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IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management

Address:  Avenue de la Gare 15, 2000 Neuchâtel,

Description IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management

Switzerland is a country where the French, German, Italian and Romansh languages ​​are recognized as state, only a small part of the population speaks it. And those who know the other three languages ​​plus English, it will not be difficult at all to get an education in local universities.
Switzerland has higher education institutions, popular throughout Europe. Especially prestigious here is the acquisition of specialties in the field of exact sciences, information and communication technologies.
This country is extraordinarily comfortable for living and teaching: a pleasant climate, a high standard of living and security, a calm environment, a friendly population attracts to Switzerland those who prefer Life is predictable, comfortable and measured.

The level of Swiss service has become the world standard, and it is here that people from all over the world come to get an elite education in local schools of the hotel industry.

The convenient location of Switzerland in the center of Europe allows you to visit neighboring countries in your spare time.

IHTTI School of Hotel Management in Neuchâtel

Neuchâtel is a city located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. IHTTI School of Hotel Management, located on the shore of the largest lake in the country, which bears the same name as the city, is located here.

This is one of the very first schools of hotel industry, founded in 1984. Neuchatel is a university town with a rich history, it is an hour's drive from Geneva and two hours from Zurich. In the city there is something to see: the famous ancient castle, paved with stone streets. It often hosts holidays - festivals of wine, concerts of street musicians.

You can also choose any sport in this city: football, windsurfing, sleigh rides, tennis, and much more.

IHTTI School of Hotel Management is a member of the Association of Schools of Hotel Management and Other Organizations , Considered prestigious in this area. To take leading positions among such schools to the school allows twenty years of experience, modern equipment, close cooperation with one of the prestigious British universities Bournemouth University, high qualification of the teaching staff, rich opportunities for student internships that are paid, as well as a convenient location on the territory of the famous Swiss hotel Eurotel .

The program of study at IHTTI School of Hotel Management
The study lasts 3 years and includes 4 academic academic semesters. Each of them lasts 5 months, or 18 weeks. An additional 2 semesters with a duration of 4 to 6 months is a paid practice in Switzerland or in another country. Another 6 weeks are given to students to write a dissertation.

There is another accelerated version - a 5-month academic semester and 6 weeks for a thesis.

There are 40 hours for study per week. All classes are held on the basis of Eurotel. The language of instruction is English.

What is required from the entrants:

  • the age of 18 years;
  • secondary school leaving certificate with successful grades;
  • English test results -IELTS 5.0; TOEFL 500. It is also possible to pass the test according to the IHTTI's own program.

An important moment for those who enter the accelerated training at the IHTTI School of Hotel Management

If a student enters the accelerated program immediately and misses the Certificate, Diploma and Swiss Higher Diploma programs, the requirements for it are slightly different:

  • IELTS level - 5.5,
  • TOEFL - 525;

there should be experience in tourism or the hotel business.


In the first two years of study, the internship takes 4 to 6 months after the end of the academic semester. Students work in hotels and restaurants in Switzerland, getting a good salary. In the third year, students are already on probation for 2 semesters, each lasting 5 months, or 18 weeks.

Here are the data on earnings during practice: after deductions for taxes, food, accommodation and insurance, the net balance is 1,168 - 1,450 francs per month. Assistance to students in finding work during the internship is free.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management

Program name


Students who successfully completed the 45-week academic course and completed the 2-semester practice, that is, they mastered the programs Certificate, Diploma, Swiss Higher Diploma

Those who apply for accelerated BA DEGREE training without initial training at IHTTI present the results of the English language test: IELTS from 5.5 and TOEFL - 525. It is also advisable to provide a certificate of Experience in this field.

This program was developed with the participation of the British university Derby, which is a partner of the school. In the UK, this university is the 4th in the rating of educational institutions for hotel management and tourism.

The graduates of the program receive BA (Hons) Degree diploma in the direction of International Hospitality and Design Management.

Bachelor of Arts

Specialty: International Hospitality and Design Management.

Subjects studied by students

1 semester (5 months) [ 999.30]

  1. Catering: restaurant service and work of the kitchen:
  • development and design of the menu;
  • hygiene rules;
  • how to cook food and drinks;
  • serving and decorating the table.

2. Catering: practical skills in a restaurant.
3. Public catering: control of pricing and management.
4. Fundamentals of Accounting.
5. Introduction to hospitality and tourism.
6. Application of information technology.
7. Career development rules, staff development.
8. French, German or Spanish.

At the end of the semester - practical paid work in restaurants and hotels of the country or abroad (4 - 6 months).

