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2022-08-23 14:58:37

The most difficult hiking trails in the world

The most difficult hiking trails in the world

Among travelers who get the most out of their adventures, hiking is popular - hiking, which develops the physical abilities of a person and brings his thoughts in order. Such tourists often choose routes, the length of which can exceed several hundred or even thousands of kilometers, and their full passage can take more than one month. Traveling long distances on foot, a person can get acquainted with the nature of different regions of the world, see unique landscapes and forever remember this adventure.


Baker Trail from Sudan to Uganda

This route was named after the European explorers Samuel and Florence Baker, who passed here in 1864. The route is often chosen by novice adventurers and adventure lovers, because the path from the capital of South Sudan to the settlement of Baker Sue, located in Uganda, can give a lot of impressions and make it clear whether a long-term hiking trip is suitable for a person. During the route, hikers pass through Lake Albert, Kabarega Falls and the Victoria Nile River. The total length of the route reaches 800 kilometers.

Deserts of Oregon, USA

The tourist route with a length of over 1280 kilometers is waiting for researchers in the harsh desert terrain of the US state of Oregon. A tourist during the passage of the road will visit the historical roads of the colonists, wild places and short paths along which the Indians still walked. The movement will pass through the deserts, so adventurers should think about the supply of water, which will need to be replenished regularly. For people who have not previously been engaged in hiking, this route is not recommended for the first way, because it can be too dangerous for an unprepared traveler.

Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand

From the local language, the name of the trail is translated as "long", because its duration exceeds 3000 kilometers. For the average hiker, the passage of this path takes about 90 days, the record holder Jez Bragg passed the Long Trail in just 53 days. The path of tourists will run through mountain ranges of amazing beauty, sparkling glaciers and capes with green cover.

Hokkaido Trail, Japan

On the territory of the island state there are many ways for long hiking. The most popular and challenging is the route along the Hokkaido Nature Trail, which lasts almost 4600 kilometers. The path passes through many climatic zones: steppes, volcanic terrain, glaciers, mountains, forests. It takes more than 6 months to overcome the largest Japanese trail, so there will be enough time to explore all the wonders of nature.

Grand Italia

One of the longest hiking trails in the world takes place in Italy and touches Sicily, Sardinia, the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and ends in the ancient city of Tibula. The traveler will pass through the alpine arc and will spend about 8 months to overcome the path with a length of 6166 kilometers.

Transpanam Road

For lovers of rainforests and the corresponding climate, there is a trail in Panama that runs through the jungles of Colombia and ends in Costa Rica. The road begins in the Darien National Park, then the traveler will overcome forests full of mosquitoes, visit the lands of the Kuna and Embera tribes, the Chagres Reserve, the Baru volcano and even sail by boat along several rivers. The road passes in 3-3.5 months and stretches for 800 kilometers.

The Path through the South West of Great Britain

One of the most interesting and beautiful trails on the list has a duration of just over 1000 kilometers. The explorer will begin his journey in the town of Minehead, located in somerset, and complete the journey in the Dorset region. The traveler will visit several sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as rocks older than 240 million years (they were formed during the Jurassic Period, when dinosaurs still walked on Earth). The path provides for frequent ascents, and the tourist will conquer the peaks, the sum of the height of which will exceed 35 thousand meters, which is equal to the height of 4 Everests.

The Great Trail in the Himalayas

This route has become popular with hikers recently. It is located at an altitude of 6150 meters above sea level. The trail among the Himalayan mountains will provide an opportunity to visit several sections of the rocky massif. The Great Himalayan Trail is intended for experienced hikers who have walked more than one thousand kilometers before. On the way, the researcher will see beautiful mountain landscapes inaccessible to others, as well as views of Nepalese villages right in the mountains. During the trip, the adventurer will have to walk 1700 kilometers through the mountainous terrain.

Appalachian Trail in the United States

The long route affects 13 of the 50 US states and stretches for 3500 kilometers. The Adventurer will walk 5 million steps through the Appalachian mountain range. To fully complete the route, it takes tourists from 6 to 8 months, depending on the chosen pace.

The road will start from Mount Katadin, Maine, and will end in Georgia, more precisely, on Mount Springer. Along the way, nature researchers will be able to look at the Hudson River, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Klingimens House Mountain. On the way, hikers can face dangers in the form of baribal bears or poisonous snakes.

Continental Frontier of the United States

The line along the Rocky Mountains of America is one of the longest hiking routes and lasts almost 5,000 kilometers. Tourists begin their journey on the Mexican-American border and move to Canada through the main attractions of American nature. The main natural monuments are the Red Desert in Wyoming and Grace Peak in Colorado. The continental frontier is a difficult trail, so only about 150 people pass it a year. Sometimes young hikers also venture to the route: the youngest person who has passed the line is a 13-year-old teenager.

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