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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Address: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Description Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Technical universities attract more students. The popularity of the direction is due to the development of technology, the rapid development of robotics, information technology. One of the most popular among universities with a world-wide name, rightly considered MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) got its name because of the location (Massachusetts in the US). He is famous for being an innovator in the field of development of artificial intelligence, information technology and robotics.

Technical universities attract more students. The popularity of the direction is due to the development of technology, the rapid development of robotics, information technology. One of the most popular among universities with a world-wide name, rightly considered MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) got its name because of the location (Massachusetts in the US). He is famous for being an innovator in the field of development of artificial intelligence, information technology and robotics.

A short tour of the history pages of MIT

The date of the founding of the Institute is only two days more like the beginning of the civil war in the USA, namely, April 10, 1861. The first president of MIT-a - William Barton Rogers, was not only the man who owned the idea of ​​creating the institute, but also a well-known professor of natural philosophy. At the heart of his idea was the introduction of new, more modern methods of teaching students, motivating it with obsolescence of old principles, their differences with the real economic situation and the development of technology. Since the foundation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and before the beginning of the classes, it has been 4 years. The first location of the university was the district of Boston Back Bay, after which, in 1916, it was decided to move the institute to Cambridge. From the very first years of its academic activity, the MIT differed from its competitors in practical direction in terms of engineering. Hence the symbol of the institute - beaver, whose talents for the construction of structures from wood, speak of natural leadership in engineering. Innovation of the Institute for a century and a half manifested itself in such directions as:

  • Engineering;
  • High tech;
  • Artificial intelligence (merits of modern representatives of the university).

During the civil war in America, the MIT turned into a kind of platform for testing in the military sphere. The Cold War period did not go so well for the university, because, because of strikes by students demanding the cessation of military development, the institute took an anti-defense stance. It's only from the government side that such a decision by the management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology did not provoke approval, which was manifested in a sharp reduction in budget expenditures for the maintenance of the institution. But to become the world's leading university in the field of engineering, these events did not prevent MIT.

Features of infrastructure and geographical location

As mentioned earlier, for over 100 years the institute is located in Cambridge, spread out on 168 acres of land along the Charles River. This city is considered a student city, famous for its friendly population, a lot of places for cultural recreation (parks, squares). Extremely popular among local residents enjoys an environmentally friendly mode of transport - bicycles. The connection of the city with the nearest megacities is provided by the presence of transport connections: the railway, bus routes.

The institute town has been actively developed since the "moving" of the institute in 1916, at this time most of the buildings that still function have been built. In the early 2000s, several new buildings were erected, thanks to the works of architects:

  1. Frank Gehry;
  2. Stephen Hall;
  3. Fumihiko Maki.

These buildings were built on the campus, which not only renewed it, but also added fresh insights into design and architecture. Step accessibility between laboratories, training centers, sports halls and other places of the educational process and extracurricular sections reduces the time wasted on movement. For residence students were allocated 11 residences to choose from in Cambridge or Boston. Attention is drawn to the fact that the campus residences and buildings on the campus have a link between themselves, represented by a network of underground tunnels.

Achievements of MIT in the field of science

In fact, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is not simply considered the best in the field of engineering and high technology. He is followed by a number of achievements, including:

  1. The creation of a rover equipped in such a way as to be able to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, the launch of which is planned in 2020.
  2. Special material was developed by scientists in 2014. It consisted of foam and wax, and the main feature is the possibility of transition from one state to another, and vice versa (from solid to liquid and back).
  3. Thanks to the efforts of MIT scientists, vision correction became possible without wearing glasses, using a special stereoscreen.
  4. At present, scientists are developing methods that allow the transfer of electricity without the use of wires.
  5. They are also working on the creation of the so-called "smart" military form for the land units of the US Army, using microscopic fibers capable of detecting light, heat and sending signals.

This list is far from complete, and it can be continued for a long time. After all, it is here that the development of dark matter and a number of other entertaining technologies that can have a serious impact on the development of mankind as a whole.

Interesting facts about MIT

The story with student Oliver Smoot, whose height was taken as a unit of measure, draws with his extraordinary character, when calculating the length of the Harvard Bridge. And it happened this way: a group of students began to move Oliver across the bridge leaving notes (in history they entered as mark-ups). As a result, they determined that the length of the bridge is 364.4 distemper and ear. The case is unusual, and yet it has borne fruit: albeit rarely, but this unit of measurement (analogous to the usual 1.7 meters) is still used and after almost 70 years. The above-mentioned protagonist of history soon became the head of the International Organization for Standardization.

John Forbes Nash Jr., a Nobel laureate, a well-known mathematician, was active in the Institute. His life story was reflected in the famous film "Mind Games" by Ron Howard.

Only two people in the history of the institute received honorary degrees: Winston Churchill and Salam Rushdie. The policy of MIT is aimed at the fact that they are proud of the opportunity to finish their studies at the university, which is considered a great honor.

Such a widely known term "hacker" was born in the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This term was applicable to students who quickly found the possibility of solving the tasks posed, at the same time without grace and originality - in other words, by the way.

