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Guidance on how to study in Poland. Top 24 schools and universities in Poland, study fees, rankings

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Education information

Nowadays, Poland is one of the most dynamically developing members of the European Union. Education in Poland is conducted according to all-European standards - certificates and diplomas received in Polish educational institutions are accepted in Europe and in the world correspond to the European level. Also, after studying, it is easy to pass practice or internship in European and international companies, get the necessary experience, to increase your benefits in the European labor market.

Many foreign students decide on studying in Poland: these can be vacation summer language courses or education in secondary schools in Poland. Also there is opportunity to study in universities in Poland, which brings a lot of advantages. State academic and linguistic programs provide for a special learning process of studying disciplines and languages for the international students, allowing to obtain the maximum knowledge and skills during short period of time.

Courses and studying programs can be conducted in English and Polish. 

Students in their free time can visit interesting Polish cities, where there are many historical and architectural attractions, as well as visit other European countries: the proximity of other states and the common visa policy (the Schengen Agreement) allows to travel without any problems.

Studying in TOP-10 Polish schools, colleges and universities

Today, there are a large number of public and private universities, higher schools and colleges in Poland that offer various educational programs. Polish schools, colleges and universities provide courses of a different period of studying: there are both holiday programs, short courses, and programs for a full academic year and more, Bachelor's and Master's programs. Foreign students also can choose general language courses and more specialized programs.

Stuyding in Polish universities allows to constantly practice the acquired knowledge in real life: additional internships, practices, independent research are provided, for the most successful students there are stipendial funds.

Exchange programs are also very popular among foreign students: it allows to get education in two European universities, to master different educational methods and practical skills, to gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

5 benefits of studying in 10 best Polish schools and colleges

  • Polish schools and colleges provide summer and winter studying programs and courses
  • Studying in Poland is financially available - many programs cost less than ones in European countries, while the quality meets high international standards
  • Opportunity for internship and practice in European companies
  • High European standards of education, the value of certificates and diplomas throughout the European Union
  • Ability to learn two languages: Polish (state) and English

Features of education in Poland – ranking universities for foreign students

Choosing study in Poland, the foreign students obtain a wide list of advantages compared to other European universities. Also in Poland, not only studying, but also recreation has its advantages – historic monuments and attractions, beautiful well-groomed nature, palaces and castles.  In vacation periods and weekends there is opportunity to visit Polish cities and neighbouring European countries: a domestic flight in Europe costs from $ 30-40 and takes 1-2 hours depending on the destination. 

Advantages of studying in universities in Poland: 

  • International diploma. It is valued in any country and allows to find a decent job in large companies with multimillion-dollar capital: Volkswagen, Google, Apple, etc.

  • There is opportunity to obtain a double diploma with the help of exchange programs Erasmus и Socrates. Educational programs allows to get two educations at once in different European universities, which gives privileges in the future, when applying for prestigious positions.  

  • Emphasis on practice. The educational system in Poland is based on the principle “less theory – more practice”. The foreign students study to independently to solve tasks, to find creative ways of its solutions, develop talents and abilities, sometimes making new scientific discoveries.  

  • Technologies and teaching methods are controlled by the state commissions: they develop and create new educational programs every year, monitor the rules and norms in the universities in Poland, increase the knowledge level of teachers and strictly select specialists to teach the foreign students. 

  • There is opportunity to study 2 and more foreign languages. The studying is conducted in Polish – during education the students thoroughly study it, practicing every day.  Additionally, in the colleges in Poland a number of the foreign languages is taught, among which the main one is English. After the graduation, the foreign students know minimum 2 foreign languages, giving them the advantage in future career.  

  • Convenient location of Poland:  the convenience of traveling in Europe. 

Tuition fee in universities in Poland depends on the language of teaching: on Polish – the price is lower, in English – more expensive. Two options are available for the majority of students, who plan to obtain the higher education in other countries. The cost of studying on Polish program varies from  860 $ to 3000$, in English – from 2300$ to 6200$ per academic year. For foreign students who have shown non-standard knowledge and perseverance, state scholarships are available that cover part of the costs or all expenses in full.

High schools in Poland – main features

The educational process is based on independent work and practice. From the very first years, the teachers try to show personal traits in each child and teach them to set priorities independently. 

Primary school (1-3 grades)

Children learn arithmetic, writing and reading, do physical education and music. Additionally, the children can enroll in ethics or religion, if the parents want it. 

Secondary school (4-6 grades)

The subjects are added: history, computer science, art, natural study, Polish language. After graduating from secondary school the students pass tests. 

Gymnasium (7-9 grades)

The disciplines are added, as an elective, you can choose family life lessons. 

High school (the studying lasts 3-4 years)

After studying the students pass exams, that are both graduation and entrance exams.  

Language courses in Poland – summer and year-round programs

If you are interested in studying in Poland, it is recommended to attend language summer or annual courses. There are offered programs with the studying English or Polish: the second language allows in future to obtain education in the universities in Poland with the low tuition fee. 

The educational courses lasting 20 and 40 days are very popular – this is intensive programs, allowing to study and practice the foreign language. The cost of studying starts from 300$ for 20 days and from 600$ for 40 days. The accommodation costs 12$ per day in residence. Every day the international student study the foreign language 4 hours in a group of up to 12 people. After lessons the students practice Polish everywhere: in café, residence, supermarket, on the street.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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