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Ukiset - unified online testing for admission to private schools in the UK

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Ukiset - unified online testing for admission to private schools in the UK

British educational institutions have been a prestigious, ranking and popular choice among students from all over the world. As the flow of entrants increases every year, from September 2015 a single online testing Ukiset was introduced. It helps prvate schools in England select the most suitable candidates among foreign students. 

The test simplifies the procedure of admission for parents and children, agents and schools collectives.

This test is offered to students 9-17 years old and helps to determine the level of their skills and abilities, academic potential: thinking (verbal-logical, spatial), mathematical abilities.

Students write an essay, do listening, also there are some special tasks for grammar. Conditionally the test is divided into several blocks:

  • Spatial Ability
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Ability
  • Verbal Reasoning

All stages of the test are conducted in English. The total testing time is approximately 2.5 hours.

Foreign students, planning to study in the UK, when registering online, indicate up to 5 schools of their own choice (where enrollment is planned) - and the next day the results of Ukiset are automatically sent to these schools, one copy of the results is given to the child's parents (with a detailed explanation of the results). To date, more than 100 British schools have adopted this testing system and take into account results on admission - among these institutions there are such rating schools as:

Schools, which academic requirements are very high will conduct a unified testing of Ukiset for primary selection - applicants who have successfully demonstrated a high level of their abilities are invited to further tests and interviews. But most high schools in the UK plan to use a single test as the main test of knowledge and abilities of applicants.

The idea of such a single testing is the innovation of modern British education, which can significantly improve the standards for selecting future students. Especially convenient is that the results are ready very quickly - the very next day - and automatically sent to selected schools for verification.

For parents and agents, this test is convenient as it allows to get an objective and truthful opinion about the level of knowledge of the child: having the results of a single test on hand, you can more carefully approach the choice of the school, do not waste time registering and testing in unsuitable educational institutions - and, in the end, increase chances of admission. The administration of educational institutions due to Ukiset will be able to shorten time for consideration of a huge flow of candidates and quickly sift out students who are inadequate in terms of knowledge and abilities.

The cost of studying in England you can see in the corresponding section.

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