There is an opportunity to receive free of charge knowledge, thanks to the public publication of lecture courses from MIT teachers on the pages of the official website.

Faculty of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor's programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provide for the possibility of studying 46 basic and 49 additional disciplines. The Institute includes 32 departments, a college, as well as five schools, including:

  1. Architecture and planning;
  2. Management;
  3. Social and Human Sciences and Arts;
  4. Scientific;
  5. Engineering.

The last of the above list, the school has managed to become the most popular, and the numbers speak for themselves - 60% of the total number of students study here. 20% of students prefer scientific school. As for the popular directions in teaching, here are distinguished physicists, computer science, electronic engineering, biology and mathematics.

What are the student support programs in MIT?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology prides itself on selecting students solely for their personal qualities, such as: the level of knowledge, the desire to receive education and to develop, and not by the size of the bank account. Moreover, they offer assistance to students who do not have the opportunity to pay for education, and the proportion of such 58%, and the annual scholarship is 41,000 dollars. This amount is determined taking into account such factors as: the financial situation of the student, merits before the institute, academic success. Funds for supporting students are not only allocated by the university itself, but also by private and public organizations.

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology claim to receive grants both federal (up to $ 4,000 a year) and Pell Grant (up to $ 5,500). Among the popular programs in which students and teachers compete for grants are:

  1. The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant (here, assistant instructors from among students participate);
  2. SEOG - federal assistance to students, where the sum of the city is from 100 to 4000 dollars a year.

But not only students have the opportunity to receive financial support while passing the training within the walls of MIT. Graduate students who conduct research or are engaged in teaching at the institute can apply for a higher stipend. Invest in promising graduate students for the most part, alternative funds, IT corporations or research companies, looking for employees. The amount of support for future academics varies, ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 65,000 a year. Some of the post-graduate students include the university itself, paying the tuition fee for students receiving education in the curriculum with a degree of "bachelor", as well as for conducting tutoring courses.

Master's Degree in Business Administration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Despite the profile of the institute - engineering, economists here pay attention not less. It's no secret that Sloan School (School of Management) is a member of the most prestigious business schools in the world. The diplomas awarded to bachelors and masters here are highly appreciated by employers, including large corporations around the world.

It's rather difficult to enroll in the Sloan School at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, because the priority is not those applicants who barely managed to graduate from school, but have solid experience in business and management, who have positive recommendations from reputable employers or academics. In addition, confidence and a certain amount of experience and knowledge will be a bonus when conducting a personal interview - one of the most important stages of admission. The cost of training here is about $ 63,000 per year - within the framework of the classical MBA program.

Training free of charge at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Exactly as with admission, and in the right to apply for grants and grants, all are equal - both US citizens and foreign students. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is proud that its doors are open to all those applicants who have the talent for training and have the prospect of making progress in science. It is appreciated the ability of a person to think, going beyond the standards, and at the same time be able to get out of difficult situations in an original way.

As an excuse for a student to receive a scholarship, a low level of income for members of his family (less than $ 60,000 per year) can act. In case the student is really talented, but does not have the opportunity to pay for his own education, the institute will do it instead of him, providing the opportunity to study for free, to live in a hostel (free of charge). In addition, those who are approved for material assistance, are given the opportunity to travel and eat free of charge. To be heard, the student needs to confirm his right to receive material assistance by providing a package of documents: a certificate of the parents' income and an extract from the bank about the status of the accounts.

Prospects for graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The authority of the university on the international arena opens serious opportunities for its graduates. Large organizations, research centers and laboratories are happy to receive them among their employees, providing prestigious work and a serious income level. According to statistics, about 25% of graduates are provided with a place of work, even without graduating from an educational institution. This opportunity is realized thanks to the recruitment service, functioning in the Institute, as well as proposals coming from sponsors. Another 20% of graduates receive jobs due to various network sites, participation in professional conferences. About 15% of students graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, acquire the desired positions through internships. At their passage, companies and organizations select prospective employees, and immediately after they receive a scientific degree enrolled in the state. The vacancy fair allows you to get another 15% of graduates. The remaining 35% of graduates, after receiving bachelor's degrees, continue their studies in an effort to obtain a master's degree.

Annual salaries of graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

  • Bachelors - 74 000 USD;
  • Masters - 85, 600 USD;
  • Master of Engineering - 95 000 USD;
  • Masters in Business Administration - 125 000 USD;

Annually, depending on the state of the economy, salaries can be changed to a greater extent, less often - to a smaller one. Graduates of MIT can be found among employees of such companies as Google, Apple, Oracle, Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and many other serious corporations. Graduate students often receive proposals for employment within the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard and Stanford.

Famous graduates of MIT

Graduates, who achieved serious success in the fields of science, political and economic activity, are proud of universities. Among the graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you can list:

  1. Kofi Annan, a prominent figure in the public and political arena. He received the Nobel Prize for his achievements, and also became the seventh secretary of the UN.
  2. David Scott, who was an astronaut, led the expedition of "Apollo 15" to the moon, going down in history as one of 12 people who visited this satellite of the Earth.
  3. The Nobel Prize in 1993 was awarded to another distinguished MIT graduate, Philip Sharp, who was famous for discovering the intermittent structure of the gene.
  4. Known for his ability to apply the practical skills of an engineer, coupled with his entrepreneurial abilities, Robert Noyce, co-founded Intel, a world-renowned company specializing in IT technologies.
  5. In the world of cinema, the representative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dolph Lundgren achieved not small successes, being not only an actor, but also a producer, director and screenwriter. With all his merits in the field of art, this man is a master of martial arts.

