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TOP-10 schools for international students to study hotel business and tourism abroad

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TOP-10 schools for international students to study hotel business and tourism abroad

In recent years, the world economy has a pronounced tendency: one of the most dynamic and progressive branches of business is tourism and hotel business. Only over the last 30-40 years, its expansion has been at least 4% - and analysts are predicting continued progress and further development of the industry.

Accordingly, this growth is accompanied by an inevitable deficit of qualified, professional personnel - and almost every year in the world, new universities, colleges and higher schools are opening and preparing students in tourism and hotel business. Such schools are quite popular - graduates can very quickly find a job in their specialty (they often get job offers before they get a diploma!). They claim high positions, have opportunities for rapid career growth and salary increase. 

If you want to join this professional world, the question of choosing the best higher school or university is coming up. What is an ideal institution? 

SMAPSE experts have compiled TOP-10 world's schools and universities ranking that prepare professionals in the field of hotel and tourist business. The ranking is based on the data of Amazon and the marketing organization TNS (Taylor Nelson Sofres).

Founded in 1893, nowadays, the school offers education in the areas "Tourist Business and Hospitality Technologies", "Banking", "Marketing", " Consulting ", etc. The term of study for undergraduate programs is a standard 4 years (theoretical studies, internships and internships).

Admission requirements:

  • Age from 18 years old
  • Certificate of secondary (school) education
  • Motivation letter
  • Certificate of sufficient command of English (TOEFL, IELTS or equivalents.)

The cost of studying is approximately 103,000 Euros for 4 years, registration fee - 150 Euros.

The strongest educational player in the world market: Glion's graduates annually select more than 100 international organizations and companies. Working practice and internships are compulsory for all students - they are complemented by theoretical lectures and master classes.

Glion offers a fairly wide range of programs:

  • preparatory courses
  • Bachelor's degree
  • Master's degree
  • Postgraduate education (for example, MBA)
  • Short courses
  • Long-term programs

Key areas are restaurant service and hotel business, but there are a lot of related qualifications.

The hotel management school, which is a part of the prestigious and famous Cornell University, specializes in hospitality: bachelor's, master's and postgraduate courses, short-term professional courses and advanced programs, special preparation for entering schools, colleges and universities abroad.

A Bachelor's course will cost $ 47,000, Master's and postgraduate courses start at $ 21,000 (the price for the entire course).

  • Hotelschool in the Hague (The Netherlands)

In 1929, the hotel business school was founded in the Hague. Today, it ranks in the TOP-10 best in the world. The basic programs - Bachelor's degree (3 or 4 years) in the sphere of "Hotel business management". If a student has taken preparation courses and a high level of English proficiency (all programs are conducted exclusively in English), an accelerated course (2 years) is possible. The price for 1 academic year is 11,845 Euros.

The world-famous high school is an example of an excellent combination of Swiss quality standards and Spanish hospitality, a high tourist culture. Education is conducted in English. Following the Swiss standards, each student must pass a professional internship (paid, the duration is usually 6 months). Bachelor's course lasts 4 years and costs about 16 thousand euros for each semester (half-year).

  • Hotel School Vatel (France)

Compulsory internship and constantly updated programs that best meet the requirements of the modern business world are the secret of success High School Hotel School Vatel. Education is conducted in English. A Bachelor's degree can be obtained for 3 years, the cost of 1 academic year is 11,800 euros.

The classic Oxford program is a Master's program: courses for managers in the sphere of hotel and tourist business. But the Bachelor's program is also available here - it takes 4 years and costs 11,900 Pounds Sterling for each academic year. A Master's program will cost 12,660 Pounds Sterling per year.

A legendary school that offers professional programs not only in the hotel and travel business, but also in the art of cooking, confectionery and sommelier craftsmanship. This is the only school in Switzerland that received the certificate of quality of the World Tourism Organization. Undergraduate studies (general course - 3 years) will cost from 16,750 euros for the academic year, magistracy is more expensive - from 17,850 euros per year.

The flagship of the educational organization Swiss Education Group is a world model and a reference point for other educational institutions offering education in the field of hospitality, hotel and tourism management. Employees of the world's leading companies visit The Swiss Hotel Management School twice a year: many students receive proposals for internships or work even before the diploma is received, they have an opportunity to establish useful business contacts. The cost of studying a Master's course (1-2 academic years) starts from 29,000 euros.

Another member of the Swiss Education Group - Hotel Institut Montreux (HIM) and a high school IHTTI School of Hotel Management . The institutions cooperate with LesConcierges (premium class concierge services) and HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates (the leading company in the design of hotel interiors and in the hospitality industry) - this enables students to learn from the best, to learn from the brightest examples in the modern industry.

Programs at the Hotel Institut Montreux (HIM) are built on the principle of "Swiss quality and hospitality + American management model". The main specialties (in addition to the hotel, restaurant business, of course) are the management of personnel and resources, marketing and finance.

The cost of the Bachelor course at the IHTTI School of Hotel Management starts from 26500 euros (takes 3 years), Master's degree - from 29,200 euros in a year. To study at the Hotel Institut Montreux (HIM) in a Bachelor's degree (3 years) will cost from 15,500 euros for each year, and you can get a Master's degree in 1-2 years, the price is from 38,500 euros.

An additional institution to our TOP-10 - but it would be wrong to keep silent about Ecole Hôtelière de Genève. The Specialized Higher School in Geneva offers effective, balanced, modern Bachelor and Master programs. The cost of the academic year here starts from 15,000 euros.

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