 11+        
Economics + Business         16+ Economics and Business Cheltenham
16+ Econ + Business part 2
Physics         16+ Cheltenham Physics
design and technology         16+ Cheltenham Design and technology


If you are interested in taking the test, please write to us on the site. Records are accepted by phone, e-mail (our contacts). You can also order a call back or send us an online chat.

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Hello! My son studies at Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz, Switzerland, IB2. His school is closed until 4th of May because of COVID-19. School tutor gave us an advise to look for an IB schools in Russia to pass exam without coming back to Europe. Is it possible to pass IB exams in your school?
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