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TOP-10 sports scholarships in USA: admission to American schools, universities

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TOP-10 sports scholarships in USA: admission to American schools, universities

During many years American universities have been sponsored sport teams, invited professional coaches, successful athletes to develop sports programs in many ways. It also have helped to increase reputation of American educational institutions: if a university team gains regional or even nationwide success in competitions, the media will cover its development. For this reason, US universities provide excellent sports infastructure and have an opportunity to give full scholarships that cover tuition fees. 

Sports scholarships in USA are much more common than in other countries. Students participate in sports tournaments with a school/college/university team. 

Main features of sports scholarships in USA

Sports in USA is held in a very high level, because young athletes, thanks to their achievements, can get a lot of funding from academic institutions and study for free. Colleges and universities in the United States provide a complete combination of sports and education.

Sports courses in the USA are offered in the form of a discount on education, covered up to 100% of the costs. A sports scholarship is a funding allocated from a number of schools or universities for athletes.

How to get a sports scholarship in the USA?

Students wishing to apply for a sports discipline must first be approved by a college or university to meet the general requirements for applicants:

  • All foreign applications must be high school graduates.
  • International students must take TOEFL or IELTS, even if they spent a year in an American high school or passed other similar tests, such as CAE / FCE. Sports units also often require SATs for applicants. The purpose of academic tests is to assess the level of proficiency in English and mathematics.
  • High grades can be taken to college, can increase the size of the scholarship.
  • Applications must include photos and videos of the athlete.

Usually, coaches plan to make a team in advance, so you need to submit an application at least 6 months before the planned registration. 

Scholarships are divided into:

  • scholarships for students from 10 to 19 years
  • scholarships for students from 17 to 24 years


US Student Scholarship Requirements

  • Age requirements - applicants must be 17-24 years old, study no longer - 5-6 semesters, since most scholarships are available only for bachelors.
  • An ideal candidate begins studying in the United States immediately after graduating from high school, and he has the right to study for 4 years.
  • Scholarships are not awarded every year, so you need to study in advance to clarify the list of sports included in the list of scholarships for next year.
  • When applying, young people include information on the competitiveness and history of the player, his strengths, sports skills, so those declared in sports form must be detailed.

US Scholarship Application Preparation

  • Consultation with a professional sports coach to get an assessment of abilities
  • Choose a university that matches the student 's needs and priorities
  • Create a sports portfolio
  • Correct registration, preparation for the required tests (SAT, TOEFL)
  • Comparison of scholarship conditions of various universities
  • Submission of applications to the selected university
  • Preparation of visa applications, purchase of insurance.

How do students study?

An important aspect of the learning process is an open team spirit. Many college graduates perform in the professional sports arena. Many coaches receive rewards or guarantee success in their commands.


TOP-10 US Sports Scholarships

  • Notre Dame Football Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards for American football players. Financial assistance fully covers tuition fees.
  • Men's Basketball Scholarship in Kentucky. John Calipari, one of the best NCAA head coaches, works here. Students-athletes are available only 13 scholarships.
  • The Wake Forest Men's Football Scholarship is one of the best football programs in the country.
  • The State Ice Hockey Scholarship in the State Cloud is a hockey scholarship that offers one of the main hockey schools in the country. St. Cloud State offers many sports for ice hockey: from 750 $ to 5,000 $ depending on the ACT ranking and the GPA total score. Unlike the aforementioned scholarships, this program is more focused on comprehensively developed athletes.
  • Alabama Football Scholarship is a prestigious sports team sponsoring a football team. Working with the legendary coach Nick Saban helps develop the quality of a winner not only on the field, but also for life.
  • Stanford University Volleyball Fellowship - financial assistance for women volleyball players. The school takes 67th place in the women's volleyball of the first division, is in the top in terms of SAT and ACT.
  • Duke Men's Basketball Scholarship is the top basketball program. Getting scholarships for the Duke's Men basketball club is a guarantee of the best funding for the club.
  • Louisiana State Men's Baseball Scholarship - Helping Young People Striving for a Baseball Career LSU has grown a lot of talent. MLB and professional athletes, but the company offers different types of scholarships, including non-professional athletes.
  • The University of Florida Softball Scholarship is a well-known sports discipline, all state players, MVPs, four-year starting players for their high school team.
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