Prominent scientists, honored figures and politicians were released from the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology quite a lot to glorify the university. Every year, about 4,000 foreign applicants file documents, with the hope of admission. But in fact, about 150 people are selected who are given serious requirements in terms of knowledge of English at a high level, not only verbal, but also written.

A foreigner is required, like a US citizen, to demonstrate high performance in the results of testing ACT or SAT. After acquaintance with the documents provided by the applicant (motivation letter, ESSE), the admission committee makes a decision to conduct an interview with the candidate.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Program name

Undergraduate studies at the university are presented in the following main areas:

  • Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Aeronautics
  • Biology
  • Humanities
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Information technologies
  • Maths
  • Of Management
  • Physicists
  • Chemistry

Master's program at the University is represented by the following main areas:

  • Architecture
  • Astronomy
  • Aeronautics
  • Biology
  • Humanities
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Information technologies
  • Maths
  • Of Management
  • Physicists
  • Chemistry

Accommodation and food

Of the dormitories of the university (there are only 11 of them), there are some specialized ones where brotherhoods or sisterhoods - women's communities live. But the Simmons Hall building, designed in the style of deconstructivism, is considered to be especially original. It is noteworthy that it looks like a sponge soaked in ink. This building is deservedly included in the TOP-10 of the most unusual student hostels around the world.

As for comfort, here you can pay attention to standard rooms, where students are offered furniture. A bathroom and a shower room, as well as a kitchen, are in common use. The cost of a year in one of the hostels offered by the institute will cost $ 13,000.

Subjects, specialties

Subjects list: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Aeronautics and Astronautics (BA), anthropology, architecture, Biological Engineering, biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Chemical engineering, chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, Data, Systems, and Society, Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, economics, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Global Studies and Languages, history, Humanities, Humanities + Engineering/Science, linguistics, literature, management, Materials Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Media Arts and Sciences, Medical Engineering and Science, Music and Theater Arts, Nuclear Science and Engineering, philosophy, physics, political science, Science, Technology, and Society, Urban Studies and Planning

Events Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology take an active part in exchange programs with the most prestigious universities in the world. As an example: senior students of the Faculty of Engineering, can claim to participate in the exchange program of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, conduct their own research in China. Biologists often participate in an exchange program with the prestigious Cambridge University, receiving a chance to conduct a semester of studies in England, in such areas as neurobiology, pharmacology and molecular biology. Students of schools of applied and natural sciences, claim to the program of Harvard University, to study physics, medicine, biology and engineering.

Among the other prestigious educational institutions with which MIT works closely, the following are clearly distinguished:

  1. Swiss Higher Technical School in Zurich (here the reference point of the program is aimed at students of engineering specialties);
  2. University of Hong Kong;
  3. Technical University of Delft;
  4. University of Tokyo and Imperial College London.

Among the students of the MIT master's program, the program of the double diploma is widely distributed. And this opportunity is provided in two ways: participation in a suitable program conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology itself, or training at a partner university, according to the chosen specialization. The list of partners of the university is offered for review on the official website.

But not only for masters is the practice of obtaining double diplomas. Students who study under the "Bachelor" program can apply for the passage of humanitarian courses, being at the faculties of engineering specializations, and vice versa. So, a mathematics student can study literature, and an art critic can study computer science.


In addition to the obvious reasons for students choosing this particular institution, a number of scientific achievements and the authority of the university as a whole, there are additional features that distinguish the institution from competitors, namely:

  1. The ability to select topics and groups for research is provided by the Research Opportunities program.
  2. Problems with housing for nonresident and foreign students are not as such, because they are all provided with housing in campus residences.
  3. Among the Institute's assets is a very unusual - its own nuclear reactor.
  4. More than 1000 professors among other teachers provide high-quality acquisition and mastering of knowledge.
  5. The institute owns 13 libraries, with a huge base of books and various scientific literature, as well as the Maihaugen Gallery.
  6. 80 graduates and teachers received the highest award for scientists - the Nobel Prize.

There is no doubt that MIT is a leader in the teaching of engineering sciences, having excelled in research and advanced technologies. Here there is an opportunity to receive also a worthy education in the humanities, which is proved by four cases of awarding the graduates of the Pulitzer Prize University.


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reviews

Manager Daria
To be able to enter MIT after school in Russia or the CIS countries, you should take part in world programming competitions. Your application will be considered based on your victories. Or go to school in America in the last senior years of school to get an American certificate.
Sattar Saiat Nurbekuly
Hello my name is Sayat and I am a schoolboy. I will graduate from school in 2021 and I am good at programming. I want to achieve a lot, achieve a better result. That's why I want to go to MIT.

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