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Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

Address: Kilkenny Rd, Moanacurragh, Carlow, Ireland

Description Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

  • Founded: in 1970
  • Location: Carlow and Wicklow, Ireland
  • Total number of students: 7,000
  • Type of training: joint (mixed)
  • Type of residence: residence
  • Language of instruction: English.

For several years already, the State University of Ireland Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow) has been in the TOP-20 of Irish universities and in the British tops, despite its relatively short history of work (was founded in 1970). short-term courses and advanced training programs are conducted. The structure includes the following faculties:

  • building
  • business
  • sports media and marketing
  • electrical engineering
  • humanitarian sciences
  • science and health
  • computer science
  • engineering
  • aerospace engineering.

The strengths of the university are excellent, advanced technical equipment and a clear orientation of studies for practical application: internships, individual and group projects, workshops in large companies and industries, attraction of active successful businessmen, industrialists, etc.

Research areas are very developed: the main university center costs more than 5.5 million euros (this is not counting 5 additional strategic research organizations) and works closely with both national and foreign scientists, companies and business partners, corporations. Many professionals from around the world prefer to work with IT Carlow centers, including:

  • SecurityCORE (Advanced Security and Safety Technologies)
  • DesignCORE (innovations in production and design)
  • EnviroCORE (bioecological technology)
  • GeoCORE (optimization of green energy)
  • GameCORE (software development, networking and interactive applications).

Programs, courses and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

Program name


The directions for bachelors in IT Carlow are great:

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Business (subsections: business management, international business, finance and accounting, human resource management and personnel work, marketing, supply chain management)
  • Business administration
  • Industrial Design and Urban Planning
  • Media and PR
  • Innovation and product design
  • Software development
  • TV and media production
  • Development of computer games and software
  • Cybersecurity and security systems
  • Engineering in the aerospace industry
  • Aviation systems
  • Architectural Technologies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architectural technologies in construction
  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Electrical systems
  • Analytical sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Biology and Chemistry Programs
  • Scientific courses (specialties: biopharmaceutics, brewing and distillation, environmental protection and ecology)
  • Law and right
  • Laws in the business environment
  • Social sciencies
  • Early childhood education
  • Physiology, Health Sciences
  • Sports management and coaching
  • Physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation
  • Sports science
  • Business and management in the sports field
  • Art
  • Visual communication and design
  • Farming and agriculture.

The cost of education for students from non-EU countries depends on the chosen program:

  • Foundation (company certificate of completion of preparation for the university) = 7,500 € / course (from September to May)
  • Undergraduate Studies = € 9,750 / year
  • Magistracy = 10,750 € / year.

Master's programs (postgraduate education)

Courses for students with a bachelor's degree (20+ years old) and wishing to deepen, hone their knowledge in the chosen field. As a rule, postgraduate courses last 1 year and focus on narrower, selected aspects of the chosen field of activity:

  • business
  • supply chain management
  • research science innovation
  • digital marketing
  • art and interactive design
  • business and marketing
  • business management
  • international Business
  • business and international financial services
  • business in tourism and marketing
  • teaching younger students
  • teaching activity
  • Social sciencies
  • databases and software
  • information technology management
  • computer science
  • sports science and coaching and analytical work
  • pharmaceutical regulation
  • building.

Students can earn a Master of Science / Master of Arts / Master of Business diploma or Higher Diploma. The university also offers several areas of MBA for young executives (for example, Master of Business Administration and Masters in Professional Arts Management) with different specializations.

The cost of education for students from non-EU countries depends on the chosen program:

  • Foundation (company certificate of completion of preparation for the university) = 7,500 € / course (from September to May)
  • Undergraduate Studies = € 9,750 / year
  • Magistracy = 10,750 € / year.

International Foundation Program

High-quality and effective preparatory pre-university program for those who want to quickly deepen and update their knowledge. It is especially relevant for foreigners who need to get used to the new academic and cultural environment, as well as improve the level of English for productive learning.

In addition to English, emphasis is placed on the study of computer science (IT) and mathematics, the student also has the opportunity to choose 1-2 disciplines for themselves and study them at a more complex, in-depth level. The English course has a specialization “English for professional communication”; Management, computer and information systems, engineering sciences can be called the most demanded specialties.

