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TOP-40 prestigious schools and universities in Spain where international students can get high-quality higher education

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Nowadays, Spain is one of the most popular destination for educational tourism. SMAPSE offers you 40 best schools and universities in Spain where international students can get prestigious Higher education. Actually, many foreign students choose getting Higher education in Spain because of affordable cost. Tuition fees for studying at state universities are 1,200 to 2,500 euros per semester. Private universities offer more expensive core programs, but in general, Spanish universities are cheaper, than, for example, British or American ones.

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System of Higher education in Spain

In Spain there are public and private universities, as well as several Catholic universities. Classical universities are really popular among international students wishing to receive a humanitarian specialty: the country retains a high level of teaching geography, art history, literature, history, philosophy.

In addition, foreign students like to choose applied university courses. The most popular are:

  • computer graphics
  • tourism
  • recreation
  • design

Besides, technical institutes are open for students wishing to receive education in the field of architecture and construction. The popularity of other specialized training centers of the country is also growing rapidly. Business schools are worth mentioning, graduates become professionals of high level in the field of management, finance and marketing.

4 levels of getting higher education in Spanish 15 best universities

The Bologna system of higher education operates in all European countries since 2011. It includes 3 cycles:

  • Baccalaureate (Grado);
  • Master (Posgrado);
  • Graduate school (Doctorado).

Spanish Baccalaureate

Baccalaureate provides a four-year course of study. At the end of the course students receive a Grado degree. Bachelor's degree is offered in all scientific fields: from the humanities and social sciences to the natural, exact ones.

Also a Bachelor's degree (Grado) can be obtained in the field of medicine: students who have completed four years of studying can work as nurses.

Master's Courses for International Students

Master's programme is the second cycle of studying. Master's entrants must have a Grado degree. Foreign students can apply for a Master's degree if they have a higher education diploma obtained in their country. The document is necessarily confirmed (legalized) by the Ministry of Education of the country.

Postgraduate Studies in Spain

Doctor's degree programs usually take 1 year. Applicants of the graduate school must have a diploma of higher education, a Master's degree. Postgraduate study is an exclusively profile course of study. It is aimed at students wishing to become engaged in research, pedagogical activity, develop science. Also, the Doctor's degree can be obtained by students who have received Master's degree in their country.

Specialized university programs

Spanish schools and universities also offer various specialized programs: Experto Universitario, Master Universitario. in order to take such courses, the student needs to provide a diploma confirming competence in the relevant field of knowledge. For example, a student specializing in economics - Experto Universitario and Master Universitario allow you to choose an applied field: external, domestic economy, etc.

The course lasts, as a rule, 1 year. Own university programs are among the most expensive, they significantly outperform the so-called Postgrado (courses of the second and third cycles of the oficial category).

4 main programs for foreign students at TOP-15 Spanish universities

Actually, 15 best Spanish universities offer various courses and studying programs. They are divided into:

  • preparation programs, for entrants (1-2 years)
  • bachelor's programs (3 year programs of the first cycle);
  • master's programs for in-depth studying of special subjects (second cycle);
  • doctoral, biennial profile directions for qualified specialists wishing to obtain a scientific degree.

Due to the list of TOP-40 schools and universities in Spain, where foreign students can get prestigious higher education, you can find the most appropriate option. Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions.

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