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1 best private schools in Netherlands to get effective education for international students

Education information

Every year more and more foreign students choose studying in the Netherlands as it's a great opportunity to get high-quality primary or secondary education that will help enter world leading universities in the future. SMAPSE experts can reccommend you TOP-5 prestigious private schools in the Netherlands where international students can get prestigious primary and secondary education. Studying in one of 5 best private schools in the Netherlands will give essential knowledge and skills for successful future. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

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Best private schools in the Netherlands for international students

Three quarters of secondary education institutions do not belong to the state: among them are the best private schools in the the Netherlands for foreign students, including the International School of Amsterdam, the Full Force Sports Academy, and Eerde School

International School of Amsterdam (ISA) is an international educational institution that has been successfully operating since 1964:


Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam (11 km from the capital)

Cost of education:

from 20,000 € per year

Students age:

3 to 18 years old

Language of teaching and communication:



The hostel is not provided.

Amsterdam International School is rightfully one of the best private schools not only in the Netherlands, but also in the world. Located in a green park area near the “Amsterdam Forest”, this educational institution combines all the best that every parent can wish to give their children. The architectural composition of the school of Amsterdam consists of several buildings, inside which are located:

  • research laboratories;
  • library;
  • media center and cinema;
  • creative workshops;
  • 2 gyms;
  • equipped playgrounds for playing sports;
  • center of information and computer technology.

All classrooms are equipped with modern technical media devices, but at the same time, the use of gadgets by students is minimized, and it is generally forbidden to bring phones to school.

International private schools in Amsterdam

The ISA school has been holding TOP positions among world leaders in the market of private secondary school education for several decades. ISA graduates receive a prestigious IB international baccalaureate diploma, which paves the way for admission to elite universities in the USA, Great Britain, Canada and any other country in the world. Such his large-scale recognition is explained by the fact that studying here is carried out according to international rather than national Dutch programs.

The entire educational process, communication with other students and teachers takes place in English. In this case, a second foreign language is given to choose from, and it can be either one of the European languages, or Japanese or Chinese.

ISA provides a full cycle of secondary education: you can attend primary, secondary and high school - thanks to this, a child can attend the same educational institution from kindergarten to admission to the university. But it is important to remember that the Dutch school does not provide a campus for living. If we are not talking about moving the whole family, it is better to consider studying here already in high school, when a teenager can feel more comfortable in a hostel or inside a host family.

ISA is known around the world also thanks to the unique atmosphere of cooperation and goodwill that teachers cultivate inside the school. Here, children feel free and protected, because creativity, an individual approach and mutual respect are everywhere encouraged. Fights between schoolchildren, bullying are categorically unacceptable - for the repeated behaviour of this kind of student will inevitably be expelled.

Tuition fees in the Netherlands for international students

The cost of studying at an international school in Amsterdam depends on what class the student will attend:

  • 20,000 € per year is an elementary school;
  • from 22,000 to 23,000 € per year for middle classes;
  • 24,000 € per year to spend on high school education.

Quality education in the Netherlands for foreign students

When entering universities in the Netherlands, students require prior preparation. After devoting a year to the local classes, you can be sure that studying at a Dutch university will no longer be so inaccessible.

Among the best in the Netherlands for students are:

Let us get closer to the activities of one of them.

1. ONCAMPUS Amsterdam is an international institution based at the University of Amsterdam. It is established by the Cambridge Education Group, which has successfully assisted applicants in preparing for admission to higher education institutions since 1952. 

Education for foreign students is a part of the Undergraduate Foundation Program, which lasts 1 year. Students study intensively and, if they successfully complete all classes, are guaranteed to become part of the University of Amsterdam. They have access to the entire infrastructure of the university: for example, to its libraries and computer centers. After studying, you can enter the undergraduate programs in the following areas:

  • politics, psychology, law and economics (PPLE);
  • econometrics and operations research;
  • business and economics;
  • assessment of risks and probabilities.

The program consists of 25 academic hours per week. Students are taught English, economics, mathematics and business disciplines, you can additionally take hours of the Dutch language. Successes are strictly monitored here: they regularly conduct testing so that teachers understand how each student is doing and can adjust their classes in such a way as to maximize the chances of joining the University of Holland.

There are 2 prerequisites for admission to ONCAMPUS Amsterdam:

  • the applicant must be full 17 years old;
  • English should be IELTS 5.0 (5.5 for applicants to PPLE).

The cost of studying is from 17,000 € (without accommodation). To rent a double or single room in Amsterdam can cost from 300 € to 550 € / month, and renting a room in a student hotel costs from 600 € to 950 € / month. Prices are determined by the district of the capital where the apartment is located, as well as its arrangement, modernity and comfort.

To find the best private schools in the Netherlands that meet your requirements, please, contact SMAPSE experts for a free consultation!

Advantages and disadvantages of English schools

Advantages Disadvantages
The opportunity to enter the best universities in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, the world Expensive
High quality of education and academic standards Strong workload
Perfect English after graduation The need to change the social environment; it takes time to adapt
Useful contacts The difficulty of choosing the most suitable school for the child, requires a qualified specialist
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