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Master's degree abroad: tuition fees for international students

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Master's degree abroad: tuition fees for international students

Earning a master's degree abroad can be one of the most exciting events defining your professional and personal life. Master's degree obtained in leading universities abroad opens up employment prospects in any country of the world, allows you to improve your command of English or another foreign language, build a professional network and become a specialist ready to work in any conditions, get a competitive advantage in employment


Advantages of obtaining a Master's degree abroad

  • Obtaining a master's degree abroad is an acquaintance with a new learning environment, methods of learning, teaching. It may include more hours in classrooms, less attention to grades, a different way of communicating with teachers.
  • Master's degree abroad will complement the resume, show that you are mobile. Many multinational corporations hire employees around the world. The experience of studying abroad makes you more attractive to large companies around the world.
  • Studying abroad will allow you to learn foreign languages: if you have chosen a course with training in English, and the university is located in a country with another main language, you have a chance to improve your knowledge of several languages.
  • Optimal duration and structure of courses. Foreign universities offer many formats of training: intensive one-year master's courses, continuous training, master's programs with internships.
  • Master's degree in a foreign university will expand your knowledge about the possibilities of working abroad. Career consultants of a foreign university are well acquainted with the local labor market, employers. You will get the opportunity to meet with representatives of companies at job fairs, presentations during your studies, undergo unique internships that will improve your resume, regardless of whether you will stay in the country in which you completed your master's degree, go somewhere else or return to your country, where employers will also appreciate international experience.
  • Master's degree abroad will help you to expand your horizons, open a new country, culture. Studying abroad teaches you to quickly adapt and accept an unfamiliar environment, cultural customs, traditions, allows you to get an idea of life that is radically different from yours. Studying together with other students from abroad is an additional cultural aspect of your studies, which gives not only social, but also professional advantages: fellow master's students are the leaders of tomorrow from around the world.

Best Master's courses abroad for foreign students

MBA, Management, Business Administration

Managerial skills, competitiveness, leadership are still key values for international students, top positions are occupied by MBA courses, management, organization. Programs in this subject area will prepare students for leadership positions in the business sphere of the XXI century.

Popular international destinations for MBA degrees:

Computer Science

A degree in computer science opens the door to any industry. Popular countries for a Master of Computer Science degree:

International relations

International students choose a master's degree in international relations to study the interaction of political systems, their impact on society, politics. The degree in International Relations prepares graduates for prestigious careers in government organizations, diplomacy, and the non-governmental sector.

Popular areas for studying international relations:


The Master's degree in Economics offers many career paths – from business to research, public administration, teaching.

Popular student areas:


The human mind is probably the greatest mystery yet to be solved. This discipline attracts foreign students, gives the opportunity to become part of the developing science.

Areas for the study of psychology:

International Business

International business is a sought-after degree, more and more companies are entering the world level. Understanding how to make a company successful, to establish relationships with foreign business partners is a significant advantage in the modern business world.

Popular courses in international business:


Programs in the field of medicine in foreign universities are one of the most complex and at the same time in demand. Notable master's programs in medicine taught in English:

Equipment, technologies

International students are interested in obtaining engineering degrees. Apply for engineering, technological education in popular areas:

International Language Tests – Overview for Undergraduates

Requirements for foreign students entering master's programs include proof of knowledge of the language in which the training will take place. Tests vary for different languages, but most of them are built on the same format with sections on reading, writing, speaking, listening.

Language tests can be in paper (using the traditional exam format) or computer (with special PC software).

Most language tests for international students correspond to a measurement system known as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). CEFR is a general scale of language proficiency, divided into six levels. This ensures that the language requirements for the same purpose in different countries are comparable.

European master's degrees usually require b2 proficiency on the CEFR scale – this means the ability to understand complex materials that include abstract ideas, technical language, the ability to easily and effectively communicate with native speakers, to present complex, subtle ideas in writing.

The most popular tests for knowledge of english in Europe and Britain - IELTS, in the USA - TOEFL.

Entrance examinations to Master's programs, postgraduate education programs

For admission to some master's programs, it is necessary to pass an entrance exam. Entrance exams to the magistracy are more common in the United States, Canada + they are required by some universities in Asia. Most often, they are taken by applicants for MBA programs around the world.

GMAT: Entrance Test for Business School Applicants

The GMAT is a standardized test that measures candidates' ability to complete their studies at business schools, for future Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and Masters of Management (MIM).

GMAT tests are conducted in English, include a combination of numerical, logical, written tasks. Not all business schools request GMAT results, although it is a common part of the application process in countries such as the UNITED STATES, Canada, Australia, and India. It takes time to prepare for the exam, you will need to register for a place in the GMAT assessment center.

