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Higher education in Poland for international studens. List of 19 top institutions, rankings, prices and tuition fees

Education information

Here you can find 19 best institutions with higher education in Poland for international students. Also, we put together information with description, rankings, reviews and prices for programs for international children and students, how to apply to make it easier to make the right choice. FREE admission services to our partner institutions, places are limited.
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Features of higher education in Poland for foreign students

When deciding to get higher education in Poland, it is necessary to decide on a specialty, and then proceed to the choice of a university. Higher education institutions in Poland offer three levels:

  • Bachelor (3-3.5 years of study);
  • Master (2 years of study);
  • Doctor of Science (2-3.5 years of study).

You can enter the university both in autumn and spring - this is a chance to save a year of study for students who did not have time to submit documents in the summer. There are areas in which a master's degree is required, and the training period is 5 years - these are all medical and legal areas, psychology.

Responsibly choose the language of instruction - if you plan to build a career in prestigious international companies, choose the English language. It will provide more opportunities and allow you to become part of an elite corporation. Studying in Polish is no worse, but international companies prefer job applicants who speak Business English.

Universities of Poland graduate international level specialists in the fields of medicine, tourism, design, construction, management, architecture, mathematics. In some universities, special attention is paid to other specialties. Studying at universities is inexpensive, but with a Pole card it is completely free. Without a card, you can get a grant for training or a scholarship - just submit an application and convince the commission of your aspiration and desire.

How to enter a magistracy in Poland for a foreign student?

It’s possible to complete a higher education in Poland with a Bachelor’s degree. You will receive a prestigious diploma in just 2 years of study in Poland without entering a university abroad “from scratch”. This is an opportunity that thousands of foreign students took advantage - they received an international diploma at prestigious universities and began to build a career in large companies. For admission to the Masters of Poland, you must submit a package of documents:

  • Application and application for admission to the magistracy, photographs.
  • Diploma with a bachelor's level + notarized translation and apostille.
  • Photocopy of domestic and foreign passports.
  • Certificate confirming Polish or English proficiency - depending on the chosen course at the university.
  • Medical insurance for the duration of the training.
  • A receipt for registration and studying.

The advantages of studying in Poland for foreign students

Effective and prestigious higher education in Poland has a number of advantages for students - you will meet interesting people from different countries, get invaluable experience and skills according to the methodology approved by the European International Commission.

Large selection of specialties and universities

In Poland, dozens of universities accepting students from abroad. The choice of specialties will delight every entrant.

The quality of education

The state monitors academic programs, the level of qualifications of teachers, student performance. The educational process is aimed at independent work and practice: “less words - more work”, which allows students to discover talents and abilities, prepare them for independent life.

Country and People

Poland is known for polite and attentive people - they will always help a foreigner to find a way, choose a hotel, buy a ticket. The country is one of the most beautiful and most interesting in Europe: in their free time, students will be able to learn its history and culture.

Kudos to the diploma

With a European diploma obtained in Poland, you can get a job in an international company. The chances will increase if you graduate in English.


Studying abroad is an experience that will be useful in later life. He will allow you to grow up and become responsible.

Higher education in Poland is cheaper than in the UK , Austria, Switzerland. The cost depends on the language of instruction: Polish courses in state universities cost from 1250 euros, English - from 2200 euros (prices for 1 year of study, depend on the institution and the chosen specialty). Private universities in Poland cost: 1 year of study in Polish - from 900 euros, in English - from 3600 euros.

Learning programs-summary information

Name Meaning Equivalent Min. age Duration, 
Next stage Cost
GCSE General certificate of secondary education secondary education (non-accomplished) 14 1–2 A-Levels 15,000 USD+
A-Levels Advanced level secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 15,000 USD+
BTEC Business and Technology Education Board secondary special education 14 2–3 University/ work 15,000 USD+
Oxbridge Preparation Preparing for Oxford and Cambridge secondary education (accomplished) 17 1 University 15,000 USD+
International Baccalaureate International baccalaureate secondary education (accomplished) 16 2 University 18,000 USD+
Foundation/ Pathway Year Preparatory year admission to the 1st year of university 17 1 University 14,000 USD+
NCUK The Northern consortium 2 year university 17,5 1 2 year University of NCUK 13,000 USD+
Special Preparation (Medics/Math/Business) Specialized training - 14 optional optional 4,000 USD+
Academic English Academic English Language school 8 + 6–12 months School or University 8,000 USD+

Top 50 universities in the USA

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2 Stanford University
3 Harvard University
4 California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
5 University of Chicago
6 Princeton University
7 Cornell University
8 University of Pennsylvania
9 Yale University
10 Columbia University
11 Johns Hopkins University
12 Duke University
13 Northwestern University
14 University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
15 New York University
16 Carnegie Mellon University
17 University of Wisconsin-Madison
18 Brown University
19 University of Washington
20 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
21 Rice University
22 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
23 Boston University
24 University of California, Davis
25 Washington University in St. Louis
26 Purdue University
27 University of Southern California
28 University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
29 University of Maryland, College Park
30 University of Pittsburgh
31 Michigan State University
32 Emory University
33 University of Minnesota
34 University of Florida
35 University of Rochester
36 Case Western Reserve University
37 Texas A&M University
38 University of Virginia
39 Vanderbilt University
40 University of Colorado Boulder
41 Dartmouth College
42 University of Notre Dame
43 Arizona State University
44 University of California, Irvine
45 Georgetown University
46 Tufts University
47    University of Miami
48 North Carolina State University
49 University of Massachusetts Amherst

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


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