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Best summer language camps abroad for international students

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Best summer language camps abroad for international students

The best summer language camps abroad for international students

Nowadays, many children dream about studying abroad during summer holidays. When deciding on studying in elite summer language camps abroad, foreign students will be happy to attend classes in a foreign language, at the same time, their horizons will expand, they will become closely acquainted with the culture and traditions of the new country. In addition, foreign students will expand circle of acquaintances, will make many new friends who are representatives of various countries of the world.

As the main advantage of education in the best summer camps abroad, it is worth highlighting a complete immersion in the language environment. Only experienced and professional teachers who are native speakers of the language are involved in teaching. In addition, within the walls of leading summer language camps abroad, a ban on the use of native speech is everywhere in force, thereby, a foreign language acquires the status of the only effective means of communication.

It is worth noting that, as a rule, the cost of studying provides participation of the student in various educational excursions. Students can get acquainted with the main cultural attractions, as well as natural landscapes.

Thus, studying in the TOP summer language camps abroad has a positive effect as students become closely study the country, its traditions and culture, history, thereby contributing to the expansion of the horizons of a foreign teenager.

Studying in leading summer language camps abroad for foreign students

Upon reaching the age of 7 years, a foreign teenager can enter prestigious language camps abroad. Some elite camps receive kids who have reached the age of 3. In addition, teenage camps are successfully functioning abroad, admitting students over the age of 14. If you are interested in studying in advanced foreign youth camps, then you should be 17 years old.

At the time of arrival in a summer camp, a compulsory test is organized. Based on the results, command of a foreign language in a student is determined. Based on the results obtained, language groups are formed in which a foreign teenager will be taught. Note that, regardless of the level of a foreign language proficiency, all foreign children and adolescents are accepted. 

A distinctive feature of the language programs of leading children's camps abroad is due to conducting classes in an intensive or game format. The format of classes depends on the age of the student. Moreover, in the framework of teaching lies the use of communicative techniques. The main goal of the classes is the development of oral speech, listening, writing, reading, as well as the proper application in practice of the acquired skills and knowledge.

As for the standard basic language course, it provides about 20 lessons per week.

Entering some of the elite children's summer camps abroad, foreign teenagers will have an excellent opportunity to undergo an intensive language program, providing for an average of 30 lessons per week.

According to experts in the field of education, foreign students studying abroad for 3 weeks receive more knowledge and skills than learning a foreign language for 6 months or 1 year as a part of a standard school curriculum in their native country.

A foreign student in a summer camp abroad has several accommodation options:

  • Comfortable residences of prestigious camps
  • Dormitories
  • Hotels
  • Host family

Regardless of the accommodation option, in any case, a high level of comfort and safety is provided, and, of course, the excellent practice of the acquired language skills.

Leisure program of the best summer language camps abroad for foreign students

In addition to education, active and intensive entertainment programs are organized specifically for foreign students. In particular, hiking, football, tennis, horseback riding, yachting, canoeing, and student participation in various competitions and contests are provided. Thus, your child will absolutely not have time to get bored.

As for the leading youth camps abroad, students are immersed in international environment, which contributes to a more fascinating and simple study of a foreign language. It is worth noting a higher degree classes intensity, while this does not affect the number of organized entertainment. In particular, educational excursions are organized, within the framework of which an acquaintance with the history and culture of the country takes place. For young sports enthusiasts, classes in extreme and classic sports are organized. So that students do not get bored, discos, fun beach parties and barbecue parties, live concerts of popular singers are held for them. In addition, if a foreign teenager is interested, there is an opportunity to take a walk around the store and a cozy cafe in order to get acquainted with local dishes.

Ranking summer language camps abroad - in which country to study?

The choice of a specific country is determined by the individual preferences of the foreign teenager. So, effective English courses are offered in countries such as the UK, Malta, and the USA. If we consider Switzerland, then in Swiss children's language camps all the necessary conditions for studying English, German, French, and Italian are created.

If your child wants to experience real adventures in the wildlife world, then you should go to the advanced summer camp in Canada. If Germany is chosen as the country of study, then the sports and leisure program of the leading German children's camps is inherent in a small variety. At the same time, foreign teenagers receive fundamental language skills during the summer holidays.

Regardless of the country of study, students will receive useful and invaluable experience of independent stay abroad, will be able to make a decision regarding future specialization.

Classification of TOP summer language camps abroad

In relation to the season, the camps are divided into:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Spring

By age, foreign language camps are divided into:

  • Baby
  • Teenage
  • Youth

As noted above, the walls of advanced summer language camps abroad provide an opportunity for foreign students to study English, Spanish, Italian, French, as well as German.

In addition, sports camps have been created abroad, where all conditions have been created for practicing tennis, football, basketball, golf, surfing, horse riding, and cycling. For creative personalities, clubs are open for theatrical skills, dancing, vocals, painting, art, etc.

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