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TOP-10 prestigious colleges and universities in Ireland where international students can get high-quality higer education

Education information

Today, Ireland is the leading country among best destinations for educational tourism according to foreign students. Ireland attracts international students with high-quality educational services, a wide range of schools and colleges, exciting cultural programs. SMAPSE offers TOP-10 prestigious Irish colleges and universities where international students can get high-quality and balanced higher education that will open wide career opportunitites. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

TOP-10 prestigious colleges and universities in Ireland where international students can get high-quality higer education

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Ireland Learning System: Features and Benefits

  • Of great importance for the educational system are the traditions of learning dating back to the Middle Ages. As far back as the Middle Ages, priests studied in Irish monasteries and set off to educate Europe. Until now, the state is famous for its exceptional educational services, a competent combination of tradition and modern approaches.
  • Universities of Ireland do not always occupy high places in rankings, but, despite this, Irish university diplomas are highly valued by employers in Europe and the USA , students easily find a job
  • The state encourages the attraction of foreigners: many students will be able to find a part-time job for the best companies in the country during their studies, and after graduation they can easily find a full-time job and stay in Ireland
  • Today, the research level of Ireland is not lower than the highest scientific indicators of the United Kingdom thanks to the huge funding of the research field and the involvement of foreign scientists
  • Dublin has every chance of becoming a world scientific center in the coming years - such IT giants as Google, Facebook, Zynga have already placed their branches here.
  • A simplified procedure for admission for all who have chosen a higher education in Ireland: minimum language requirements, average mark of the certificate, etc.
  • The local population is very friendly towards foreigners, they are happy to make new acquaintances and are ready to help.

Higher Education in Ireland for Russians

Studying at universities is based on the Bologna system, at the universities of Ireland there is a three-stage system of scientific titles: bachelor, master and doctor. There are two programs to study for undergraduate studies in Ireland: the three-year-old Ordinary Bachelor Degree and the four-year-old Honors Bachelor Degree. After a four-year program, which includes a large number of seminars and lectures, students receive a diploma (usually with honors). 4 years are decided by those who plan to study at the magistracy or aspire to occupy high posts.

The Master's program in Ireland is a two-year program: under the supervision of a supervisor, students are engaged in research work, there are much less lectures and seminars on this program. Doctoral studies last from 2 to 6 years.

There are several types of higher educational institutions in Ireland - there are some differences in them, so the choice of a university depends on the future specialty. Those who want to do science and devote their lives to research study at universities. There are a total of 9 universities in Ireland.

Applied knowledge is best gained at institutes or colleges in Ireland - the programs are practice-oriented and carefully prepare students for future work. Many organizations value diplomas of institutes and colleges more than university ones for practical knowledge and skills.

The academic year starts in September and finishes in June, includes two or three semesters. A serious load awaits students: the curriculum includes a large number of lectures, seminars, individual lessons with a curator. All universities in Ireland are technically well equipped and have high-quality sports equipment (sports are usually required at universities). Students enjoy spending time in clubs, studios, and student communities.

Another advantage of Ireland is its affordable price: it is considered one of the most affordable English-speaking countries for training. In the leading universities of Ireland, students will pay about 15-20 thousand euros per year, the most expensive - medical specialties (study for them will cost about 30 thousand euros). Education in less prestigious universities will cost about 15 thousand. Living expenses are in a wide price range (living in the capital is, of course, more expensive). Average cost of a student who has chosen higher education in Ireland, food, accommodation and travel is 7-10 thousand euros per year (it is 30% cheaper than in the UK).

Students can work while they study, but only 20 hours a week, and it’s easy to find work: it is beneficial for the country to attract last-year students to work in their specialty. Many continue to work in companies after graduation and thus remain in Ireland. Any student with high academic results can receive material encouragement.

Admission to the University of Ireland

  • Ireland is one of the few countries that recognize the Russian secondary school certificate, which makes it possible to enter immediately after school
  • The certificate should only have good grades, almost everything is “excellent”
  • Language proficiency must be confirmed by TOEFL certificate (550), IELTS - from 6 points
  • But the path to the top universities in Ireland with a school certificate in Russia is quite difficult: the competition for places is high, and the certificate of a Russian school student will most likely not stand the competition. It is safer to take a training course in front of the University Foundation. Foundation is a one-year pre-university training course that aims to help students from abroad adapt to the new academic and language environment. There are frequent cases of automatic enrollment in the first year after the end of Foundation - so higher education in Ireland becomes more real and closer!
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