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Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp

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Description Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp

Pickering College is a private prestigious coeducational school: it is a boarding school (from the age of 12), and a day school for pupils from 4 to 18 years old. There are several departments that function successfully here:

  • Kindergarten - preschool
  • Junior School - primary school (grades 1-6)
  • Middle School - 8)
  • Senior School - Senior School (grades 9-12).

Pickering College was founded as early as 1842, and since then has been developing basic educational values ​​- philanthropy and a wonderful level of education , The horizons of students. Here each employee seeks to develop students as full-fledged, educated, educated personalities, to disclose their best qualities, abilities and talents, to help them succeed in life and achieve educational, career and personal goals. The curriculum of the school always combines traditional, time-tested methods and the latest technologies and modern methods, innovations. In college, an individual, personal approach is practiced - so the abilities and talents of students develop most quickly and harmoniously, the physical, creative, spiritual and academic potential is revealed. Graduates not only have an excellent level of knowledge - they are able to think creatively, critically and analytically, work effectively independently and in a team, adapt easily to new conditions, perfectly meet people and make new acquaintances.

In 1909, Pickering College settled in a spacious building in Newmarket: Ontario, just 45 kilometers north of Toronto (the road usually takes up to 35 minutes). Newmarket is a quiet, quiet city with a total population of 87,000 people, with a common urban infrastructure, a sufficient number of entertainment and shopping centers, sports facilities, cultural and historical monuments, restaurants and bars, and medical service centers.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp

Program name

Junior school (from 1 to 6 class).

It is especially important for young schoolchildren to be motivated by personal achievements, to instill interest in learning, to show them that the learning process can be dynamic, interesting and positive, conducted in the form of an exciting game. In one class, 16-18 pupils are usually engaged, a list of subjects that are compulsory for studying, is as follows:

  • Art
  • Physical Education and Health
  • English and French
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Geography
  • History.

Also, several subjects are optional - these disciplines are chosen by the student independently, being guided by their interesting and inclinations (the older the student becomes, the more electives in his schedule). Training in addition to academic studies includes a large number of sports games and competitions, creative and musical lessons, theater productions and exciting excursions.

Secondary school (grades 7 to 8).

Compulsory subjects are the same, but the number of electives is optional. For the training of adolescents, a research, integrated approach is used: students perform a large number of projects and studies, thereby effectively improving the skill of critical and rational thinking. Actively used modern interactive technology, innovations, new technologies.

Senior classes (from 9 to 12 classes).

In addition to the compulsory for all subjects, each student adds to his curriculum additional disciplines that will be useful for his admission to the university or higher school. For high school students, several courses are prepared - they can be devoted to the humanities or mathematics, the science block, foreign languages, culture or business. For example, participants in the course of the Social Sciences and Humanities attend the following classes:

  • The World History
  • Studying the media
  • Geography
  • Communication Technology
  • Functions and Relationships
  • Policy
  • A family
  • Sociology and some others.

Successful completion of the school is the receipt of the Ontario Secondary Education Diploma, with which the student can qualify for a place in the rating university of Canada, the United States or Europe. It should be noted that in addition to qualitative passing of exams and good marks for obtaining a diploma, it will take 60 hours to work on public works - this condition is mandatory for all graduates.

This course is recognized and has long and successfully been conducted all over the world, including in Canadian educational institutions. This program effectively develops the leadership qualities of each student, teaches to think globally, look at things and problems more widely, work in a team and help society, tolerate and understand other nationalities, cultures, countries. Students of this program often participate in student exchange programs, studying in Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe (China will soon join the list of countries). The diploma of graduates contains the item about training on this program (The Global Leadership Diploma).

Enrolled in this course, foreign students from 12 to 16 years will spend up to 4 months in Canada, studying the local nature, art, culture and traditions. The program is held from September to December or from January to April - you can choose the most convenient time for yourself to learn.

