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Cambridge ranks second among the oldest university cities in England. The historical atmosphere of this place is extremely conducive to learning English. Choosing to study in Cambridge, foreign students get prestigious education and improve career prospects. Studying at Cambridge is a great basis for scientific work that allows to achieve high goals with the help of experienced teachers.

Given the importance of English to business, customer service, technology and diplomacy, learning English will dramatically improve your career prospects. English can be challenging due to the abundance of vocabulary and difficult grammar. Education in Cambridge will help you overcome these difficulties and make your CV more attractive. Whether you are interested in a short intensive course or a deep immersion in the language environment for a semester or a year, study in Cambridge will give you the skills you need to communicate confidently in a business environment.

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Study in Cambridge fees

Besides the cost of the chosen program in Cambridge university, it should be borne in mind that these are not all expenses associated with studies. To this amount, you need to add a university fee, which ranges from 3 to 5,000 pounds per year plus room and board costs. The colleges offer on-site accommodation with meals averaging around £ 800 per month. In general, studying at one of the most prestigious universities in the world will cost about 40-50,000 pounds a year!

Best programs to study in Cambridge for foreign students

The choice of programs in Cambridge for foreign students is quite wide:

  • primary and secondary education;
  • vacational programs, language camps;
  • preparatory courses for university entrants;
  • preparation for language tests;
  • languages for academic purposes;
  • higher education;
  • language courses for adults;
  • language business courses, professional programs.

Study in Cambridge: primary and secondary education

The city of Cambridge itself is small, with typical British architecture. The University of Cambridge includes 31 colleges, which are informally divided into 16 "old" (founded between 1284 and 1596) and 15 "new" (founded between 1800 and 1977). All of them have their own territory, auditoriums, canteens and hostels.

Also, each college has its own church with its own choir and organ. The life and work of colleges is governed by their own charters and regulations (for example, gender and age restrictions for applicants). Each college has a representative on the university board. Common to all students are only the Cambridge Library and Observatory.

  • Primary education (Junior School)

Children of 5-11 years old get primary education. The first two years is a preparatory school. For foreign students, admission to an English school is available from 7 years. In the elementary grades, children are taught to study - a complex of general educational subjects, extracurricular activities, sports, and circles is opened for them. At the initial stage, elementary school students are fully supervised by teachers, helping them in the learning process. Cambridge private boarding schools offer full board, around-the-clock attention from teachers. The cost of the Cambridge elementary school course is from 6,730 £ / term.

  • High School (Senior School, Lower Senior)

Here students of 11-15 years old study. It involves strengthening the academic load, the separation of students in the areas of study, the choice of additional subjects, short-term courses. Price per term starts from £ 6,730.

High school involves specialization, the choice of direction for further education. There are two main programs:

  • GCSE - preparation for obtaining a certificate of secondary education;
  • A-Level - preparation for entering universities.

Cambridge GCSE

After graduating from the 8th-9th grade, students prepare for a specialty. They choose 2 compulsory and 3-5 core subjects. The compulsory program includes the studying academic English, mathematics, one foreign language, but additional subjects can be selected from 70 items. Successful passing of unified national exams in selected disciplines allows students to receive the General Certificate of Secondary Education - a general certificate of secondary education.

Cost - from 9000 £ / term.

A-Level Program for international students

Traditionally, the 2-year A-level program is focused on deepening knowledge in specialized subjects, and preparing for university entrance. The standard A-level course is aimed at studying 4 disciplines in the first year and 3 in the second. Students choose from:

  • literature;
  • mathematics (general, higher, computational);
  • foundations of business;
  • chemistry;
  • English for foreign students;
  • physics;
  • accounting and psychology;
  • the medicine.

Universities in England accept graduates of schools with an A-level certificate without exams.

Traditionally, the school year in England is divided into winter, spring, summer trimesters (early / mid-September - early / mid-June). Cost - 9000 £ / term

Most popular language courses in Cambridge for foreign students

Cambridge offers various forms of language education for foreign students:

Preparation for IB in Cambridge

IB Summer Preparatory Program - for applicants to the Iternational Baccalaureate program in foreign schools and colleges. The course includes rich language and academic studies, forms the skills of critical and analytical thinking, working with sources, competent time management, writing research papers and essays.


