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TOP-100 American secondary and primary schools in the USA that offer high-quality studying programs and courses for international students

Education information

Secondary school education in the USA gives an opportunity to enter best universities of the world. For foreign students it's possible to start studying in the United States at any age. More often studies in America for international students begin after finishing upper grades. However, doors of private boarding schools are also open for younger students.

International students can get secondary school education in America in one of the two ways:

  • One-year exchange program that allows to enter a public institution (in this case, the official cooperation of the current school and the host educational institution is obligatory, as in most cases your school is willing to pay for your education abroad)
  • Entering private boarding school. Each of the educational institutions of this class is considered to be elite, each of them offer comfortable living conditions and effective education.

Such programs are an excellent preparation for entering institution of higher education. Foreign students can get primary education at public institutions – this option is optimal for children constantly living in America with their parents or relatives.

SMAPSE can help you get discounts, scholarships or grants for studies,. With our professional assistance you will be able to give your child secondary education at private boarding schools and colleges in the United States of America.

You can at any time address to the samples of entrance tests for admission to private boarding schools in the United States, which you can complete in our office without visiting the school.

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Studying at one of TOP-100 primary schools in the USA

The school cycle in the USA lasts for 12 years. The system of elementary school includes pre-school and primary educational institutions. In preparatory class children can study from the age of 5 years old. For foreign students this program is available if the child has a caretaker on the territory of the United States or if he lives in the country with his parents.

secondary education in america

Elementary school provides 5-6-year education. Children are accepted at the age of 6 – 8 years old at primary school. As for the program, it is full of coteries and sport classes available for developing creative skills and physical skills.

Studying at secondary schools in the USA for foreign students

Secondary school is a middle stage of whole education. Studying at one of TOP-100 secondary schools in the USA includes following disciplines: mathematics, English, natural and social sciences, physical education and 1-2 additional elective subjects. According to the statistics, most children choose craft lessons, foreign languages and art.

Studying is profile-oriented. At secondary level, division is held according to abilities. Students who demonstrate success in specific subjects are educated in the corresponding group. They are offered an intensive program with more complex tasks, more information for self-study.

100 best senior schools in the USA for international students

Senior programs are presented in two versions:

1. High School Diploma Program

It is a program lasts for 3 years depending on the student’s language proficiency and his school credits). After graduation students receive a high school diploma. They can further enter American universities.

2. International Baccalaureate program

The International Baccalaureate Program is an internationally acknowledged program that prepares students for universities. The completion of the course opens the doors to the universities of all English-speaking countries in the world.

High School in the USA

Specifics of studying at TOP-100 secondary schools in America

Actually, everyone who plans sending children to study in America wonders: what schools are there in the USA? The system of secondary education in the USA is represented by private and public educational institutions.

Successful studying at secondary level in the United States is practically a 100% guarantee of admission to one of thebest American universities. Studying programs at boarding schools are not cheap. However, competition remains high as the cost is fully justified by the quality of knowledge and opportunities for further academic development.

Public and private secondary schools are distinguished by conditions for studies. At private boarding schools in the United States, children are divided into groups consisting of no more than 15 people. Students independently choose subjects to study. Actually, they make their own schedule of studies. In general, students study each discipline in a new team. It promotes the development of communicative skills.

Middle schools also provide studying basic (compulsory) subjects:

  • computer literacy
  • mathematics
  • social sciences
  • natural sciences
  • English
  • physical education (in the senior classes can be replaced by another chosen sport)

At boarding schools, children are also get deep study of priority subjects. The Advanced Placement program corresponds to the first year of Bachelor's degree. Subjects of the course can be accepted at the university. More information about this you will find in the following sections:

Private schools in America have one more distinctive feature: the educational system gives not only academic theoretical knowledge. Children at American private boarding schools get the way of mastering their knowledge. Students work independently, they learn to search for the necessary information, analyze it and apply it in practice.

At the end of secondary education the SAT exam is to be passed. It consists of 2 levels. The first level includes mathematical, verbal parts. The second one allows to assess the level of knowledge in 3 selected disciplines. SAT-I certificate is sufficient for entering American colleges and universities. Prestigious universities require a SAT-II certificate.

Foreign students can get acquainted with following study directions at American language camps, the most popular specializations are:

Senior Schools in the USA

Tuition fees at 100 best secondary schools in the USA

The cost of studying depends on rating of the school, results of final exams, prestige, and history. Average cost per year is around 40 000 USD – 70 000 USD with curriculum, accommodation and meals.

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Would like to receive information about studying abroad after the 10th grade, ie 11th grade
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Gulnar, it all depends on the selected country, the level of English and the preferred specialization. Our specialist will write you on e-mail.
Hello, what would you need to learn English.? The child wants to study abroad
Smapse LTD
Jeanne, good afternoon! Education in schools is conducted in English. For students who do not speak English sufficiently, there are specialized training programs. We will be happy to advise you in more detail by e-mail / phone. Sincerely, Smaps
Hello! Where can I enter the US at 21 with a green card and all the documents accompanying it? Having a certificate of 9 classes and 3 courses of art school (full course 4 years)! I did not finish my school (I took an academ) - t had to go to the US for a green card! Now I am temporarily in Russia! Thank you in advance for your response!
Manager Smaps
Hello! What is your level of language? And in the USA where exactly do you consider training?
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