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100 best English language schools and colleges in the USA where foreign students can study advanced English courses

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Every year a great deal of foreign students visit the USA as it's the best country for studying English. SMAPSE offers more than 100 best language schools and colleges where international students can take advanced English courses. It's worth noting that American version of the English language differs from the British one  in terms of vocabulary. SMAPSE experts recommend to study in the USA, first of all, to those who plan to study or work in America or would like to improve their level of the language and feel more confident in the conversation. There is a wide range of language centers and schools offering prestigious and advanced programs and courses of different intensity. 

100 best English language schools and colleges in the USA where foreign students can study advanced English courses

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4 reasons for the popularity of English courses in the United States

Nowadays, English courses in America are becoming more and more popular among foreign students: people who want to enroll in schools or universities (for those who chose to get higher education in the United States) come to learn the English language in the USA (especially the language in its American version) and later find a job in the country.

Studying English in the United States is chosen for the following reasons:

  • Authority of schools and educational centers;
  • Authenticity of the local environment – full immersion into cultural and linguistic environment;
  • Communication in English both in classrooms and outside;
  • Student groups are formed from international students, therefore you can find many new foreign friends.

Advantages of English language courses in TOP-100 American schools

Education received in the United States will be a great competitive advantage of the applicant on the world labor market. Each local educational institution can be proud of modern material base, academic resources, tailor-made educational programs - it's no wonder that they attract huge amount of foreign students from all over the world.

Moreover, foreign students get an opportunity to study English in its American version, be immersed into the modern western rhythm of life. All English courses in the United States provide not only the development of language skills. They help to overcome communication barriers, to “break the ice”. Communication skills received at the courses will be useful to students in their further studies and work.

4 types of English courses at US language schools

US schools and language centers offer general courses presented in this section of the catalogue:

Tuition fees for studying at 100 best US language schools

the cost of language courses depends on the city, school rankings and popularity, and are determined by the type of the courses, their duration, and educational specifics. You can study the language in the United States in a classical school, an international center (combining education with tourism), or living in a teacher's family.

The cost of the courses depends also on the ranking of the educational institution: studying at prestigious schools will cost more, however the guaranteed result will be worth it. Tuition fees vary between 250 – 500 USD per week of education.

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