2 semester (5 months)

1. Hotel management: planning, analysis, control.
2. Management of hotel staff.
3. Hotel services.
4. Service of banquet.
5. The initial course of design.
6. Application of audiovisual technologies.
7. Fundamentals of marketing.
8. Finance.
9. Hospitality: management and communications.
10. French or German.
At the end of the semester - practical paid work in restaurants and hotels of the country or abroad (4 - 6 months).

3 semester (5 months)

1. Services: management and marketing.
2. Management and personnel management.
3. Promotion of the product and brand.
4. Management accounting.
5. Evaluation and research.
6. Logistics.
7. Interior design.
8. Design and management in tourism and hotel industry.
9. Use of web design.
10. French or German.

4 semester (5 months)

  • Studying the business strategy.
  • Study of personnel management.
  • Design and Technology: Innovation.
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship : Ways of development.
  • Research of consumer behavior.
  • Project management.
  • Independent research.

Accommodation and food

Students are provided with accommodation for students:

  • Standard single or double rooms with telephone, Wi-Fi, in-room amenities
  • Deluxe rooms with all standard options, and cable and satellite TV;
  • Superior Deluxe rooms - To the previous options is added a mini fridge, DVD player, HiFi music system. The rooms of this class often have a balcony with a beautiful view of Lake Neuchatel. The hotel staff makes weekly cleaning of the room, change of bed linen and towels.

On weekdays students eat on full board, on weekends - lunch and dinner in one of the restaurants of choice: Fashionista cafeteria or Luxus. A vegetarian table or a special menu is available.

Subjects, specialties

Subjects list: Audiovisual technologies, Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality & Design Management, Banquet service, Bookkeeping, Career development, personnel development, Control of pricing, management, Design, management in the field of tourism, Evaluation and research, finance, French, German, Hotel business, Hotel business: planning, analysis, Hotel management, Hotel management: management, communication, Hotel services, Information Technology, Interior Design, Management Accounting, Management and personnel management, Management of hotel staff, Master of International Business in Hotel & Design Management, Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel & Design Management, Principles of marketing, Product and brand promotion, Restaurant service and kitchen, Services: management, marketing, Spanish, Use of web design, Working skills in a restaurant,  Initial design course,  logistics

Events IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management

The tuition fee includes two excursions per semester. One of them is practical with the placement of restaurants and hotels. The other is cognitive, accompanied by a guide. International evenings, sporting events are often arranged.

Equipment IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management

IHTTI School of Hotel Management offers to its students:

  • 11 classrooms equipped with the latest technology;
  • a cozy student lounge for relaxation;
  • a recreation room where there is a TV, a vending machine with drinks, video;
  • computer Class with Internet access;
  • library;
  • evening bar for students, open from Tuesday to Sunday;
  • gym, working all week;
  • Wi-Fi in all school premises. [ 999.18]

Throughout the time, students are trained in practice, performing in a variety of roles, ranging from bartenders and chambermaids and ending with managers of major conferences. The concept of education at this school is such that everyone should know the entire scope of the hotel industry in the smallest detail - after all, graduates will organize this work themselves and control it. They not only train highly skilled managers, but also train them to generate their own creative ideas and implement them. At the end of the diploma Bachelor of Arts - Bachelor of Arts.

Term dates and fees


Semesters of the year 2014:

1st: 03. 02. 2014 - 06. 06. 2014;

2nd: 01. 09. 2014 - 24. 01. 2015.

Semesters 2015 [ 999.20] years :

1st: 02.02.2015 - 05.05.2015;

2nd: 07.09.2015 - 29.01. 2016.

for the subsequent years of the date are approximately the same.

Tuition and accommodation prices (in Swiss francs) in 2014-2015

1 semester Swiss certificate in Food & amp; Beverage:

  • winter 2014 - 25,700,
  • from autumn 2014 - 26,250.

2 semester Swiss Diploma in International Hotel Operations Management:

  • winter 2014 - 25,700;
  • from the fall of 2014 to 26,250.

3 semester Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel & amp; Design Management:

  • winter 2014 - 25,700;
  • from the fall of 2014 to 26,250.

4 semester BA (Hons) Degree Program:

  • winter 2014 - 26700;
  • from the autumn of 2014 to 27250.

Surcharge for accommodation (1 semester)


  • winter 2014 - 2700;
  • from the fall of 2014 - 2 850.

Deluxe double:

  • winter 2014 - 1 800;
  • from the autumn of 2014 - 1 900.

Deluxe single:

  • winter 2014 - 3 800;
  • from the autumn of 2014 - 3 950.

The cost of tuition and accommodation includes:

  • lessons for the selected program;
  • use of study materials;
  • accommodation in a double standard room;
  • meals - full board on weekdays and half board on weekends
  • ]
  • using the Internet;
  • classes in the gym;
  • participate in 2 excursions per semester;
  • help in finding a restaurant or hotel for practice;
  • student card;
  • ]
  • student's form.