The Experience Canada Program includes academic studies in the college, a large number of sightseeing trips and travel: this is the best option for those students who not only want to improve their language skills, but also want to spend time and experience interestingly and profitably, meet new friends, learn more about Canada.

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from 7 600 $CAD / 4 week

Pickering College offers an upscale camp for students aged 12 to 18 who want to practice English while enjoying the scenic views of Canada! A unique program combines training with summer holidays in Canada, as well as balanced educational programs with exciting day and evening activities.

In summer the school organizes effective ESL (English as a Second Language) courses: the duration is 4 weeks, students from all over the world can enter from 12 to 18 years, regardless of the initial level of knowledge and language.

Academic groups consist of 15 people, the intensity of studies is quite high - 25 lessons per week. Each pupil lives in a common comfortable residence: in his spare time, preferably also communication in English, which is facilitated by a diverse and rich extra-curricular leisure program.

Upon arrival, students are tested at the level of English and distributed to the appropriate groups. The curriculum is focused on the needs of students. The summer program focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

Students are expected to take mini-golf, climbing, bowling, various shows and parties, as well as exciting excursions: to a large amusement park, a visit to CN (Toronto), Niagara Falls and others.

Program dates:

  • 4-week sessions:

Session 1: from June 25 to July 21, 2016:

Session 2: from July 23 to August 18, 2016:

  • 3-week session:

July 1 - July 21, 2016

Included in the price:

  • 25 hours of study per week
  • TOEFL Junior Test
  • 24 hours a day supervising students
  • Accommodation
  • Meals during the day
  • Medical insurance
  • Report Card & Certificate of Completion
  • Transfer from / to the airport
  • Sporting events
  • All accompanied trips and extracurricular programs

Additional Costs:

$ 200 CAD refundable deposit

* Price 5500 $ is available only when registering for the course before January 1, 2017.

Accommodation and food

On a boarding school basis, students from 12 years and over (from the 7th grade) can live: boys and girls live separately (in different buildings). In the cozy bedrooms, a student is accommodated in two, in general use in the hostels are TV and laundry - there is a family, quiet, warm atmosphere, so that from the first day of the students feel almost at home.

In each residence, common activities are constantly held: this is the best way to get to know new friends, to rally, to get useful knowledge and experience. Here we regularly hold joint breakfasts, lunches and dinners, study assignments with teachers, walks and picnics, excursion trips. Also for students prepared special classes that develop useful household skills and knowledge: how to effectively and quickly clean the room, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to find a common language with a stranger, how to plan your time and finances, how to train with less time and expenses. Etc.

A state-of-the-art security system and a first aid station are working 24 hours a day.

In the general dining room of Pickering College on weekdays (Monday to Friday), students enjoy a delicious, balanced, varied meal; On the weekends, a brunch (late breakfast or early lunch) and dinner are organized.

  • Breakfast (7: 30-8: 00) is a hot snack (change according to the day of the week), fruits and yogurt, cereal flakes, tea and coffee, toast and fresh juice.
  • Lunch is a minimum of 2 hot dishes to choose from (one usually vegetarian), 2 types of soup, a large number of different salads and sandwiches. In normal times, students lunch with teachers at the same table, and high school students visit buffet lunches twice a week, like a buffet table.
  • Dinner is a rich variety of hot dishes and salads prepared with seasonality of fruits and vegetables (most often used products of local producers - they are more natural and fresh, not frozen and canned).

A separate diet is provided for students with special medical prescriptions: allergy sufferers, gluten disease, diabetes mellitus. Schoolchildren can also have a snack in the school buffet during the break between classes.