GMAT is a computer-based test consisting of four sections, which takes a little more than three hours to complete:

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes/1 question) – a short essay to analyze, evaluate the rationale for the argument given.
  2. Complex thinking (30 minutes/12 questions) – the ability to solve problems using data from several sources is tested. Questions come in four different formats:
    1. graphic interpretation
    2. reasoning from multiple sources
    3. tabular analysis
    4. two-part analysis.
  3. Quantitative thinking (62 minutes/31 questions) is the mathematical part of the GMAT. This section requires a good general knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry. There are two types of questions:
    1. problem solving
    2. sufficiency of data (the latter is a combination of numerical and verbal reasoning).
  4. Verbal thinking (65 minutes / 32 questions) - the section is designed to check the understanding of read, critical thinking, skills of correcting sentences.

Sections of the test adapt to your level of knowledge. The result of the GMAT is determined by the number of questions you answered, the number of right/wrong answers, the level of complexity of each question.

GRE test – entrance exam to the magistracy

GRE is common in the United States, English-speaking countries (Canada, Australia), rarely, but is required for admission to master's programs in the UK.

The GRE exam is conducted by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), which also conducts the TOEFL.

GMAT is common among candidates entering MBA programs, but a number of business schools recognize GRE as well. GRE may be part of the requirements for admission to postgraduate programs in a variety of subject areas. Exams are presented in several forms: a general GRE test, several tests in specific subjects.

GRE is conducted in two formats: computer and paper. The content of both types of tests is the same, but they have slightly different times and number of questions for each section. Unlike the GMAT, which does not allow candidates to change their answers during the test, the computer GRE has built-in functions for previewing, editing, adding tags. This means that you can mark certain questions to consider later and change the answers. The test provides a handy on-screen calculator for the Quantitative Thinking section.

The test includes 4 sections:

  • Analytical writing (score scale: 0-6 in half-point increments) involves writing 2 essays analyzing problems, argument - both on topics of common interest. The section evaluates critical thinking, analytical writing skills.
  • Verbal Thinking:The section includes two 30-minute sections, each with 20 questions. There are three types of questions:
    • reading comprehension
    • End of text
    • equivalence of sentences.
  • The section "Quantitative thinking" tests the skills of problem solving, the ability to interpret, analyze quantitative information. The exam requires basic mathematical knowledge, including algebra, arithmetic, geometry, data analysis. It consists of two 35-minute sections, each with 20 questions.

GRE in specific subjects evaluates knowledge in individual disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology.

Tuition fees for Master's degree abroad

  • Austria – from 1 453€/year.
  • Belgium – from 947€/year.
  • United Kingdom – from £8,407/year.
  • Denmark – 6 000-16 000€/year.
  • Estonia – 1660-7500 €/year.
  • Finland – from 1500€/year.
  • France – from 243€/year.
  • Greece – 7500€/year.
  • Hungary – from 1689€/year.
  • Iceland – from 459€/year.
  • Ireland – from 4 000€/year.
  • Italy – from 1628€/year.
  • Netherlands – 8 000-20 000€/year.
  • Poland – 2 000-3 000€/year.
  • Portugal – from 1250€/year.
  • Spain – from 2680€/year.
  • Sweden – 12 215€/year.
  • Switzerland – from 3 720€/year.
  • USA – from 30 000$/year.

Scholarships for Master's studies abroad

The cost of the master's program can be partially covered by scholarships. Some are designed only to cover the cost of tuition or living expenses, others provide "full funding", cover most of the costs.

Most universities offer some form of funding for their master's students:

  • Reducing the cost of the course for students who have received a bachelor's degree from the same university. A typical discount is 10%.
  • Exemption – the university does not charge a fee for the course, but students will have to pay living expenses.
  • Academic Scholarships are funding packages awarded to the best students applying for a master's degree.
  • Some universities offer extensive scholarship schemes in all subjects – these are commonly referred to as Vice-Chancellor Scholarships.
  • Needs-based scholarships are designed to support students from certain backgrounds, expand the social diversity of undergraduates: scholarships for students from low-income families, for applicants from certain countries.

TOP-10 scholarships abroad

  1. The McDonald Scholarship is for undergraduates/doctoral students from all over the world. Candidates should obtain a master's or ph.D. degree, actively conduct research.
  2. The Welcome UK Scholarship is a new full-funded scholarship from the UK government. The duration of the program is 30 months, the first 12 months should be devoted to obtaining a master's degree.
  3. The Holland 2021 Scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Education for international students in the UK.
  4. AIT Scholarship in Thailand – fully funded scholarships for international students to obtain Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degrees.
  5. CAS TWAS Scholarship of the Yitai government for foreigners.
  6. University of Edinburgh scholarships are for an online master's degree.
  7. The Singapore Government Scholarship is available for masters and doctoral students, includes 22 full-funded scholarships.
  8. Rotary Peace provides 130 scholarships to international students at one of the best universities in the world to complete a master's program or certificate courses.
  9. Internet scholarship of the International University of Applied Sciences IU,Germany.
  10. Fully funded Australian Government scholarships for international students to enter full-time undergraduate/graduate/doctoral studies. The AAS Scholarship is fully funded and managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Kuban State University, Russia (World Economics); Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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