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Best Manchester High Schools for foreign students

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Best Manchester High Schools for foreign students

In this article, you can get detailed information about the process of obtaining secondary education in leading schools in Manchester.

Best Manchester High Schools for Foreign students

Manchester is very popular among international students as a place for elite British secondary education. In addition, the elite schools of Manchester are growing every year. If your child is fond of sports, then he will dream of getting an education in Manchester due to the fact that Manchester is assigned the status of the birthplace of famous football clubs, namely Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester's fame is due to even higher results in the educational field, since it is in this British city that the ranking University of Manchester is located, for many years occupying top positions in international rankings of higher schools in Europe. In this connection, receiving an elite secondary education in Manchester, the graduate gets excellent opportunities for successful admission to ranking universities, both in the UK and other countries of the world.

The main reasons for choosing an advanced high school in Manchester!

  • British education is characterized by the highest level of quality and a high level of prestige among all countries of the world. So, upon graduation, graduates of elite schools in Manchester can enter university rankings, both the UK and other countries of the world.
  • In prestigious schools in England all the necessary conditions are created to ensure the comfort of your child’s learning and stay.
  • The best schools in Manchester have developed educational programs aimed at foreign students.
  • In the case of language courses, foreign students successfully adapt to the new linguistic and cultural environment, without encountering difficulties in learning in English.
  • Due to the high popularity of the UK as a country for elite secondary education among foreign studetns, your child will have the opportunity to communicate with peers.
  • In addition to effective instruction in ranking high schools in Manchester, attention is paid to the education of students, which is consistent with accepted etiquette.
  • Professional and experienced mentors support foreign students in adapting to the new linguistic and cultural environment, while simultaneously monitoring the psychological state of the student and his health.
  • Significant variations in the cost of education, which will allow you to find the best option for a prestigious school in Manchester.
  • Every year, Manchester attracts over 100 thousand foreign students who are representatives of various countries of the world to study.

The specific characteristics of the educational programs of the best high schools in Manchester

So, the GCSE educational program is basic and mandatory for passing. Upon reaching 16 years of age, this certificate is issued to the graduate on the basis of the results obtained for exams. Thus, in order to successfully obtain a certificate, you must complete studies at an elite school in Manchester , as well as pass exams in 8-12 disciplines.

Having a GCSE certificate is not enough to enter top universities. To enter the ranking university of England, you need to complete A-level program for 2 years. The program provides for the teaching of specialized disciplines, knowledge of which is necessary for admission to a foreign university. If a graduate has an A-level certificate in his hands, then his results are quoted by admission commissions of leading universities.

The choice of an elite high school in Manchester for a foreign student

In Manchester there are a large number of elite and advanced high schools. Thus, each teenager, based on individual goals, preferences, interests and financial opportunities, will be able to choose the best option for an educational institution in Manchester. SMAPSE experts recommend at least 2 years to address the issue of admission to top schools in Manchester .

As part of the selection of an advanced school in Manchester, the following factors should be taken into account, namely:

  • The position of the institution in international rankings
  • The geographic location of the institution
  • Studying format - namely separate or joint
  • Religion of the school - in some schools in Manchester provides for compulsory religious education
  • Specially designed programs for foreign students
  • Different areas of the academic education program
  • Active leisure program developed
  • The cost of education, taking into account accommodation, varies from 20,000 to 40,000 £ per year.

TOP-4 best Manchester high schools for foreign students

The procedure for admission to the top boarding schools in Manchester

For successful admission to ranking high schools in Manchester, a foreign student needs to provide school grades for the last 2-3 years of study, and, of course, recommendations from teachers in mathematics and English, in some cases it is worth having a letter from the school principal. If there are certificates, recognized results achieved in various fields, the foreign student should also provide them upon admission.

It is worth considering that when entering the advanced schools of Manchester, it is necessary to pass some entrance tests in academic subjects. The level of English proficiency is confirmed by providing an international language certificate. In the case of insufficient English proficiency, enrollment of a foreign student in a special language preparatory program is provided. As a rule, the admission process ends with the passage of an applicant for an interview (either this is a personal meeting or on Skype).

If you enter Manchester’s ranking schools, you need to write a letter of motivation, as well as an additional interview with the parents of the teenager.

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