Subjects and sport

Subjects list: anthropology, art, art, Bases of legislation, biology, business, chemistry, Computers, drama, economics, English, geography, German, history, Leadership and impact on staff, maths, music, philosophy, physics, physiology, policy, sociology, Spanish, Telecommunications
Events list: Athletics, badminton, basketball, Dramatic circle, Drawing on canvas, fitness, football, horseback riding, mountaineering, Music room, Photostudio, skating, skiing, Snowboarding, swimming, table tennis, volleyball, yoga,  Mountain bike

Events Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp

In their free time, the students will not get bored: there are always interesting and exciting events on the Pickering College campus. As a rule, senior students take patronage over the younger, help them organize holidays and parties, encourage participation in all activities. Such mentoring perfectly develops tolerance, communication skills, leadership skills.

Pupils of grades 4-12 may be elected representatives in the Student Committee (Junior or Senior), attend various clubs, clubs and interest sections, for example:

  • Art Council
  • Youth Action Organization
  • Sports Council
  • Internal Committee
  • Committee of the Hostel Residence Life Committee, only for student boarders, etc.

Often, as a leisure activity, the school organizes a variety of charity marathons, tricks in intercultural format, holidays and sports, games, matches. Students especially like to participate in sports activities: it develops the ability to work in a team, strengthens character and discipline, accustoms to achieve goals and fulfill commitments, not to mention the improvement of physical fitness. At the end of each sports season (according to the seasons), conducts a large Athletic Banquet (separately for the senior and junior school): the best teams and athletes are awarded here, which is an excellent motivation for the competition.

In autumn, students often practice equestrian sports and football, play volleyball and basketball, run crosses, and master figure skating. In winter, ice skating and hockey, basketball and volleyball, skiing and snowboarding, swimming are the most popular. In the spring, the sections of equestrian sport, track and field athletics, soccer and softball are very popular, students start tennis and badminton classes, play rugby. The sports team of the college often arranges friendly games with the teams of other schools: this is the best way to demonstrate their skills and skills and bring their team victory by sharing joy with like-minded people.


51 professional teachers work in the college: most have academic degrees and continue their education, training, constantly improve their academic and academic qualifications. Twice a year the college is inspected by the Ministry of Education of the province, actively working in the National Association of Independent Schools of Ontario.

Equipment Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp

The total area of ​​the Pickering College campus is a whole campus! - is approximately 16.8 hectares (42 acres). There is a modern sports infrastructure for students: 3 football fields, a baseball field, badminton fields, 2 modern, fully equipped gymnasiums, and a large ice arena.

The college is located in Rogers House - it's a spacious three-story building in the center of the campus: there are classrooms, a library with computer equipment, a spacious assembly hall where students gather every morning. In the common lounge (The 40s Student Lounge) you can meet and chat with your friends, work together on general educational projects or research. In a separate building there is a dining room, decorated with works of art from the college's own collection, as well as the flags of countries that the students represent.

A separate building - New House - includes the Center for Student Life (the focus of community leaders, clubs, sections and circles), a modern health center with a constantly on-call nurse (round the clock), own radio station 102.7 CHOP FM, Students. Also in the building is a men's residence for students staying at the boarding house. The women's residence is located in another building - Firth House.

The Hilltop Shop operates on the campus, providing students with a wide range of essential goods, as well as the Bookstore bookstore: you can buy all the necessary benefits, books and materials, and at the end of the school year, sell them back.

The central entrance to Rogers House is decorated with 4 columns: this is 4F - Faith, Freedom, Friendship, Fun, which are the basic principles of schooling and the main values.


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Pickering College Pickering College School and Summer Camp reviews

Hello. please tell me how you can cooperate with me if I am a citizen of Belarus.
Good afternoon! Do you mean admission to an educational institution? Yes, through us it is possible to enter the educational institution in spite of your location, documents can be sent by e-mail to
 David Svetlov

I went from Smapse in the summer to language courses in Canada. Vacations with learning English were an old dream.

Now I want to go to the Canadian university. Now I draw up the necessary documents with the help of Smapse consultants. At the same time I am preparing for the language exam for admission to the course. I want to say thanks to the project for fulfilling the dream.

Thanks for the positive feedback! We hope you enjoy studying in Canada!

Recommendations on when to apply

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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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