The program lasts 1 year and begins in September. The cost of education for students from non-EU countries depends on the chosen program:

  • Foundation (company certificate of completion of preparation for the university) = 7,500 € / course (from September to May)
  • Undergraduate Studies = € 9,750 / year
  • Magistracy = 10,750 € / year.

Accommodation, housing and food

The university has prepared for its students their own comfortable residence-apartments - living with other students from all over the world will be a real adventure and an excellent language practice!

  • Student Hatch Apartments are located in the city center on the river bank with beautiful panoramic views, close to shops, bars, pubs and nightclubs (but not so much that an active life prevents students from relaxing).
  • Carraig Abhainn Residences are literally within walking distance from the study areas, the library: these are cozy double rooms with a bathroom (it is possible to subscribe to a private room with a separate bathroom).

If desired, students can cooperate with other students and rent an apartment / apartment in the city (Dublin, Cork, Galway and others). In Irish cities there is a fairly affordable rental price (450-550 euros per month), as well as low prices for transport, food and other household trifles. We indicate the approximate prices and costs:

1) Host family or campus residence = from € 665 / month, from € 5,320 / year:

  • 5-day board (meals twice a day) = 360 €
  • campus meals = € 140
  • study guides and materials, organizational expenses = 50 €
  • entertainment and leisure = € 65
  • transport and travel = 50 €.

2) Self-rent and self-service = from 740 € / month, from 5920 € / year:

  • rent = 280 €
  • food, electricity and other utilities = 300 €
  • study guides and materials, organizational expenses = 50 €
  • entertainment and leisure = € 65
  • transport and travel = 45 €.

For the year, the notion of an academic year has been adopted (8 months of study).

Events Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

For students in their free time, organized a great many additional classes and leisure opportunities.

1) Sport

One of the most popular additional directions for students is soccer (European football), rugby, basketball, athletics, running, Gaelic football, badminton, boxing, Camogi women's team game, Irish field hockey (Hurling), karting, kickboxing. , zumba, dancing (hip-hop), powerlifting, swimming. For most sports, there are both male and female teams.

2) Clubs and leisure communities of interest:

  • African community
  • Caribbean Society
  • Club "Alpha"
  • anime and manga
  • board game club
  • Chinese community
  • Christian Union
  • LGBT community
  • Cultural Shake-up (international, multicultural club)
  • DJing
  • engineering sciences
  • branch of the liberal political party Fianna Fail
  • branch of the liberal democratic party Fine Gael
  • branch of the Labor Party
  • hiking and trekking
  • Club of Lawyers
  • music and music bands
  • Senior Students Club
  • the photo
  • video games
  • Club "Women and Technology".


  • This institute is developing at a much faster pace than other technological universities in the country: in recent years, more than 150 million euros have been invested in the Institute of Technology Carlow, which has a very positive impact on the infrastructure and equipment of campuses
  • Holds the title of the 2014 Sunday Times Institute of Technology
  • Starting from 2010, it is in the top 3 technological institutes due to the quality of its programs.
  • Courses are accredited by many professional organizations (Engineers of Ireland, Royal Aerospace Society, Institute of Architectural Technologists, Institute of Construction, Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Institute of Management Accountants and Irish Law Society)
  • Affordable prices for study and accommodation in Ireland
  • The country's first institute, which began to confer degrees on: the development of computer games, aerospace engineering, distillation, brewing
  • Sports programs and directions of the Institute of Technology Carlow are compiled and conducted under the partnership leadership of the Football Association of Ireland, Leinster Rugby, IRFU.

Equipment Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

IT Carlow has several campuses:

  • The main is 80 kilometers from Dublin (less than an hour drive, about an hour to the coastal surf center Waterford)
  • in Wexford County (in the same city, 2 hours drive from the Irish capital): programs for social work, agribusiness, culture and heritage, and farm management.

At the moment, the university, together with the Waterford Institute of Technology, is developing a project for the University of Southeast.

