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100 best summer language camps in the USA for international students

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Summer holidays in the USA at language camps is a great opportunity for your kid to improve command of English. In addition to the summer season, it is possible to take courses at language schools abroad during other times, for example, in winter, spring or autumn.

During such holidays children can not only improve English skills. As a rule, summer, winter programs are combined with other activities and can include both academic modules and cultural and entertainment programs. Language camps for international students in the United States accept students from all over the world. Some camps even have special family programs that allow children to stay with parents and have fun at language camp at the same time.

Here are useful sections with language camps for kids and students in the USA at different seasons:

In addition, foreign students can enjoy spending autumn holidays at language camps in the UK during the whole autumn.

Main educational institutions are located in different parts of the country. Most often they are based on campuses of prestigious schools and universities. This allows provide foreign students with comfortable living conditions, safe stay in the city.

Most popular children camps are youth English language camps in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Miami. International educational and entertaining centers are available for students of different ages.

At summer camps in the United States children have an opportunity to study new words, develop their skills and simultaneously have a full and memorable vacation including classical excursions and adventure programs. New entertainments are waiting for guests every day!

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Specifics of language camps in the USA

Annually, more than 10 million people take language courses in the USA. There are around 12 000 specialized institutions working in the country.

Language courses abroad are organized in camps of various specializations. In order to choose a camp or a course, SMAPSE highly recommends you to take into account directions of programs:

  • Academic Profile: improve language skills, acquire skills necessary to pass IELTS and TOEFL tests, and prepare to enter American school, etc.
  • Professional profile: focus on studying of a number of core subjects. Studying and leisure time in such institutions motivate foreign students to enter American colleges;
  • Self-development profile: wide range of optional activities, from academic electives to surfing or skiing.

Language Camp in the USA

The cost of language camps in the USA

The cost of language camps in most cases includes a full range of services, such as:

  • curriculum
  • school materials
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • regular excursions and activities
  • sports games
  • transfers (not always included)
  • insurance

Depending on the prestige, location and popularity of the school, the type of accommodation, the price for the whole package of services varies on average from 1 100 USD to 3 000 USD a week.

Don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts at any time as they are always ready to help you and answer all questions.

Top 20 camps of the USA

1 Yale University Summer School
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Camp
3 FLS Harvard STEM Camp
4 Princeton University Summer
5 University of California Summer
6 University of California Summer
7 Columbia University Summer
8 Yale University Summer
9 Shattuck St Mary's School
10 UC Berkeley Summer
11 Princeton University Summer
12 Stanford University Summer
13 CATS Academy Boston
14 Harvard Summer School
15 MIT Summer Camp
16  Yale University Summer
17 CATS Academy Boston
18 Georgetown University Summer
20 University of Pennsylvania Summer


Top 35 UK camps

1 Abbey DLD College London
2 Cambridge University Summer
3 Oxford University Summer School
4 Tottenham Football Camp
5 Chelsea Independent College
6 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
7 Brighton College Summer
8 Cambridge University IT Camp
9 Eton College Summer
10 Regent Stowe School
11 Rugby School Summer Camp
12 Royal Holloway Summer
13 Oxford Royal Academy St. Peter's College
14 Charterhouse School Summer
15 Harrow Summer School
16 Royal Hospital School
17 Pilgrims Harrow School Summer
18 Oundle School Summer Camp
19 Nike Football Camp
20 Rossall School
21 York Queen Ethelburga's Summer School
22 Stonyhurst College Summer
23 d'Overbroeck's College
24 OISE Newbury Hall
25 Bradfield College Summer Camp Pilgrims
26 Imperial College London Summer
27 Downside School
28 Caterham School Our World English Schools
29       Wycombe Abbey School Our World English Schools
30 Dulwich College Summer School
31 Bell Wellington College Summer
32 Imperial College Summer
33 ACS Cobham Summer
34 EC Cambridge
35 Brunel University Summer

Top 9 camps in Scotland

Top 16 camps in Switzerland

Top 5 camps in Austria

Top 10 camps in Spain

Top 10 camps of Canada

Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs Min., $ Average $
Consular fee of the embassy 160 USD 160 USD
Flight (Moscow - New York - Moscow) 700 USD 900 USD
Medical insurance 25 USD 35 USD
Study material 35 USD 75 USD
Delivery of invitations by express mail 55 USD 95 USD
Transfer/Escort 140 USD 200 USD
Additional payment for accommodation per week, during the high season 35 USD 65 USD
Additional payment for tuition per week, during the high season 75 USD 105 USD
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