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TOP-30 most beautiful camps in Europe and in the world

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TOP-30 most beautiful camps in Europe and in the world

Today, there are many language schools, camps for foreign students abroad. Here, students from all over the world can get a quality education and improve their English proficiency. Children’s language camps abroad offer many opportunities for students: to study a foreign language in an international environment, as well as combine studying with outdoor activities, various sports or creativity.

SMAPSE experts will tell you about TOP-30 best camps abroad, which are located in the most beautiful corners of Europe and annually attract hundreds of thousands of students. All these schools have not only a favorable location, but also excellent facilities and infrastructure, so studying here is a pleasure!

Studying in the most beautiful camps in Europe and in the world for international students 

  • Royal Holloway (England) . One of such vacation schools for children, schoolchildren and adolescents can be called a language camp at the Royal Holloway University, located in London. There are training programs for children from 8 to 17 years old
  • Worth Private School . This is a private boarding school, which accepts children and girls from 11 to 18 years old for training. The advantage of the school is its location - a picturesque village in the county of West Sussex near London
  • Regent Stowe School Summer Camp . Another prestigious British institution, Stowe School, organizes on its territory summer courses lasting 2-5 weeks for students from 7 to 17 years
  • UC Berkeley Summer Camp . Among the most beautiful educational institutions, there are not only British schools - the UC Berkeley camp is based in one of the largest American universities in the city of San Francisco
  • Summer Camp International School of the Algarve . This international camp is located in Portugal. At the International School of the Algarve, both locals and foreigners can study. The school is located in the warmest part of the country, where the coastline reaches 200 kilometers
  • University of California UCLA Summer Camp . The summer language school at the University of California, America is also recognized as one of the best and most popular among foreigners. In the summer months, schoolchildren and teenagers from 11 to 19 years old can receive education here.
  • Ceran Spa Lingua International Summer Camp. Another prestigious school for learning foreign languages is located in Belgium, the city of Spa. Ceran Spa Lingua International Belgium invites students from 9 to 17 years old to study not only English, but also German, French and Danish
  • Cobham Hall International Summer Camp. The next school, which is worth paying attention to, is located in the suburbs of London - the famous boarding school Cobham Hall International, on the basis of which the Emerald Culture Institute summer educational programs are organized for children from 11 to 17 years old
  • OISE York Summer School. OISE York Summer School is one of the summer centers of the language network in England, which is based on the campus of the prestigious Queen Ethelburga's College. The school offers English learning for children 13-17 years old, as well as preparation for Cambridge exams for older students - 14-17 years old
  • Bede's Lancing College Summer School Bede's Center Summer Camp has been held at Lancing College for several years. During the holidays, it accepts children 13-18 years old who can learn the language and spend time actively in sports or creativity
  • Brighton College Summer Camp. This summer school is organized on the basis of one of the most prestigious British educational institutions - Brighton College. Here, children aged 9 to 17 years can study English in combination with interesting programs in art, sports or creative directions
  • St. Georges School Montreux. This is the first private-school English school in Switzerland. The educational institution is located in the resort town of Montreux and invites students from 8 to 17 years to study English or French for summer and annual programs
  • Pickering College Summer Camp. Another prestigious vacation camp accepts students during summer vacations in the Canadian city of Newmarket, Ontario. The summer language program is organized on the basis of Pickering College - one of the oldest and most prestigious in the country.
  • St. Edmund's College Summer Camp . This summer camp is located in the famous British city, which is truly created for study and youth - this is Cambridge. St. Edmund's College is part of the famous Cambridge University and organizes a summer educational program for children aged 14-17
  • Downside School This British school has widespread fame and popularity among students around the world. One of the advantages of this educational institution is the international scientific center for foreigners, which helps children from 11-14 years old to join the British educational system and receive appropriate preparation
  • Georgetown University Summer. This summer camp is a branch of the famous American network of educational centers Converse International School of Languages. Children aged 14-17 years can come to the Georgetown University Summer camp and spend their holidays studying English and other activities
  • Yale University Summer Camp. This vacation language school operates on the basis of one of the most respected and prestigious universities in America - Yale University. The summer program for students 13-17 will allow young schoolchildren and teenagers to immerse in the atmosphere of students and deepen their existing knowledge of the language and academic subjects
  • Bell Bloxham Language School . Another elite language school for international students is located in the suburbs of Oxford. It has an international environment and a friendly atmosphere. Students can take part in the Bell Blockham summer program from 11 years.
  • Rugby School Thames Valley Summer School. This prestigious children's camp is located in the British city of Rugby. Summer language school is perfect for those young people who want to spend an unforgettable vacation, make new friends around the world and significantly improve their command of English
  • Institut Le Rosey Summer Camp . Another beautiful summer school is in Switzerland: the Le Rosey School boarding school accommodates foreign students from 8 to 16 years of age who study French or English, combining this with outdoor activities and leisure
  • Institut Monte Rosa Summer Camp. The Ecole Lemania Summer Camp operates on the basis of this international school in Switzerland, where hundreds of children, schoolchildren and teenagers from 6 to 18 years old come annually. In the international camp, the guys have the opportunity to learn not only English, but also French and German.
  • Surval Montreux. This is one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country, where only girls study. The age of the students is from 11 to 21 years. The campus of the institution is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by peaks of the Alpine mountains
  • Leysin American School. Another prestigious educational institution with a beautiful view is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland - the mountain city of Leysin. In the summer months, children and schoolchildren from 7 to 18 years old come here to study English and French
  • St. Gilgen International School Summer Camp. A high school in Austria, where during the holidays a wonderful camp is organized for children, schoolchildren and teenagers from around the world. Children 9-18 years of age devote time to academic preparation, language learning, as well as active leisure in the bosom of magnificent nature
  • Institut auf dem Rosenberg . This private school is one of the elite and respected educational institutions in Switzerland. The institution offers both year-round programs and vacation education courses. Another advantage of the school is its location - the campus is successfully located among the mountain landscapes near the lake
  • Pratt Institute Summer Camp. Another summer camp is located at an American university in the Brooklyn area, New York: there is simply a huge number of compositions, gardens, cultural objects, park areas, skyscrapers and other interesting architectural objects. High school students from 14 to 19 years old are invited to summer courses at the Pratt Institute
  • ATC University College Dublin. No less interesting holidays await foreign students in Ireland: one of the best summer schools in the country, ATC University College Dublin, is located in Dublin. Here students with different levels of preparation can start learning English
  • Abbey DLD London Summer Camp. Another summer camp is located in the British capital. This is a branch of the well-known educational network Abbey DLD London, which in the summer months conducts educational programs for students 13-18 years old, ranging from general language courses to preparing for international tests (IELTS and others)
  • ATS Summer School Maynooth University. Another international school for learning English abroad is located in Ireland - a language camp at the University of PBX Maynooth University.
  • Schule Schloss Salem International College. This is one of the best colleges in Germany, which is perfect for teaching foreign students. During summer holidays, schoolchildren and teenagers from 10 to 19 come here to immerse in the international environment and learn German.

Tuition fees in children's foreign camps

The price range in the most beautiful schools in Europe depends on the particular educational institution and the country where it is located. So, to study in schools in Britain, students will need about 1000-1500 pounds in one week and 25.000-30.000 thousand pounds for 1 year. In American schools, prices vary between 1500-2000 dollars per week, and European countries - Belgium, France, and so on - for a minimum period of study will require about 700-800 euros.

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