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TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in the Czech Republic that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

Education information

Education in the Czech Republic is an opportunity to get a high-quality European education at an affordable price. The roots of the country's educational traditions go back to the 14th century, when the Czech Kingdom received the status of a European center of education and culture.

Nowadays the country continues to develop and improve. More and more new schools and universities are opening in the country, and invite not only citizens of the country, but also foreign students from all over the world.

Education in the Czech Republic for foreign students is comfortable and promising today: a developed European country with a high standard of living does not limit students in the choice of academic directions and ways of leisure.

TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in the Czech Republic that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

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Educational system in the Czech Republic

The educational system in the Czech Republic began to form in 1774. Today, all types of institutions operate in the country, from preschool to higher education. Children's institutions (kindergartens and private specialized centers) take a predominantly educational function, in which pupils develop their first learning skills.

Basic secondary education can be obtained at the state and private schools, in both of which the cycle is calculated for 9 years. Foreign students are accepted in boarding schools , they use different types of curriculum.

One of the most popular is IB programme, many students also receive a standard Czech certificate. Private schools annually examine students to determine the level of their achievements, the best score for the subject is 1, the worst is 5. Students who receive 5 are retested at the end of the summer holidays.

Higher education provides two areas: professional and academic. Profession graduates of secondary schools can receive in higher profile schools. Academic preparation is the prerogative of universities, they offer Bachelor's programs, Master's and Doctoral studies.

Specialized language courses are offered to foreign students in language centers and national, international schools. For example, children can spend their holidays in language camps , studying English and / or Czech, the programs are usually designed for 7 to 30 days.

Also in language schools semester courses of various orientation and intensity are available. Yearly studying is recommended to foreign students for academic purposes. The courses allow you to master the spoken Czech, learn grammar and general or profiled vocabulary, adapt to the new environment, and they also give the opportunity to obtain a CEFR certificate.

Advantages of studying in TOP-20 schools, colleges and universities in the Czech Republic

  • Educational programs that comply with international standards.
  • The Czech Diploma with certificates is listed in the EU and in the world.
  • Schools and Universities Countries are characterized by a strong material and technical base, which provides technological preparation.
  • The Czech Republic provide affordable cost of middle-level, higher-level programs, as well as short-term and year-long language courses.
  • University students can learn through the Erasmus programme at universities in other EU countries.
  • Practical-oriented programs provide training in the best companies in the country.
  • While studying in the country, you can learn several languages, most often foreign students choose Czech and English.
  • The country attracts students with a high standard of living and security. In this case, the cost of living, food is lower than in other EU countries.
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Dasha, good afternoon. Thank you very much for your comment, however in the Czech Republic we work only with private educational institutions. In them is a comprehensive payment - for tuition, accommodation and meals. If such options interest you, you can email us at, and we will be happy to help you.
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