Additional payment (in Swiss francs):

  • registration fee at school - 350,
  • compulsory school deposit - 1500. Upon completion of studies, the insurance is deducted from this amount - 125 francs per month.

] Additional costs, which are also mandatory:

3500 for 1 semester; 2800 for the 2nd and 3rd semester.

  • They include:
  • student card;
  • form;
  • textbooks;
  • ticket for travel;
  • 2 excursions
  • Internet;
  • insurance;
  • taxes;
  • sports hall.

Also payable are:

  • admission to the training program;
  • consular fee at the embassy;
  • cancellation insurance (optional) - 390 per term;
  • medical insurance for obtaining a visa - 35 euro per semester,
  • transfer from the Geneva airport - 275 one way;
  • delivery of documents by express mail companies - 195,
  • bank charges,
  • air travel,
  • visa services and translation of documents.

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

Required documents, depending on the type of institution:

camp / language school
  • copy of 1 page
  • certificate of language proficiency (if any)
private school, boardinghouse
  • copy of the 1 Pages of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school report card with grades for the last 2-4 years (depending on the school)
  • school registration form
  • recommendation letters from Teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and a class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal
  • Testing for knowledge of mathematics, language, other subjects
  • Interview with a representative of the school (possibly in person or by Skype)
  • Literacy, awards, student personal achievements (if any)
  • motivation letter (not for all schools)
  • passport size photo (depending on the school from 1 to 12 pcs)
  • medical certificate of the general health of the child , Discharge of vaccinations
  • birth certificate of the schoolboy (s)
  • copy of the page 1 passport of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school certificate for the bachelor, diploma of Higher education for the master
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and the class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal / dean
  • certificates, awards, personal achievements of the student (if any)
  • motivation letter / personal statement
  • interview with a representative of the institution


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

IHTTI School of Hotel Management School of Hotel Management reviews

Daria N.

Awesome level from and to: starting from equipment in classes and ending with internships - this quality cannot be found not only in Russia, but as it seems to me, in no other country at all.

I wanted to get an education in the field of hotel service in Switzerland at once: without offending such educational mastodons like America and England, I think that it is here that this area is most developed. Switzerland itself is a rich and prosperous country, which means it can ensure a truly high international level. I calculated all the expenses, I passed on the language certificate (my training is in English), and my documents were accepted the first time.

Practically all the training goes, if not immediately to practice, then within a couple of weeks you will still work out the theory on an internship or working hours. This is convenient: not only is it that everything is remembered many times better (by living examples), and internships are paid by themselves. I can’t say that it directly pays for the cost of IHHTI (education in Switzerland is not cheap, I’ll say right away), but it is enough for current everyday expenses, so-called pocket money unloads. Absolutely all students, any directions - everyone trains in real conditions: at the reception desk, booking service, event department, and even at the maid service and restaurants. Specifically, I like the fact that no one gates to work: considering the status of the university, it could be assumed that there will be solid rich scions of hotel empires, but in reality everything is different: people who know what sacrifices and labors are involved go for the sake of the profession and are ready to plow for three. Personally, I like this approach, I myself pursue the same goals.

Powerful teaching staff: all the practices, a lot of cases and real life situations: right on the pair they can say "I had such and such a moment, how would you solve this question?" We sit, discuss everything, then the teacher says how everything was decided then, and again we analyze the causes / consequences, etc.


I study at the baccalaureate in IHTTI School of Hotel Management , and my trip was organized by Smapse company - I was very pleased why I am writing this review.

Even when I was in Russia, I thought of getting an education abroad: the prestige of the diploma can not be compared, and the quality and comfort conditions are generally beyond praise. Sam sat on the Internet, read reviews, consulted with friends - in the desire to strengthen, but had no idea how to organize it all. I recommend everyone not to lose time and turn to educational agents - believe me, this is not money for the wind, it's the contrary, significant savings. Smaps, among other things, was bribed by the fact that they work as official representatives, and do not take money as intermediaries.

I was quickly picked up by the university - where else can I study hotel business, as in Switzerland ? Level of education, of course, heaven and earth - with a Russian (albeit Moscow) university, where I studied for one and a half courses, do not compare. I look forward to the first internship (by the way, they are obligatory here for everyone, and it will not work out as we do in practice) - I want to try everything I learned in practice! Of course, it was difficult to enter: I had to pull up English very quickly (I needed a certificateIELTS ), but then again I was picked up for quick training in Smalls (held in London): in just a few weeks, I knew everything about IELTS and passed it even better than I had expected.

Thanks to the company, I'm very pleased with working with Smapse! Now, when my friends and acquaintances ask me, I will be able to recommend this company.