Both cities that host IT Carlow campuses have a rich cultural life, theater and opera performances, as well as magnificent, truly Irish landscapes.

Campus equipment complies with the most modern standards - only in recent years more than 150 million euros have been invested in infrastructure upgrades:

  • medical Center
  • Career and career guidance center
  • 150-meter running tracks and track and field athletics tracks with professional coating
  • Student Union Center
  • huge library of several floors
  • football field
  • play areas
  • meditation rooms
  • rugby and gaelic football fields
  • multimedia center
  • special sport science laboratories
  • Multidisciplinary Health and Fitness Center
  • own TV studio and radio point
  • magnificent computer equipment (more than 1200 PCs on the territory) with modern, regularly updated software
  • multifunctional room with a gym and power area
  • rehearsal dance studios
  • saunas
  • computer games and web design studio
  • aerobics rooms
  • clinic rehabilitation therapy
  • free and free internet access throughout
  • bank branch and ATMs
  • restaurants and cafes
  • kiosk with newspapers and other periodicals
  • parking
  • Starbucks coffee shop.

Term dates, timetable and extra fees

The academic year at the university begins on September 5 and is divided into trimesters:

  • Autumn: September 5 - December 12
  • Spring: January 2-April 18
  • Summer: April 23 - June 20.

Pay attention to weekends and holidays, on which the institute is closed:

  • 29th of October
  • March 18
  • the 6th of May.

The cost of education for students from non-EU countries depends on the chosen program:

  • Foundation (company certificate of completion of preparation for the university) = 7,500 € / course (from September to May)
  • Undergraduate Studies = € 9,750 / year
  • Magistracy = 10,750 € / year.

The indicated price is not included and is charged additionally:

  • Registration fee
  • Exam Board
  • Tuition deposit
  • Additional academic and language classes (optional)
  • Additional leisure activities and excursions (optional)
  • Air tickets in both directions
  • Round trip
  • Mandatory Medical Insurance
  • Personal pocket expenses
  • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
  • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

Entry requirements, assessment and extra fees, how to apply, what is required to enrol, conditions, entry tests and exams

Required documents, depending on the type of institution:

camp / language school
  • copy of 1 page
  • certificate of language proficiency (if any)
private school, boardinghouse
  • copy of the 1 Pages of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school report card with grades for the last 2-4 years (depending on the school)
  • school registration form
  • recommendation letters from Teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and a class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal
  • Testing for knowledge of mathematics, language, other subjects
  • Interview with a representative of the school (possibly in person or by Skype)
  • Literacy, awards, student personal achievements (if any)
  • motivation letter (not for all schools)
  • passport size photo (depending on the school from 1 to 12 pcs)
  • medical certificate of the general health of the child , Discharge of vaccinations
  • birth certificate of the schoolboy (s)
  • copy of the page 1 passport of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school certificate for the bachelor, diploma of Higher education for the master
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and the class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal / dean
  • certificates, awards, personal achievements of the student (if any)
  • motivation letter / personal statement
  • interview with a representative of the institution

Scholarships Institute of Technology Carlow (Ireland)

The university awards scholarships to students who excel in any of the following areas:

1) Sports

  • Gold sports scholarship
  • Awarded for outstanding sporting merit if they are shown from year to year: it helps gifted students to compete at the highest level and at the same time keep up with the academic program - can cover living expenses, coaching services, professional equipment and inventory.

  • Elite sports scholarship
  • Allocated to athletes competing at the professional level in a dedicated sport (national, international).

    The scholarship does not depend on the course or direction in which the applicant is studying, does not depend on nationality. The scholarships are awarded in November-December: those sports that are already represented at the institute in the club format have advantages: rugby, basketball, Paralympic sports, athletics, soccer (European football).

    2) Academic

    In the academic (educational, scientific) field, the university awards more than 60 types of scholarships and grants. They can even get applicants (if they have the highest score in the school certificate - Leaving Certificate - on their course (more than 400)).

    3) High performance

    Diverse forms of support for students who succeed in:

  • sport
  • active citizenship, volunteer or community service
  • innovation or entrepreneurship
  • creativity and arts (new category).
  • Applications are accepted until June 15 of each year.

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