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TOP-80 American schools and colleges that provide advanced language courses for adults in the USA

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Travelling and improving command of English can be combined at language schools in the USA! A lot of interesting sights are scattered around the country. The United States will not disappoint even the most experienced tourist.

Studying English in the USA has its own features. It differs from British language primarily in terms of vocabulary. In order to study or work in America in the future, it's recommended to study English and choose language schools and courses in the United States. The country has a huge number of language centers, which offer a wide range of high-quality programs.

Due to the list of TOP-80 schools, colleges and universities abroad, you will definitely find the most appropriate option.

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The cost of language courses in the USA

Actually, the cost of language courses in American TOP-80 schools is based on several indicators:

  • Type of programme. An intensive course or individual one is more expensive than a general English course.
  • Place where the school is located. For example, studying in New York or the Southern states of the country will cost more than courses in schools and language centers located in small towns.
  • Season of the course. Highest prices are during New Year holidays, when there are a lot of tourists.

It's important to note that the total amount of expenses includes the cost of living, food and other expenses.

In general, the price for language English courses in America starts from 652 USD to 1 000 USD (this is the price options for standard programs, other types of language courses will cost more). The cost of an individual lesson is around 50 – 100 USD. In addition, these prices do not take into account the budget required to purchase air tickets and visa.

Also, during the low season many schools make discounts for students. So, at this period studying can be organized at reduced price.

English courses in TOP-80 schools and colleges in the USA for international students

Students that have received education in the USA get a great advantage in the world labor market. All modern American institutions can be proud of contemporary high-quality material base and technological infrastructure, academic resources. Practically, the USA attract a huge number of foreign students. Every year American language schools are fully booked by students from around the world.

language courses for adults

Taking studying programme in the USA, there is an opportunity to improve your American English, become immersed into the modern western rhythm of life, and discover new tourist horizons. At US schools and educational centers foreign students are always welcome. Each educational institution provide international multicultural environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Language courses in the United States are not only focused on the development of English skills. They also will help overcome communication barriers. Language courses in the USA can develop communication skills useful in further study and work.

Types of English language programs in the USA

In the United States, there is a great deal of opportunities to study English: language schools exist for every taste. Language schools and centers offer:

  • General English courses (standard, intensive, and individual courses)
  • Specialized programs (business courses, preparation for university, TOEFL exam, etc.).
  • Vacation programs available for children and teenagers
  • International camps

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