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9 best private boarding schools in Australia to study quality courses for international students

Education information

It's worth noting that Australia is beautiful and unusual country with it's natural landscapes, the Great Barrier Reef and the world's best waves for surfing. Australian educational system has taken all the best from the British system. That's why, studying at a private school in Australia is very prestigious, convenient and interesting option. Australian private school diplomas are highly valued in world leading universities.

Actually, mild climate allows to study with comfort all year round. Many interesting places are located directly on the coast or near the resort cities. Students can spend theit free time on beach or doing sports.

It's essential to note that family accommodation is especially comfortable for foreign students. It is an excellent chance to get acquainted with culture and traditions of Australia. In addition, Australian schools provide international atmosphere that helps quickly overcome the language barrier and intensively develops communication skills.

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Secondary education in Australia: benefits of studying at private schools for international students

Over the past half century, Australia has become one of the world leaders in secondary and higher education. Today, it's one of the priority directions for foreign students (about 150 thousand children come here to study here every year). All educational institutions of the country are regulated and controlled by the Ministry of Education and meet strict requirements - moreover, all of them must have special state accreditation (Cricos Code). Institutions of the country provide studying at initial, secondary and senior stages. Benefits:

  • Highly quoted all over the world.
  • Lower cost, especially in comparison with the institutions of the USA and Britain
  • High quality of life
  • Prestigious and recognized diplomas
  • Opportunity to enter university or get a job
  • Almost complete absence of crime
  • Clean ecology and good climate

Educational structure at private schools in Australia

There are about 10,000 schools and more than 300 colleges in the country, and the state makes up the vast majority (70%). Private institutions are considered prestigious, have a serious material base and the ability to give each student more attention. Independent schools always have their own residences, where children live in comfortable conditions under the supervision of staff.

By the type of studying the school are divided into joint (for all) or separate (only for boys, or only for girls). The school year schedule differs from the usual for European countries - it starts in late January and ends in early December, usually divided into 4 quarters with short breaks between. There are several steps:

  • Primary school (elementary, 6-12 years old)
  • Junior secondary (second, 12-16 years old)
  • Senior secondary (senior, grades 11-12).

Education takes 12 years. The main disciplines are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social and natural sciences
  • A foreign language
  • Physical activity

Private institutions are flexible and take into account the needs and preferences of each student. Teachers have a high level of qualification and pay maximum attention to the individual characteristics of each student. Children receive comprehensive development - academic, creative, athletic, spiritual and moral. Special centers for supporting foreign students operates there. In addition, there are special events and classes to help foreign students adapt to the lifestyle. Moreover, Australian institutions are distinguished by a wide variety of languages available for study - unlike European institutions, Asian and European languages are equally represented here.

Grading systems for graduates differ in different states, but they mainly consist of the final exams for the overall ranking and for individual sciences. Diplomas are recognized by most countries of the world and offer great opportunities for further development.

Quality courses at best private schools in Australia for foreign students

In addition to educational institutions, there are many professional colleges in the country that offer diploma-level courses and certificates, university preparation and other programs. A wide variety of topics and directions are available here:

  • computer science
  • civil aviation pilot
  • hospitality and tourism and many others.

Private professional colleges present various diplomas and certificates, which can be used as an intermediate link between the school and the university or as a place to receive a blue-collar job.

Advantages and disadvantages of English schools

Advantages Disadvantages
The opportunity to enter the best universities in England, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Europe, the world Expensive
High quality of education and academic standards Strong workload
Perfect English after graduation The need to change the social environment; it takes time to adapt
Useful contacts The difficulty of choosing the most suitable school for the child, requires a qualified specialist
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