Feedback-interview about training in the IHTTI school of hotel management

Study in Switzerland: Every day is an inspiring experience

Any country is a special mentality, culture, natural landscape, standard of living. Each country is suitable for its resident. As well as a particular university - his student. Permyachka Alexandra Pyshmintseva always knew for sure that she would not study in her native city, but at least in the capital, or better still abroad. Somewhere out there, in a big metropolis, at an international university, she saw herself surrounded by interesting people, events, ideas. The girl's dream came true. In on-line correspondence Alexander agreed to briefly tell our readers about her studies in "Swiss School of Hotel Management IHTTI »:

- How did you end up in Switzerland? By what principle did I choose the educational programs?

- When I was in the last grades of the school, I was fortunate enough to become a participant of the UN conference in Geneva. From this trip, and began my thoughts about studying in Switzerland. After a series of real meetings with different people, living, studying and working in this country, I realized that I would like to get an education there: I was endlessly attracted by travel, new experience, communication and promising areas of service. So I realized thatThe hotel business is what I need.

- What difficulties did you encounter when studying abroad?

- The educational process at my school was built in such a way that there were no special problems: everything was organized at the highest level, and we did not have time for "swinging". Very quickly, and tightened and learning, and new hobbies, and new people, so I did not have time to get bored or sad about something.

- What makes the Swiss different from Russians? Bring some striking examples illustrating the life of a student at a Swiss university.

- The locals are quite friendly. If you evaluate them with Russian eyes, then perhaps the Swiss might seem a little "unnatural", because they know how to hide their emotions and not show true attitude towards you. The main thing is not to disturb their peace and comfort zone. In general, the student's life in Switzerland is wonderful. There it is safe, there are many opportunities for entertainment, because of the close distances you can easily move from city to city or to other countries to change the situation and impressions.

- What are your relationships with teachers and classmates? What was the most exciting in the process of studying?

- It was in my school that there was a special family atmosphere, I had excellent relations with teachers and classmates. When you are in the same space 24 hours 7 days a week, it remains only with all to establish contact, and the whole environment, in fact, itself has to it. With classmates, relationships are tied up at once: as much time is spent working on joint projects. Students and teachers of my university - this is generally a separate topic! I love them very much. Everyone brought something new and memorable to my life! As for learning, I immediately got involved quickly, prepared assignments with enthusiasm and went to all pairs with pleasure. Again, the whole process of training is very organized and well-established, you just need to properly manage your time. I was very fond of making presentations, in preparation for them you learn everything: professionally build them, clearly speak, respond quickly to questions, manage attention and be able to present yourself to people.

- How much is the cost of studying and living in Switzerland? How quick is the newcomer to adapt here?

- The cost of my training included accommodation, meals, insurance and so on. I believe that the price is justified, given the standard of living in Switzerland. In addition, from the first year of study, all students undergo compulsory paid internships in hotels in Switzerland and other countries of the world, so it is possible to partially recover the funds spent. It is difficult to say how much money you need for additional expenses: everyone spends differently. I advise newly arrived students not to get lost and be sociable, then everything will be fine.

- What educational programs in Switzerland do you consider the most attractive for Russian students? What do you recommend to those who are determined with a choice?

- I can say with confidence that studying the sphere of tourism, design, hospitality in Switzerland is perspective and attractive! This is one of the fastest growing spheres of business, they do not stand still, they are innovative. Travel is a trend, andThe tourism and hospitality industry is a lifestyle. In my opinion, the future student needs to carefully study the subjects of education - each university has some special feature and direction. And best of allto seek help from specialists of the company "SMASS" , they have enormous opportunities and knowledge related to accompanying students abroad, they will help in choosing an educational institution and program.

- What was the most inspiring experience for you during the educational program?

- Every day was and is for me an inspiring experience, something new and unexplored is constantly happening in my life, From this variety and draw inspiration! Very much influences the environment, the overall working and friendly atmosphere in training. In my case, all the guys came to our school with one common desire - to get education and a new experience, to make a jump on the career ladder and to develop further. That is why, according to the law of synergy in the learning process, I was in constant tonus and wanted to move only forward.

- How did your career develop at the moment?

- Now I work as an assistant to the general director in a chain of world-class hotels. I can not say that it was very easy to find a job, but it's not an industry or a specific person's problem, it's just a process that requires time, resources, knowledge and skills.

- With which country do you associate your professional future?

- At the moment I live and work in Russia. It is difficult to plan something further, and I do not want to! Now, it seems to me, it's time to live in Russia, but I will not make a guess. I always have the opportunity to go to work in another country thanks to theEducation in Switzerland .

Contact of a representative of the IHTTI School of Hotel Management:

phone: 8 495 374 64 01 (Moscow), 8 800 775 54 97 (for free in Russia)

e-mail: mail @


Recommendations on when to apply

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- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
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- some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
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- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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