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TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in New Zealand that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

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Obtaining education abroad today is quite popular among students from all over the world. Today, foreign students choose getting education in New Zealand as it provides a wide range of educationl services and courses. Moreover, the cost of studying in New Zealand is affordable and living conditions are quite high. 

The New Zealand diploma and certificate are highly regarded in English-speaking countries of the world. This is fully justified, because the remote island state today offers the most progressive, high-quality educational programs.

TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities in New Zealand that provide high-quality and effective courses and studying programs for international students

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Educational system in New Zealand

New Zealand has a similar education structure to Britain: the system is represented by kindergartens (children under five years old), primary (5 to 12 years), middle (13 to 18 years), middle profile ( 18 to 20 years) and higher (18-23) school.

There are more than 400 school institutions in the country, 20 of which are private, and international students also can get standard educational programs. In addition, students often choose studying in private schools of joint and separate education.

Foreign students can enter TOP-20 schools and colleges in New Zealand without age restrictions. Private schools offer flexible programs to their clients, this includes courses for university preparation.

Actually, students choose studying programs and courses according to their level of knowledge. Those, wishing to enter the school, can first spend a language vacation in New Zealand. Special programs are aimed at students who need to quickly and effectively adapt to the educational environment of the country.

Higher education opens up a lot of opportunities for foreign students, the country's higher education institutions produce highly qualified specialists in demand on the world labor market. Foreignstudents can enter Universities in New Zealand, Polytechnic Institute, College - Study is multifaceted and diverse.

Benefits of studying in TOP-20 schools, colleges and universities in New Zealand

In New Zealand there is strict state control over the quality of education. Favorable ecology, mild climate make the country attractive for learning and living. It's worth noting that students can combine studying with work: the country is one of the few in the world where students can improve their financial situation through official labor activities.

The cost of studying and living in the country is lower than in the USA and Britain, the difference is from 15 to 30% in different institutions.

The country offers a large number of language courses for children and adults : here you can prepare for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge exams, learn English business, etc.

Almost unlimited opportunities for active recreation are provided for foreign students. In addition, they can enjoy magnificent nature of New Zealand.

Education in New Zealand - wide prospects for work and living. Students after the first year of studying in the university, obtain a certain qualification and can get a work permit, and subsequently apply for permanent residence.

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