Oxbridge Preparation

Oxbridge Preparation

It is a rich summer course for foreign students who want to study in Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities in the world. The program is aimed at deepening academic and language knowledge, preparation for admission. Applicants practice writing an academic essay, motivation letter, practice communication skills, prepare for an interview. An important place is occupied by the psychological preparation for the entrance examination procedure, communication with the admissions committee, and overcoming the language barrier. Students attend one of the best universities in England, inspect academic and residential buildings, attend classes, libraries, and meet with teachers.
The cost of summer preparatory courses at Oxbridge is £ 1,500 / week.

Study in Cambridge on vacations for international students

  • Summer language programs (July-August) last from 1 to 6 weeks and invite children from 6 to 17 years. The language course of general English is supplemented by excursions, sporting events, holidays, parties.
  • Autumn courses for students aged 14-17 focuses on speaking practice.
  • Winter vacation programs - complexes of educational and entertainment events. The language program includes 20 lessons / week. Attention is paid to general language skills and spoken English. The excursion part offers visiting university cities in England and popular tourist sights.

Preparation for language tests in Cambridge

In Cambridge language schools foreign students can take courses for the most significant language tests - CAE, FCE, IELTS. The program is compiled by leading teachers, classes are conducted taking into account the methodology for passing the language exam. Academic load - 28 hours / week. Students can enter from 16 years old.

  • The cost of CAE, FCE - from 320 £ / week.
  • The cost of IELTS is from 250 £ / week.

Languages for Academic Purposes in Cambridge

Language courses for foreign students accept students 11-18 years old. The direction of the curriculum is preparation for the IELTS language exam, an in-depth English course for further admission to higher schools.

  • The cost of studying is from 5290 £ / term.

Study language courses for adults in Cambrigde

Language courses for foreign students are aimed at improving the language skills necessary for a certain professional field or passing a language exam. What programs are available:

  • individual courses with an experienced native speaker teacher;
  • special course combining group and individual classes for 4 students;
  • group of business English classes.

The cost of the course is from 300 £ to 1429 £ / week.

Language business courses, professional programs in Cambridge

CELTA language course is appropriate for adults with a linguistic education. A certificate obtained in linguistic courses gives the right to teach English as a foreign language. Students age - from 18 years. English proficiency level is 6+.

The cost of the program is 1400 £ / 4 weeks.

Cultural program in Cambridge

Education in Cambridge offers a rich leisure program. The university center with centuries of history and powerful cultural and sports traditions opens a rich excursion program for guests around the city and its environs. Sports activities include:

  • horse riding
  • football
  • tennis
  • swimming
  • rowing
  • golf

Each educational institution offers a list of internal events: thematic meetings, disputes, joint visits to theaters, museums, exhibitions.

General statistics on education in Cambridge

General information about Cambridge

Country United Kingdom
Region England 
Region 2 Cambridgeshire 
Region 3 Cambridge District 
Population 128,488
Visitors 498,000/year


Cost of living in Cambridge

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 386 514
Food 189 413
Transportation 53 154
Communications and utilities 86 125
Clothing 23 89
Sports and leisure 27 90
Total 763 1,386


Accommodation options in Cambridge

Shared room outside of centre 390
Shared room in city centre 519
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 731
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 969


Coordinates of Cambridge

Time Zone Europe/London
DST +1
Latitude 52.200000000
Longitude 0.116670000
Elevation (STRM3) 12 m.


Alternative name


جامعة كمبريدج


Prifysgol Caergrawnt


Universität Cambridge


Universidad de Cambridge


Université de Cambridge






Universidade de Cambridge


Кембриджский университет



Programs - Undergraduate - University of Cambridge


Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic


Archaeology and Anthropology




Asian and Middle Eastern Studies






Biological and Biomedical Sciences


Chemical Engineering





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